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posted 1/25/2007 1:14:28 AM |
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Anyone know why her account says "cancelled?"

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Jan 25 @ 1:21AM  
Yes, a long story short an asshole scared and ran her away....

Jan 25 @ 1:26AM  
There's a blog or two about why she canceled. I can't remember who's blog it was but there were some really pissed people of the fact that she canceled. Not pissed at SXZEBBW but at some butt-head(s) that caused her to cancel. One or two ladies here did a blog on her and why she canceled I believe!

Jan 25 @ 1:36AM  
Luvrgrl and Ponme's blogs cover why!

Jan 25 @ 1:36AM  
She told me about one male asshole that gave her problems.
I have been trying to sleep for over two hours now, and cannot because of this one asshole running off one of the people on here I call a friend. I have thought about writing a big long statement and so forth and see if I could get people to show our support for her.
I have read her blogs for standing up and deffending the weak and differant. If people would like to show support for her, either make a statemnt on a blog or e-mail me and i would be more than happy to forward all the support info to her. Showing her how she is missed and contributes to this community and not to let others run her off.

Jan 25 @ 1:42AM  
lynch the bitchboy in question!!! ....*looks around for a ball pene hammer? ok......''folks no lynching..but i got this hammer n duct tape and EVERYBODY who wants gets a shot wit da hammer at the fucker..whos' first? ...ponders more''im already holding the hammer and bitchboys only 14miles away .....'' this is gona be fun n wacks the big toe first .....HARDDDDD*
sry i got confused n pissed...
i tried calling answer....left voice mail...nuthin yet.....but i'll keep tryin....they answerd why shes gone...i'm more interested into talkin her back on"

Jan 25 @ 1:43AM  
Report Jump9 to the site admin... if they get enough complaints, he might actually be removed... one of the admins told us to do so!!

Jan 25 @ 1:44AM  
Well she definitely has my support. She's one classy lady and I hope she doesn't let some low life run her out of here for good.


Jan 25 @ 1:48AM  
She was the Queen of the Bitch club. She will be sorely missed....

Jan 25 @ 1:51AM was Jump?

When I had all the trouble with Straddles post...he started emailing support to me. Which at first was nice. However, I had a few conversations with Sxze and she was fair and nice and someone I would love to call a friend. His comments following those initial encounters were a bit excessive, so I ignored them.

I'm not a stranger to excessive reaction on this site he didn't strike me as that much different. However, if he ran her off the site he must have said something pretty awful and thats not right.

Jan 25 @ 1:58AM  
BF please tell her that I for one miss and support her. She belongs here.

Jan 25 @ 2:02AM  
Will do sir.....

Jan 25 @ 2:19AM  
whats this guys current name?
I need to message him


Jan 25 @ 2:21AM  
damn!!! it's hard for me to sound pissed off with that big smile on my picture

Jan 25 @ 2:34AM  
We would also like to voice our support for her, and wish her well. We enjoyed the contact we had with her, and truly hope to hear from her again. For those of you who know her outside of the site, please pass along our thoughts and prayers. She is an awesome woman indeed.

Jan 25 @ 5:42AM  
I for one reported Jump9 to admin informing them that in the real world he would probably be jailed for his online activities. Stalkers are generally not nice people and cyber stalkers are worse because the technology we have today allows them to find their victim almost anywhere their victim happens to be. We have had cases of phone stalking and text bullying in the UK and such harassment is become ever more commonplace. The UK authorities treat such cases as seriously as they would the non virtual kind and the crime incurs the same type of penalties.

