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Time on my hands as I...

posted 4/5/2014 12:37:31 PM |
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wait for warm weather.

I haven't figured out why I post blogs anymore...habit? It's Saturday, it's chilly outside and my housework is all caught up so here I am...

A note for newbies: To save you some time, this isn't a sex blog. It isn't a blog searching for a lover/relationship or intimate encounters. I'm here to "talk" to my long time friends so skip the asinine questions and comments please. If you don't like chatty blogs about mundane things then...STOP HERE.


Life, of late, has been a real headache and all because of my lil cellphone. When I moved here from there over 3 years ago, I found myself in a dead reception and the war with Verizon began. I went through 2 different phones until I had one that worked reasonably well. Then after a couple of years, it wouldn't ring in most of the time and began dropping calls. So I called Verizon and said I wanted a phone they guaranteed me would work...hence, the arrival of an Android phone...which quickly showed me...very little reception! It wouldn't ring in when I got a call and occasionally dropped calls. Not to mention, I had a hellava time learning how to 'drive' it.

Anyway, I decided not to keep it as it was no better than my old phone and was costing me an added ten bucks a month so I returned it...only to find out I was gonna get charged $35 bucks for restocking fees!!!

Numerous calls to Verizon revealed that my lack of reception was due to interference between me and the Verizon tower. Ok...they had a gadget called a Network Extender that worked through my high speed internet that would make it like I had my own private tower. The first thing I heard normally cost around $600 but I could get it for something like $350 and after choking I said NO DICE! But wait!!! I could get it for $295 on special. I explained that on S/S that was not possible. As the agent went to search for a better deal I told them I thought since the problem was Verizon's and not mine that in my opinion, that devise should be provided at no cost.

But wait....!!

After much whispering to someone on her end, guess what? They would provide it at no cost to me! Imagine the people that won't argue with them and end up paying an arm and a leg for it...what a racket they have going for them!

So I get it a couple days later, hooked it up and it doesn't work...something about I would require an external antenna...I was So I boxed it up to send back then 2 things happened. First of all, I suspected and confirmed that to return it would cost me $35 restocking fee so I thought screw that! I would just keep it on a shelf and it wouldn't cost me anything. But...although I had followed the instructions to hook it up, there was an extra cord for something so I took a chance and called

They hooked me up with a technician and after nearly 2 hours, we got it hooked up and working! Now I have a ton of reception. I have to wonder why they didn't tell me about this Network Extender from the very beginning. It woulda saved me and them a bunch of time 'n bulls**t the past 3 years.

Now that I have this Extender, I can get a device that, itself, is free and only a $20 a month charge that gives me a home phone again. I am considering it... If I could just eliminate my cable tv... Susie has ordered a gadget she saw advertised on tv that is suppose to make it possible to pull in hundreds of channels from satellite if you're within 25 miles of a tv station and we are but you know how these things work...they usually don't. I don't like satellite tv as storms cause interference but yanno what? If it saves me money, I can deal with it.

It feels good to have that problem behind me finally. It didn't matter when I had Xfinity with tv/internet/home phone because I didn't need my cellphone when I was home but once I eliminated that, my cellphone was needed 24/7. Anywhere away from this town, my reception is great.

Continued in comments.....

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Apr 5 @ 12:37PM  
So now I wait for summer...warm weather and adventures. I'm more excited about summer this year than ever. When I moved here, I got caught up in making my place (yard) beautiful and my garage the best it could be for projects. I spent hours working with silk flowers and headstone saddles. Now it's ENOUGH ALREADY! I will plant flowers in my flowerbed along the garage. I'll have 2 or 3 hanging plants. And the silk flower projects will be culled down to the bare minimum. My plans are to go exploring. I'm tired of working my fingers to the bone all summer.

Life is finally coming together for me. I've grown a backbone that frees me from finding myself in situations that I really don't wanna be in and getting bogged down in activities that I really didn't wanna do. I'd like to get to know the 'big city' north of me but big city driving scares the wits outta me but now my old girlfriend from grade school lives here and she's from the big city so she can introduce me on how to navigate there so I can have new adventures to explore. I want to get back to my traveling the back roads again to take pictures. Oh! I have so many plans!

So hurry summer!!!

Ok, that's enough for now. I hope ya'll are doing fine and life is treatin' ya good. I know there's some of you who come here occasionally to see what's up...old friends...I hope you're happy and doing well. I miss you.

Ya'll have a good safe, be happy...'n keep smilin'....


Apr 6 @ 12:18AM  
Softie I got the house phone for 20 more a month. Love it

Apr 6 @ 1:25AM  
I like my iPhone...I don't think I could go back to an average spoiled on this one. I admit it.

Satellite...I just had a "discussion" with Direct Tv and their rates going up and no warning about it coming. Told them I enjoyed their service, but this is the second time they hiked my rate without warning and that I was considering my bill reduced to lower than it was before the rate hike for a year. But, even so, when the year is over, I'm thinking of getting a Roku and streaming my Netflix subscription through my tv. Or I might go with Hulu Plus. I can get more channels, and movies, for about $9 a month.

As to warmer's finally here...going to be up to 58 tomorrow and sunny. And I've got the day off from work also!

Apr 7 @ 11:59AM're the second one who's told me they like the house phone. My nephew has it and likes it. I'll probably get it the next time I'm in town...I do miss my house phone and soon I'll take up 'residence' in my garage for the summer... and that's where I need it most. I know there's taxes on that $20 and other charges...are they very much?

Ok Sugar...ur talkin' way over my head now with all this Roku 'n Hula... Every time I sit down to watch TV I'm tempted to call them and see how much my bill would be to go up one step in my TV channels but since I don't watch much TV in the summer, I am making myself wait until fall.

By the it my imagination or has something changed about AMD? I get pop-up ads now for one thing but something else is different and I can't put my finger on it. I know since I've gotten Google Chrome now that it's improved a lot of things with Zelda so maybe that's it and thinking that the administrators are improving AMD might just be wishful thinking....

Apr 7 @ 10:07PM  
Ok Sugar...ur talkin' way over my head now with all this Roku 'n Hula...

Sorry about that!

Roku is a way to stream Hulu (or Hulu Plus if you want to pay $8.47 a month) from your Internet connection to your television. Basically, your monthly bill is what you pay for Netflix or Hulu. I'll explain Hulu in a second.

A link that will hopefully explain Roku

Hulu is a site that offers up tv shows, movies, etc to watch on your computer via the Internet.

Link to Hulu

I don't know how your set is, so I don't know what other cables or even antenna you might need to do this. My tv is only 2 years old, and all I need is the Roku box and a wi fi router (which I already have) and I can sign up for the Hulu Plus or upgrade my Netflix and I'd be set.

Apr 8 @ 6:40AM  
Softie I pay 6 more in taxes and other fees. Its the wireless phone they get ya on. lol

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Time on my hands as I...