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Yup, I'm still kicking

posted 12/20/2013 1:05:28 AM |
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I'm getting lazy, I know. I posted this on the other site earlier, but thought a few might be wondering how I'm doing of late, so here is a short rundown on what happened.

This last heart attack did much to wake me up, tho the first one was one hell of a bucket of cold water on the thought of getting away with things for a very long time and not paying the price. Like smoking, which in my case was probably the main contributing factor. I knew for sure then I would have to quit, but didn't.

The second one, well, when I woke up with chest pains, shortness of breath, and my heart felt like it was going to beat itself out of my chest, I knew then it would be a mistake to not get something done. At first I considered having WoW drive me into the hospital. But, I knew that I would likely need some emergency work on the way so called 911. Once the Emergency crew got here, I was put on oxygen, fed more nitro pills and a couple more asprin, and away we went.

Got to the ER in the Cape, and there was no hesitation, I went right in and they put a stint in one artery, and then got me stabilized so they could in effect ask if they could di the bypass. No brainer there, do it, and soon. I was probably a bit under the influence of of the anesthesia, but what the heck, I just knew it had to be done or it wouldn't do any good to get me out of the hospital. There are always risks with open heart surgery, nothing is guarenteed when you get right down to it,but I knew I had a better chance of continuing with it than without it. I think that was when I finally decided doctors do know more than I do about what might be good for me.

So, a couple of days later, they pump me full of some what must have been some good stuff, cause a few minutes afterward, the lights went out and I was definitely in LALA land. The next things I remember was waking up in recovery, with a gazillion wires hooked up to me to monitor everything, and a catheter to check urine output. That and I had to cough, real bad.

Have you ever been in a situation where the more you cough, the worse things get? Because you already have so much shit in your lungs and wind pipe there ain't no more room, and you can't swallow? That was the situation I found myself in. I couldn't inhale a breath to cough, couldn't swallow, and couldn't breathe. Oh, the air tube they had down my throat didn't help any either. And they wouldn't let me get my head down low enough to get the crap out. That was a fun experience.

Over all though, I kinda wonder how the staff at the hospital managed to put up with me. I wasn't real difficult, or a major pain I guess, but I couldn't get out of there soon enough, and let them know it. I was on a no salt, low fat diet, and some of the meds I have been taking have my tastebuds alllllllll screwed up. Even now, some days everything tastes the same, and I can't describe it to anyone, but it is horrible. I didn't weight a bunch when I went in, but lost about 5 pounds or so by the time I got out of there.

So here I am at home, still have to use oxygen, and probably will for the rest of my life, but at least I quit smoking, and now I'm down to about a half gallon of coffee a day rather than a full gallon. And I am supposed to get myself on a pretty much non fat, no salt diet. I realize the need to limit my salt intake, and I do need to get a few more veggies in me, but not many people that spout all this advice realize for the dentally challenged, just what that entails. Not having teeth is a major limiting factor in food choices. So fresh leafy greens, and a lot of other stuff is beyond my ability to get down my throat. Unless cut up into very tiny pieces. And I might add, fixing for just one person can be a challenge too. The last couple of days tho, cereal, peanut butter, and bread have been my staples. I do think a little later tho, I will fix a can of chicken soup, just for a change.

So I do feel better, in many ways, but I am not fully recovered. Getting there, but not yet. I run out of air with little exertion, so my house is in need of a house keeper. And for now anyway, travel is going to be limited. It isn't an experience I'd wish everyone to have, but it was an eye opener for me. What advice do I have for anyone at risk of the same things? I'm not gonna tell you anything more than what you have already been told. No need to, if you haven't taken that advise by now, nothing I say will do any good. YOU are the only person that can decide what you will do with your life.

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Dec 20 @ 1:40AM  
Glad you are feeling better, Just take care of yourself,

Dec 20 @ 7:37AM  
I'm glad that you're doing better, and that it wasn't too late for you. I think we all take our health for granted to some degree through life.

Continue getting better while doing all the right things.

Have you ever been in a situation where the more you cough, the worse things get?
Well, last January I got a nasty cold and just about lost my voice. After a few days of waiting to get my voice back strong again I decided to try a little something like a home remedy that I had read off the internet. It was cinnamon powder and honey. I accidently inhaled the powder cinnamon and coughed like crazy. I couldn't stop and it seemed to get worse. I finally managed to stop coughing. After that, I still get some coughing spells every now and then to where I think it's from the result of that powder cinnamon that caused some kind of long term effect in my throat and lungs. Hopefully this will eventually go away. Needless to say, I threw out that cinnamon powder.

After I experienced that I read more on the cinnamon powder and that a lot of younger adults seem to play this game with others as a challenge taking in a spoonful of it while videotaping themselves with others and posting it on youtube as funny clips. However, during a lot of those games, many of them had to call 911.

Anyway, glad that you're home and on the road to recovery. Hope to read more of your blogs on here.


Dec 21 @ 1:06AM  
I am so glad you are at home. keep up the good work on the changes in your eating habits. I also have bad ones

Dec 21 @ 6:03PM  
Glad your "still kicking" LOL! Take care; you know what you need to do :-)

Dec 23 @ 5:03PM  
Hey Mike...I'm slippin' in here a little late but that's just me...fashionably late

I'm glad you're on the mend and you'll get stronger every day. I wanna wish you the Merriest Christmas you can have under the circumstances and hopefully your New Year will just get better 'n better. You take care of yourself and your buddy, Harpo. Merry Christmas 'n Happy New Year to both of you...(((HUGS)))

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Yup, I'm still kicking