Jan 25 @ 6:06AM  
dulsinea, SZXE is not going anywhere. All she has done is cancel to garner attention and more attention and the rest are play acting. DRAMA!..I bloged an apology,sincerely, and suddenly she cancels. Seems a little odd to me. I have apologized twice too her and thats not enough. I know she's your friend but she continues too banter on and making false accuasations. Cancel your account and see what it takes to get back. Real simple stuff. I did it for grins and giggles,less than a day and the first one to blog on it was her. Imagine that. She wants CONTROL. You've been bloging for years and you know better than anyone here, how that goes. She'll be back among cheers and kudos and the rest are play acting. I offended her no more than she,me. All over an email I sent to her simply stating: "she should be a paperback writer." She went ballistic..why? I don't know. One thing for sure I don't discriminate for any reason. I know now, why, she went ballistic because the email I sent her was from the fringe(her own words) and not from the core so to speak. She has and her cluque have broken more blog rules/regs than I have. She never apologized to me and continues to banter,lie and make false accusations. So be it...I'm amazed..but not's past

Jan 25 @ 6:09AM  
Oh, Jump9, boo hoo. If only you were belivable. She cancelled before your apology and there is a long list of things you have done and said...the least being the paperback writer.

Jan 25 @ 6:15AM  

Jan 25 @ 8:03AM  
After wasting my time to actually read jump9's comment, I guess this means we're all supposed to feel sorry for his dumb ass now?


I say we find this worthless low life loser and have him placed on a On second thought, he's not worth dirtying my hands over!

Jan 25 @ 8:21AM  
I haven't been here long enough to know anyone well. However, from my conversations with Sxze, I think it would take more than that to get her riled, Jump. I haven't heard her side of whats going on...but she's a tough lady and I doubt one incident would do this.

And you're half right. I've been involved in a lot of message boards although they are just about the same....

And there are always those that can't let something or someone alone. I'm wondering if you are one of them....

Jan 25 @ 8:22AM  
Get real cave post has nothing to do with feel so sorrrry, enough of that pathetic crap going on with whats her sz...truth is often less accepted than lies and half-truths, which are lies...if you want truth you have to search for it...and from what I read here lies beget lies...wrong is not right and right is not wrong...get out your dictionary and read the meaning of each even if you think you know the meaning....

Jan 25 @ 8:22AM  
Wish you could edit your comments here.

I would have edited the last one to add....

It's usually people who join the forums under various names that have a problem. How many names have you used on here, Jump?

Jan 25 @ 8:43AM  

She shoots...she scores!


Jan 25 @ 8:53AM  
Game, Set, Match to dulsinea. you messing with the wrong people jump9. Just take your Thorzine; I recommend doubling the dose!

Jan 25 @ 9:03AM  
jump9's explination doesnt wash. Anyone who uses multiple screen names and profiles or changes their profile to show living in several states has something to hide. It all started with the "you stink" comment. Now you wonder why everyone is comming down on you? Because you are an asshole!! You deserve a good ass kicking!! If for no other reason but that statement and the others you have made. And I dont mean the blog ass kicking you are getting here. Obviously you have no social skills and have to resort to two word blog comments. Why are you hear anyway? Go find another venue to be stupid. You've definately worn out your welcome here. Why, you might ask? BECAUSE YOU SUCK!!!

Jan 25 @ 9:07AM  
No duisinea I'm not one of them...I never once mentioned her handle/name until recently after my name made headlines orchestrated by her. She reacted,I reacted,she reacted etc. I remember when you started the blog about censorship. You were slammed by her and her cluque time and again...because they did not like nor want your dissenting needed their approval to comment and blog, is what I you're friends...who sent who the friends invite between you two? The thing I like is the trash can on the blog...I use it not to censor but to weed out the senseable from the non-sense,the whiney,gross,witless,boring, perverts,degenerates, malcontents, off-topic,weird people here,both genders...its a 2 way street....but when you leave your own rebuttal and delete the comment,thats not censorship thats what? Help me out...

Jan 25 @ 9:16AM  
I have used only one name here jump9 thats it...your right...It would be nice to be able to edit comments like blogs but for a blog to be popular comments are counted I think. It promotes discussion and thats good most of the time.

Jan 25 @ 9:21AM  
Hey CHUMP9...

