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Good Morning

posted 3/26/2014 9:36:54 AM |
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Just dropped in to say 'Hi' to everyone...that'd be to about 3 people..

I'm launching into a new venture...I got a new phone. It's sorta like a Smart phone but the damn thing is smarter than me! I can't even activate it...I tried and ended up calling 911 by accident...I was so

When I called Verizon, I told them I was tired of my phone dropping calls and I wanted one they guaranteed wouldn't do that. Well I don't think this one is gonna be any better as my reception doesn't appear to be any better with it....just one or two lines showing. This town is a bitch for reception although a Verizon tower is only 5 miles away. They need to ramp up their tower but try telling them that...and I will AGAIN if this phone drops calls.

I have to go see my eye doctor today (and tomorrow) for my last eye checkup from the last surgery I had. They have to dilate my eyes so I have to walk around Kmart until I can see again...Kmart is right there in their plaza.

But I'm going early to take this phone to the Verizon store and have them activate it and download my contacts and ringtones and show me a little of how to use it. I could kick myself...they offered me navigation free for a year and I turned it down. I wanna see if that offer still stands. I could get internet on this phone but don't want it nor can I afford it.

I have unlimited calling and texting so Wayne 'n Bruce...let me get to know this phone a little better than we can start talking on the phone again.

I filled up my car the other day... Gas prices zoom up and down in the blink of an many of you try to hit it on the low side? I do but sometimes it just doesn't work. It was I believe $3.75 but I was getting down to a quarter of a tank and just couldn't wait any longer. I just barely missed it when it was something like $3.35. I was still holding out for less and it bit me in the ass...big time!

I had the oil changed Monday and they found 4 things that need attention but nothing major...'cept on my budget, anything is I will get one done a month. I'd like to get out this summer and drive the countryside, just go on long drives and I don't care to get stranded anywhere. It so pisses me off that S.S. doesn't see how drastic the cost of living has gone up so the raise we got was just a pittance. I think mine was like $25.00 and that was eaten up and then some by the raise in my supplemental insurance...I just can't win for losing! So any extra expenses for me is...well, drastic...

Ok...gotta get busy. Ya'll have a good hump day and celebrate that this is the LAST week of March and maybe April will bring better weather.

Be safe, be happy 'n keep smilin'....


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Mar 28 @ 6:39AM  
It sounds like things are getting better for you

Mar 28 @ 12:23PM  
Ah yeah...."smart" phones....such fun. My Mom used to laugh when I'd get disgusted with my iPhone and call it a "stupid smart phone". Of course, at that time, I was just learning how to use it, and now it's not so bad. They are actually quite easy to figure out if one stays patient and takes their time.

I need to make an appointment with the eye doctor myself. It's time for a check up and new glasses. Probably be doing that in the next couple of months. I hope they don't have to do the pupil dilate....I hate that!!!! First of all...the drops burn, and then any light hurts...and I walk around with my eyes half shut to block out that light. Last eye exam all they did was the puff of air into the eyes...not so bad....just a little surprising when it happens.

Gas's enough to make one want to scream..see them "low" one day and no money to fill up, and when I get paid and can fill up...damn prices jump up .20 to .30 cents. They claim it's because they are changing the grade of gas from winter to summer mix or something like that. I say it's just an excuse to gouge the consumer some more.

Hope your eye exam goes I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day off from work. Which, btw, I just got offered permanent full time hours year round with full medical benefits, paid vacation, and a raise. Now I have a steady income, no more dealing with unemployment which will make it a lot easier to budget.

Mar 29 @ 11:37AM  
Yeah Bruce, they are and would get better yet if summer would hurry up. Right now as I write this, it is snowing at a pretty good clip. Suppose to get a couple of's just damn depressing!

I think Dawn that I will like this phone although right now it's a frustration but it's getting better. As I told's snowing and I hate it even though it looks beautiful. Tomorrow it's suppose to get up to 55 and to 64 on Monday then be in the 50's the rest of the week...I'll believe it when I see it as every day they change it. I refuse to let this damn weather get the best of me but there's days when my nerves are just on edge!

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Good Morning