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Site taken down??????

posted 4/3/2014 5:04:28 PM |
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A friend of mine told me some braggart was claiming they "single handedley took down AMD" so I logged in to see. Funny, site is still operating, still has people blogging, still has new people signing in is that "taken down". Looks to me like this site is still going. True, it's not a lively in the blogs as it once was, that mainly has to do with people moving on to other things/sites..which is the normal course of things on the World Wide Web.

I can remember when the Yahoo message boards were hopping. Go look at them today, it's a ghost town. I can remember when MySpace was the "thing", mention it today, and most people don't even remember their password to get into their old accounts. And AMD and MD are not the only, exclusive online dating sites out there. There are more, probably in the thousands. Some free, some not. There are a lot of sites out there. So it's not as active here in the blogs as it once was...doesn't mean any one knucklehead took it down. It just means the popularity of this site ran it's course and people have moved on. Yes, like any other online social site, this site saw it's fair share of blog wars, flame wars, fights, arguments, happens.

No, AMD has not been "taken down" by anyone. That is just the words from someone suffering severe illusions of grandeur. AMD is just in a lull right now. Will it ever recover? That's up to those who are members here if they want to liven the blogs back up or not. Myself, I have more fun hanging out on face book and kidding around with my friends there. I like checking in here to see what's up, and answer emails I get.

Taken down? Yeah...someone needs to put the whacky weed down and sober up.

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Apr 3 @ 10:12PM  
I'd like to know if this "friend" of yours showers in a filthy shower stall, or enjoys semen
cocktails. Sounds a little suspicious, to me!!! (Here's to YOU, Doc Cock!).

You (or other veteran members) may not have noticed, but a few days ago availability
to NUDIE IMAGES was reinstated!! Not that it matters much just yet, nor whether
there are enough members to appreciate the reinstatement of nudie profiles, but I enjoy them!!

Yes, what was once lauded is now ignored. I miss it as much as you do. I'd do something,
however, about that supposed, er, "friend" of yours who boasts about bringing down harm-
less porno websites...!! You might understand him better, if he were to remove the member
from his orifice...!!

Apr 4 @ 10:37AM  
(Um, sorry, Sugar. I didn't mean to imply that Cocksuck was a buddy of yours...)

Apr 4 @ 11:46AM  
You're forgiven.

Apr 5 @ 11:17AM  
There are a handful here who likes my blogs but those blogs I wrote several years ago that were so popular are no longer what interests me and if I'm not interested then I can't write about what I'm not interested in.

I can't tell you how many e-mails I've gotten pinning my ears back for being on a 'sex site' if I'm not interested in sex. What they aren't 'getting''s not lack of interest in sex, it's lack of interest in writing about it. What 'once was' eventually became an issue of PRIVACY...I no longer felt comfortable to talk about it.

Not only that, but my life changed and busy-ness set in and time constraints became the main factor in how many blogs I wrote.

I have a thought about 'anyone' taking credit for 'bringing down' AMD. I have to wonder how many others besides me, on retrospect, are rather grateful to whoever that would be ( ) because even though at the time, it provoked much irritation, the time that had been spent here was traded in for, well for lack of a better term...a returning to a NORMAL life. You see, I see nothing wrong with spending time here but there were many of us who spent huge chunks of our days sitting at our computer pounding out blogs and OH emotionally involved we were to the point of fighting and fighting and fighting!

I can't believe I'm the only one who lived, ate and drank AMD.

I do miss the (when we weren't fighting) the camaraderie of blogland long past. But in comparison from then and now, now I am enjoying a REAL social network just outside my front door, around the neighborhood and countryside. I have to think others discovered the same outside of AMD. It makes me a little sad that anyone could and would disrupt blogging here just for the sake of their own entertainment yet I am pleased with how my life is now and I'm pleased with no longer being so emotionally involved with the stress of a life that was just on a screen in front of my eyes where words could practically incite a verbal riot.

So I say to whoever assumes they 'took down' AMD.... that's an illusion. They didn't close a door here, they opened another, more attractive door of alternatives and a bunch of us walked through it. Truthfully, I think we won the better of the two. JMHO


May 2 @ 7:52PM  
Not taken down by anyone that I can tell. Just reactivated since it seems the site is now somewhat functioning and have never seen so many penis pictures in my life, Nothing really impressive just the usual run of the mill photos as always, Seems the site is trying to turn back into a sex site but is falling short of the mark, I don't have as much time to hang out on here as before but just wanted to drop in and say hi. I think whoever said they took this place down is smoking something a little stronger than wacky weed,

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Site taken down??????