Please check into it, and use it...let it be your friend.

Jan 25 @ 9:27AM  
I'm going to agree with Jump............DRAMA people.............DRAMA!!! How do you know that she's not here under a differant name..............loving every minute of this???

Jan 25 @ 9:33AM  
I'm gonna puke. You are so full of shit jump. Different names having a pic then not.. Posting up bullshit blogs then taking them down. Stiiring up shit then blaming others. Making accusations of a clique and practically whinning that you are not in it... Hell I have never been in that "so called clique" And I don't whine. I write my stuff and keep going... comment when I want to and never apologize for it. Near as I can see you have not added one single positive thing to the site. Sxxe did. I didn't always LOVE the things that went on around her but I certainly could appreciate it. Honestly I have not found one appreciable, non argumentative, intelligent thing from you. Is there anything like that I'm missing?

Quit whining and contibute something of value or just leave. I'm on the fringe... you don't speak for me.

Jan 25 @ 9:41AM  
Pudge you actually did miss something. You forgot to tell him that he's a waste of time and space. You also forgot to inform him that he's hated and despised by 99% of people on AMD. And that he's a fucking wanker.
But I suppose that we all forget things now and then. And I forgive ya.

Jan 25 @ 10:04AM  
bullying tactics are becoming a problem in this surreal world of the internet. Do not think that because i can't grab you by the lapels and slap your face, that you don't deserve to be slapped. Comport yourself as though you live in plain sight, don't hide behind this phony, sanctimonious, bullshit. Remember: if the FOO SHITS, WEAR IT !!

Jan 25 @ 10:32AM  
You know jump9 you have no credibility here, you post from a faceless name. The way you treat women on here I would hate to see what you do to lets say YOUR WIFE I am sure you are a married man why else wouldn't you post a picture? I'm sure it's just because "you are a professional" right? You make me fucking sick, the woman does her best on here to uplift people and make them feel better and along comes someone like you to just beat them back down,you fucking imbecile. I really hope you feel all high and mighty knowing that you have "won". Were you mean to animals when you were a kid? I bet you were. Even though you admit to being an asshole and you even apologized you continue to dog her,do you see the cycle here? Hurt,guilt,apologize,Hurt,guilt,apologize its neverending. I wouldn't be so quick to generalize either because I can tell you I am not a fucking actor and I am seriously pissed off at you,this woman is my friend and I will not stand for some self righteous prick like you running her off. I will make sure you are reported as soon as I get the whole story from Nomi who I have already e-mailed today. So I hope that making others feel bad makes you feel like a real big man you fucking asshole. If you were to step to me I would slap the fucking taste out of your mouth for this. Alas this is the internet and you are hiding as I am sure you have done all of your life. I refuse waste another line of text on your worthless piece of shit ass. Goodbye fuckface.


Jan 25 @ 10:52AM  
I have noticed that natural human behavior says..."I'm not welcome here...I' should leave"

JUMP: Do you have a problem comprehending the clearly stated message here? You are not welcome, NO one wants to hear from you....NO ONE appreciates ANY of your words.....your most popular line was "slither away under a rock....." I suggest using it before you can't.


Jan 25 @ 11:05AM are the epitomy of the human race....your mom must have stabbed you in the ass with a fork all your child hood....wait I bet you still live with your mommy.....the way you treat women is a very strong point on how you must have grown up.......

WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU....Mommy hit the bottle too much? stepdad stuck his unit in you a few too many times and mommy didnt care? or did you grow up in the ghetto and became someones BIOTCH........

You are not are a slimey, stinky, fucking seriously ugly little boy......who needs lots of get some.

Seriously you are so lost in this world and sooooo fucking lonely because everyone HATES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will pray for you because NOBODY should have to live in the measley little hell you call YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 25 @ 11:40AM  
The favorite part of my day, is coming on here and reading "the blogs" over my morning coffee. They are becoming stupid and hateful now.......You people are being silly. Who's harrassing who now??? Who's threatening who now??? Grow up people and go onto the next subject. Come up with your own thoughts, and stop jumping on "the band wagon."

