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I got work to do but...

posted 12/30/2013 12:59:40 PM |
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I'm gonna write a blog first...I get tired of keepin' my nose to the grindstone!

Well...2013 will soon be over...yea!!! I have only ONE resolution this get a backbone and become more of a BITCH! LOL

I swear, I just can't get the hang of the difference between being a good friend and being a flat-out doormat.

Hang on...I need a smoke...'n move around a bit...I'm freezing! Gaud winter SUCKS! .......

Anyhoo...I believe it was Friday that I started the massive-after-Christmas cleanup. The weather was decent so I took down the outside stuff and deposited it on the workbench in the garage. Then I got caught up in making some changes inside. Once again I rearranged the back bedroom where we do jigsaw puzzles. Moving that treadmill is not an easy thing! I have what is called an organizer. It is a big square bookcase with 9 cubicles in it and it use to be in my computer I wanted it back in Zelda's room. I worked my butt off until evening when I finally just packed it in to finish on Saturday.

I usually leave my inside Christmas stuff up until New Year's day but decided since everything was in such an upheaval anyway that I might as well pack it up and be done with it. At this point, I still didn't have everything done in Zelda's room and much was still strung down the hallway waiting to be put away. I kinda got a late start and long towards late afternoon, I get a text from Tommy..."Are you home?" Well DAMN!

Now, as most of you know, I now have gay friends and Tommy is one of them. Her new Sweetie has dumped her and she's all down in the dumps so I tell her to come on down...first mistake! Second mistake is...she drinks ALOT and had a head start by the time she got here. A note here...she is not shy about asking for a beer and has pretty much drank me dry of what I keep in the 'fridge in the garage. So when she asked for a beer, I didn't have any so she has the balls to ask if I had anything else and stupid me...said all I had was Butter Shots 'n Apple Pucker so I fixed her a Carmel Apple...two as a matter of fact (because she said, "What? I only get one?") and she insisted I join her. Well then she was out of the drink she'd brought with her so she walked back home and made herself another one...I think she drinks Vodka.

Anyway, she comes back and now the alcohol is taking affect. She's boo-hooing and becoming a sloppy drunk. Her Sweetie keeps texting her...I don't like this gal 'cause she's just pissing with Tommy. I ask, "If she doesn't wanna see you anymore then why doesn't she just leave you alone???" I say, "Tell her to leave you alone!" Not gonna happen. Tommy's 'in love' but methinks it's more of an 'in lust' kinda thingy. So I spend hours babysitting a drunk until she finally passes out on my couch. I then continue trying to put Zelda's room back together.

Finally, she arouses around midnight and at that point, I'm tired and disgusted with myself for being such a nice person...I just want her to GO HOME...and thankfully, she does.

Sunday. I skip church so I can finish what I didn't get done on Saturday. I pack up all the Christmas stuff, take it to the garage and since the temps are in the 40's, I go ahead and hoist it all up to the rafters then clean up all the shit that has accumulated on and around my workbench. I felt pretty proud of myself when I got it done! So back in the house to finish up. I got as far as the kitchen...

Susie calls...wanna go have lunch then go out to the state park and check out the lake? (It was drained last summer so we wanted to see how much water was back in it.) What the hell...might as well. I woulda preferred to stay home and finish up but I was hungry and didn't wanna cook so off we went. When we got back, I was so SLEEPY that I just said "Screw it" and took a nap. Then Susie comes over to work on puzzles so nothing more got done. I will finish it all up today...eventually.

So, that was a long story to say that I'm not happy with ME!! I know that left alone, I would hardly ever venture out to do anything...just spend my life puttering around my house. I can't for the life of me decide WHEN I should go with the flow and when I should say "NO". I do know that I'm a hellava lot better anymore at shrugging off the irritation. It's easier to just drop what I'm doing for whatever someone wants me to do and tell myself that it isn't important...I'm not on a time schedule anyway so what difference does it make? But I keep getting this nagging it really ok or am I being taken advantage of? I just can't decide...

Well, 'cept where Tommy is concerned...she is taking advantage of me and I know it. I hate confrontations...really, REALLY hate them! But....a new year looms and I'm not going to let this continue...BACKBONE... I need backbone!!!

And there's something else I could kick myself about. Remember how much hell I raised for 2 years about Susie's ex??? Oh gaud...I shoulda just left that alone! NOW I would like Susie to spend some time with her ex...dammit I would love the ex to take her off my hands for awhile so I could have time to myself...what the hell was I thinkin' anyway??? Yanno that old careful what you wish for...

Continued in comments....

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Dec 30 @ 12:59PM  
All I wished for way back then was for the ex to go away...that wish has been granted and boy do I hate it!

Right now, I feel burnt out on people and activities. There's New Year's Eve and day to get through and then I want SPACE...SPACE...SPACE!!! I thought this being together every night was petering out...Susie was staying home more but once again, it's every frikkin' night! Inclement weather seems to be the only thing that interfers with her coming over so I wish we'd get more rain 'n snow...well, I'd better be careful of what I wish for.....

Well...enough. I'll finish up this house and have that monkey off my back. I do know one thing...I DO NOT want to puzzle tonight...I'm kinda burnt out on that, too for a little while. I'd like to have a quiet evening this evening but I doubt that that happens...sigh.......

Ya'll have a safe 'n Happy New Year's Eve...don't drink 'n ain't worth the risk!


online now!
Dec 30 @ 4:17PM  
I'll be working but I will think of you! You are going to use that backbone. You have always liked a bit of space so tell her!

Dec 30 @ 5:21PM  
Softie, Put a sign on the door "GONE FISHIN" and lock the damn thing!

Dec 30 @ 5:22PM  
Softie, Put a sign on the door "GONE FISHIN" and lock the damn thing!

Dec 30 @ 9:57PM  
So.....what you're saying is I can't just drop in and say "let's go raise some hell"?

I'm kidding. Besides, it's quite a long drive anyway.

New Year's will be a quiet one for me. I'll be staying home and enjoying a quiet evening. Reflecting. And planning on what I'll be doing in 2014.

Dec 31 @ 12:00AM  
Thanks everyone...this has been a crazy night...I will blog...

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I got work to do but...