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Well damn! AMD is alive 'n well....

posted 3/24/2014 12:29:12 PM |
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...for spammers.

I rarely get mail but now when I come here, I am blessed with spammers 'n my first clue is, their usernames are all in CAPITOLS. Shout Shout Shout all they want but I am immune to their crap.


I will write a blog just cause I can My emoticons are working again since I revamped my virus program where it fixed some things...don't ask me what...but as long as it's a plus, I am thrilled! I haven't tried to post a pix here yet or use my quote thingy...that's all a relearning process and I'm not ready for that AMD is pretty much a ghost town, I'm not sure it's worth the headache.

So in my lil hick town is pretty good. Although winter just doesn't seem to wanna let go...snow again tomorrow surely can't last much longer. There's a few signs of lilies are breaking ground and robins are back in abundance.

Winter has had its perks. Nuttin' like solitary time to rethink some things and as spring tickles our backdoor, I have found I have been able to restore my backbone. 'Restore my backbone'??? Yes. I take no crap from anyone anymore. I spoke my piece and made some things abundantly clear to certain people and life changed overnight to a much more pleasant way of life. Although I've toned a lot of my sassy-ness down, I find it pays to bump it up some and quit being a doormat.

I'm looking forward to Easter this year and maybe because it's later than usual so maybe there's hope for good weather. I love Easter for obvious reasons...for why we celebrate it. But I also love the Easter Bunny version, too. Do I believe in the Easter Bunny? Of course!!! What??? You don't???? Awwww, where's your sense of fun?

I love the colors of Easter...bright greens 'n yellows 'n pinks 'n lavenders. I love Easter baskets all stuffed full and wrapped in cellophane 'n tied with pretty ribbons. I love pretty colored Easter eggs. I love remembering Easters when I was a little girl. And...I love chocolate Easter bunnies...

As March marches to a close, my spring fever reaches a new pitch. I fight off depression that this awful weather wants to smother me with. I know it's almost over and I count the weeks 'n days 'til May as I know April can sometimes be a dreadful month as another summer works to be birthed through rainy days 'n the occasional cold-snow showers-dreary-yukky-days. But who knows...maybe we'll get lucky this year and summer will burst forth without all the travails of misery.

I have high hopes for this summer now that I seem to have settled into this 'new''s only taken me just over 3 years to do so. Although in some ways I do miss my old hometown, I'm beginning to feel at home here. It amazes me sometimes how long it takes to 'remake' one's self as old ways no longer fit the bill and new ways have to be found.

I'd venture to say that I'm better than I've ever been and not as good as I will be as my life moves forward.

But for now....I have housework to do and this day is gettin' shorter by the minute. So ya'll have a good one!

'Til next safe, be happy 'n keep smilin'...


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Mar 24 @ 1:30PM  
you sound very nice

Mar 24 @ 2:23PM  
Thanks...I am...mostly....

Mar 24 @ 5:29PM  
Softie id D bomb! Nuff Said!!!

Mar 25 @ 9:24AM  
I also love Easter colors so pretty

Mar 25 @ 12:41PM  
Well, if winter would get it's ass out of here and let spring take over....there is house about an 1/8 of a mile up the road from me where they decorate outside for all of the holidays...and for Easter they put the plastic eggs all over their lawn, and hang them from the tree in their front yard, and have a huge Easter Bunny in their living room window. There is still snow in their yard so they haven't put the eggs out yet. Honestly, I'm so tired of the cold temps......I'm ready for some warmer weather....even if it does mean having to mow the lawn two or three times a week... Well, also gotta get outside and clean up what the snow covered....those dogs have been busy out in the backyard.

Spammers? This site? Nah!!!! They are just some lonely fellas who need a little cash from some unsuspecting and naive person so they can do whatever it is they do with that money.

Been letting that feisty side of you out again? Good!!! Sometimes, it's not so easy to tell those you care about that you just "don't want to" do what it is they are doing. You don't want to hurt feelings, or don't want confrontation...but there comes a point where it's like you have to do for YOURSELF...and those who do really care, will respect it, even if they may pout for a while.

I'm here impatiently waiting for that nasty brown grass to start turning green. I'm seeing more and more of my yard each day, now I'm just impatient for that grass to turn green.

Mar 26 @ 9:01AM  
Aw thanks Hog...

Yanno Lisa...none of those colors alone are my favorite but all together for Easter, well, I just love them! (I just wish I didn't like Chocolate Easter bunnies so much! )

Dawn, I'm sure we're not alone with being sick of winter. This morning it is so cold it's just unreal. We're to get a gradual warming starting Thursday but to me, 40's 'n 50's just isn't that warm...but better than the 20's 'n 30's. It was 12 degrees this morning!!! I've been doing some spring cleaning and if spring doesn't hurry up and get here, I'll have to start all over again...

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Well damn! AMD is alive 'n well....