We're not in school anymore..............don't have to be liked by everybody

Jan 25 @ 11:58AM  
You did have your pic on here Jump and now its gone.....

And others who have been here longer would know that you have used various names.

Sxze handled herself very well with my situation.....she felt I owed Straddle an apology for the name calling....NOT my opinion of his vile blog. I'm not an unyielding person...I saw some reason in that and decided that blogs are viewed as different from message boards...although I really don't see a difference. Once I started talking to her about that, we found out that we are very similiar in the way we think. She seems to be a strong lady, respectable in her behavior and went out of her way to help smooth things out.

Too many people here are angry with you. I have a feeling that you have used other names.....I've seen it way too often.

I would imagine the forum moderators could verify that.

Jan 25 @ 12:14PM  
I would respectfully submit to you that this is not about people not liking each other...this is about a man causing another to fear for her safety....and we as a community have risen up to support her. It seems to me to be quite a noble thing.....I could only wish I has as much support from so many people in my off-line life......a man causing any woman to fear for her safety is unacceptable at any level....period. We will not stand for it!

Jan 25 @ 12:33PM  
Your shot in the dark missed....I answered your question truthfully...once again she made no effort. She continued on long after I quit...outspoken I believe is the word you used...that applies in what way and too whom? Is it reserved for some and not others? I think you've been conned...but meander on and think what you want....All I have to do is look at the titles to blogs to know I don't want to read them....

Jan 25 @ 12:41PM  
I believe Lyn and Jump are one person logging in under two names. Really... I'm not kidding here.

Jan 25 @ 12:44PM  
has anybody talked to her today? Just wondered how she is doing .....

Jan 25 @ 1:11PM  
In response to the above: I would ask that anyone wanting to post a comment to answer the above question do so privately as to no continue to give any further ammunition to the man without a face.....apparently so much shit has been placed upon it.....soon it will suffocate and choke him to death......

Jan 25 @ 1:12PM  
Nope, said it yourself. I have a lot of experience with message boards and people are very aware when a person uses a bunch of aliases.

The resident racist on our local board where I live has literally hundreds of names he uses.....he drives the moderator crazy as he has been booted...not for his racist views, but for harm he has actually brought to other members and threats made.... soon as he creates a new name and starts posting....several of us know immediately who he is.

You had your picture up. And then you took it down. Why is that?

Jan 25 @ 1:38PM  

No offense...but he is NOT worth the argument....BLOCK HIM and STOP TALKING TO HIM...PLEASE....this is for SZXE'S protection......JUST STOP WITH HIM!

Jan 25 @ 1:52PM  
Is there a way to close a blog?

Jan 25 @ 2:04PM  
I'll take the liberty!

This will be the last comment allowed here....

Now D, just BLOCK any further comments! Thanks for your support and good intentions....all of us here appreciate all that has gone into rallying the troops for SZXE


Jan 26 @ 10:33PM  
Once again whiners and germs...I have 1 profile and only 1 profile, I have 1 profile and only 1 profile etc......I delete my pic once in a while and post a new one...takes 36 hours maybe less....the rest..I sent her a civilized email and she ass-holed her own words: "I'm fanfuckingtastic and a bitch and I have no intentions of dating anyone from here"...she posted a blog about someone in an email saying "They thought she was rude"...I suspect a real man...I believe her to be a "manhater"..she is hateful,rude,sarcastic,pathetic,lying,lying,bitter,very bitter,disgusting,disrespectful and DEMANDS your misplaced loyalty's where you want matters not 2 me. She is a bad actor and I don't need her approval or all bad actors and thats saying it nicely...

Jan 26 @ 10:43PM  

Is there a way to close this blog or is there a way to delete the whole thing?

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