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On Faerie Tales, Tumbleweeds, and Not-So-Happy Endings

posted 5/20/2014 7:49:02 PM |
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I'm afraid you'll have to forgive my appearance. The Powers That Be have decided that my "Prince In Frog's Clothing"
avatar is not appropriate for this particular site (let alone my "Gargamel" pic), so the lame old "titty cup" moniker will
have to do. Pity, that.

The normal collection of storybook characters that one could expect to inhabit a land like this one no longer seems
to exist. Blowhard sheep in heels? Nope. Aging Texan music promoter with dozens of stories (and conquests)? Not lately.
Purple headed seer/soothsayer? Not for some time. The once prolific cast of fairytale characters who inhabited
this particular watering hole has dwindled to a sorry few. All that appear to remain are the crickets. Bummer.

And the cause of this particular drought? It's hard to pin down, exactly. Many contend that the availability of public
forums has led to the gradual deterioration of Pervia. As if competition could dissuade the local reprobates from
telling their sordid tales! No, indeed.

Maybe this green little froggie is off base, but I think it falls more along the lines of the Three Billygoats Gruff.
You know the story; think back aways! A particular bridge, over a particular body of water, three particular
bearded, hoofed quadrupeds, and a particular asshole interloper going to all ends to spoil the party. Have I
painted the picture clearly enough? Of course I have.

See, it's bad enough that living garbage exists at all. It's totally another problem when such detritus gains
ALLIES! Yes, defenders. Who woulda thunk?!? But you know what opinions are like as well as I do...

Now it's just the opinion of this little green froggie, and it's been espoused before, many times, by many other
members, but IT WAS A SEX SITE, DAMMIT!!! It wasn't a haven for flowery eloquence, picturesque multisyllabic
oratory (although it was certainly welcome), or the like. It was (in MY book, anyway) a place where perverted,
oversexed, idle of hand degenerates could visit to express themselves as best they could, and to have like
minded oversexed members applaud and appreciate the depravity. Criticism and harangues weren't part of the
bargain. But that's just me, I guess...

Now, the Kingdom of Pervia is once again offering the posting of images, sans clothing, gratis. (Can you say,
"FREE"??? ). FINALLY, may I say!! It only took the decline and fall of this hallowed site! Once again,
it's just my opinion, but I am obliged to say, "Too little, TOO LATE!". Sorry.

It's always a sad image. You know the one. When you're floating away from your best buddy's pond, looking
in the rear-view, and planning on returning someday soon. The sad sights are the ones that you never see
again. I'm afraid that this is one of those mental images. It's been a blast, guys. Soooo many nekkid bodies never
seen by Yours Truly, that this amphibian sooo wished he could have savored! Well, no matter. It was fun while it lasted.


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May 20 @ 10:23PM  
They still will not allow your Gargamel pic? That's just not right!!

I miss a lot of the hilarity, perverted stories, that used to abound on here. I check in to see if anything new is going on...and it's like tumbleweeds here.

I peek in, and all I hear are the crickets chirping.

May 20 @ 10:37PM  
I miss a lot of the hilarity, perverted stories, that used to abound on here.
Yeah, me too. But it's been a LOOOONG time....!!

May 21 @ 11:33AM  
Yes, it has been a long time. Most have moved onto other sites or are busy with their personal lives and don't have time to stop in.

May 29 @ 6:36PM  
I think a lot of smaller sites have gone the way of the yahoo message boards and the old BBS sites of the 90s. People tend to just move on to bigger and better things and add to that on a smaller site a troll kind of stands out like the turd in the punchbowl at a party people just lost interest and moved on to other places, Some left when one of the former members opened his own website and the rest sort of trickled away like stragglers leaving the party, It happens to most sites that do not grow into larger sites,

May 29 @ 7:38PM  
and add to that on a smaller site a troll kind of stands out like the turd in the punchbowl at a party
Well, RJ, I couldn't think of a more apt simile for our especially tenacious troll than the one YOU

For whatever reason, our site was, er, blessed, with an especially butthurt troll--one who wanted to play,
but didn't know how to play nice. The "I'll get all of you assholes" mentality never goes over
well, and unfortunately, our, er, "butt buddy" never learned that.

He's still out there trolling, even now! (Um, if you rattle his cage a little too hard, he might give
you....the, er, "runaround_"...!!)

Thanks for your comment!

May 31 @ 9:09PM  
I came back as aclone of myself but now I wonder why ....

Jul 6 @ 5:57AM  
I came back but i go to other sites as well they have ALL the perverts ( like me) with all the pics you want to put up,with a lot more women AND its free...yea to little to late.

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On Faerie Tales, Tumbleweeds, and Not-So-Happy Endings