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posted 12/26/2013 11:10:59 AM |
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Long exaggerated sigh...deep breath...big grin...relaxing...Christmas 2013 is OVER!

My My My...I don't think any other family but mine could come together and celebrate Christmas with such BEDLAM!! Not that I didn't enjoy it and we all had a lot of fun but...OMG! I was glad to come home.

Highlight of the evening...brought me to granddaughter's boyfriend got down on one knee, presented Shiloh with a ring and asked her to marry him! She said yes and hugs went all around. He gave her a T-shirt first that on the front said, 'All I got for Christmas was this T-shirt' then the back of it said...'And a ring'. The look on her face I will remember forever. Well I'm gettin' all teary-eyed again!

And boy was I surprised with one of my gifts...I got a Kindle! Now all I have to do is figure out how to use it. I got an all seasons Angel...she comes with 4 wreaths of each season and she holds each one in her hands as the seasons roll around. I also got 2 pairs of those micro-fuzzie 'jammies.

As I headed to my daughters, it was snowing lightly...been a long time since it snowed on Christmas day. It was good to see my grandson home from the Navy for Christmas. We had a ton of good food compliments mostly of my son-in-law, he is a good cook. Brenda's tree was magnificant as usual. A wood fire burning in the fireplace and was the best Christmas in a long time. I coulda done without the 4 rambunctious dogs and add the fifth when my grandson and his family arrived. But love covered it all.

There's a slight temptation to take down the Christmas decorations but I'm gonna wait 'til New Year's Day to savor that sweet activity. New Year's favorite holiday of all and ya'll know why 'cause I've said it enough Now comes my favorite stage of winter...the anticipation of spring and until it gets here, it's a time to rest and re-energize. Quiet days. Soft, gentle evenings.

Although I'm not into celebrating Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day, I use them as milestones on my way to spring. I like the 'prettiness' of Valentine's Day...the pinks 'n ruffles 'n lace. I use to decorate but quit last enjoyment gets fed well enough just seeing all the Valentine stuff in the stores. I like to SEE the prettiness of Valentines but otherwise, I think it's a sad time for a lot of people who have no one, no sweetheart, no lover, no partner, no spouse and are lonely and whose hearts are sad for having no one special.

There isn't much celebrating of St. Patrick's Day 'cept maybe in the bars 'n pubs with green beer and other folderol. But it's on my calendar and shamrocks appear here 'n there and it's the second milestone to spring. Then of course, the last is Easter and depending on when it falls, it doesn't mean we're clear of nasty weather yet but at least we're pretty close.

In the meantime, I spend time on projects. First is cleaning out my file cabinet and stressing the motor in my shredder. And stressing my brain on 'should I keep this another year...or not?' It's kinda scary making those decisions with paperwork.

The 3 or so months 'til spring is kinda fun 'n interesting. Seldom do I have any projects that are demanding or gigantic...just little stuff that may be nothing more than time consuming. Most of it is Zelda stuff and I run into some interesting things along the way...things that I forgot all about and tickle me to find again.

Usually in March 'n April, Mother Nature blesses us with a day or 2 or 3 with warm weather to tantalize us. Those are garage days...piddle around in the garage and put away stuff that I ran out there on a miserably cold day and left set on the workbench. Then our hopes are dashed as once again a cold front slams into us with cold temps and sometimes snow or ice...the labor pains of inpending spring.

And this all starts (for me anyways) with New Year's Day...anticipation. Relaxing. Doodling around with Zelda. And speaking of Zelda...I think my Sis is gonna buy my treadmill so then I can get me a NEW Zelda and by the time she gets old 'n decrepit, I probably will be the same and we'll both get put out to

So anyhoo...I'm glad to see 2013 come to a close. It's been a good year considering what the past 2 years were like and I foresee 2014 just gettin' better. One never knows these things but that's another thing about New Year's always brings me HOPE for better things.

Now I start a load of laundry and work on Softie stories...organize, organize, organize!

Ya'll have a good day, be safe, be happy 'n keep smilin'...


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Dec 26 @ 11:57AM  
I'm glad it's over with.

Now I don't have to continue hearing more and more of "Happy Holidays" from idiots who are afraid to offend anyone and/or who doesn't know what the true meaning of Christmas is.

Happy belated Merry Christmas, Softie!

Btw, I was just up at Walmart, and surprise surprise, they're busy once again.

Dec 26 @ 7:37PM  
Softie, I'm so glad to hear you had such a great Christmas with your family!
Lots of love coming you way,

Dec 27 @ 2:17AM  
Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas Softie.

I'm ready for Spring now. I'm tired of the snow already. I think we're making up for the mild winter we had last year.

Dec 27 @ 10:20AM  
New Year's is the big social holiday for my group and people are already coming down to spend the week.

Dec 27 @ 11:21AM  
Aw Shawn, so many things have changed over the years...and not for the better. Who woulda thought 20 yrs. ago that this world would have a problem with saying 'Merry Christmas'? I'm continually glad I was born at a time when I lived the perfect American dream and to me that was the years of the '50's. With the world getting more 'n more stupid, I'm on my way out the to speak...and my heart goes out to the future's just downright scary!

Yes Wayne...this has been one of the best Christmas seasons ever for me. My granddaughter, Shiloh, is handicapped. She's the one that for most of her life, on top of her handicaps, she dealt with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome...of which she's been free of for 2 years now. So seeing her so blessed and happy is the best Christmas present this Grandma could get! Love you, too you sweet thang you!

Oh Dawn...I say, "HURRY SPRING!" Every year winter is harder and harder on this old body. The holiday season can be a distraction to the cold but when it's over, I just wanna hibernate until the themometer reaches at least 70 degrees!

Ok Bruce....are you saying it's PARTY TIME??? Well deserve some fun, for sure! Just stay safe and all I gotta say is.....HAPPY HANGOVER! (er...Happy New Year!)

Dec 27 @ 9:31PM  
Very well written - wishing you and everyone here a Happy and Healthy New Year..!!

Dec 28 @ 11:27AM  
Thank you Straddle_fun! Here's wishing you and yours a blessed New Year...may it be the best ever!

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