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Zelda, Life 'n other stuff

posted 12/20/2013 12:51:36 AM |
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I had a nap today. I mean a NAP! Now I pay the piper so I'll burn the midnight oil.

DC mentioned in one of my blog comments that he thinks I'm 'ducking out on that test because of other things that are bothering me'. for thought. I asked him what he thought those things could be and I'm curious to get his opinion. In the meantime, I've given it some thought myself...

I'm gettin' old...that bothers me. Not much I can do about it. Death doesn't bother me, it's the being really, really old that does. I don't wanna live to be really, really old. That bothers me. Who knows, in the end it may be wasted energy 'n I'll just kick the bucket before wheelchairs, nursing homes and senility.

My hair is gettin' pretty white...that bothers me. I could fix that but it's more bother than it's worth. I need to lose weight. I could fix that, too if I could just work up the motivation and enthusiasm to do so and it ain't over yet so who says it won't still happen? There's some projects that I wish I had the patience to explore such as gettin' some of my stuff published. Probably ain't gonna happen and that bothers me because...well, just because. I don't like being a quitter yet I haven't the desire to pursue it...that bothers me.

Finances bother me....the lack of that is. I need a new Zelda but first I need to pay for my new glasses and it just seems to be one thing after is wearisome to say the least. I suspect the reason I can't post pix here in blogs anymore or use the emoticons isn't the fault of's Zelda. How do I know that? Well...

I'm having a hellava time on Facebook. I can't scroll down far until Zelda freezes up. They put more memory in Zelda and that hasn't worked either. It's because she's 9 years old and too outdated to handle Facebook...or the software of AMD. I tried GoogleChrome and FireFox...neither of those worked either and just sent Zelda into fits until I had to uninstall them.

And truth be known, it does bother me a little bit that I can't afford Christmas presents for my kids 'n grandkids. Oh, they understand and it doesn't matter to them but it does give me warm fuzzies to watch them open something I've chosen for them. That isn't happening this year and it does make me a little sad.

Let's see, what else bothers me.....?

(I'm thinkin'......)

I can't think of anything else so let me tell you what I do have...

For 69 I'm in pretty good shape. Mentally I'm still bright and alert. At 69, I've achieved the peace I've sought nearly all my life. I'm as active as I want to be, no more, no less.

I have a beautiful home. The cost of living here is excellent...I have all I need and then some. My problems with Susie is in the past. We've come full circle and I couldn't have a better friend. And speaking of friends, my old girlfriend of 60 years is back in my life and somehow that makes me feel complete to have someone who knows me so well to fill what felt like a void. We talk endlessly and it feels so good.

My kids, grandkids and great grandkids are all healthy and doing well. I still have all of my sisters. My family is blessed beyond measure and so am I.

So the things that bother me are irrelevant and minor. Some I can fix, some I can't.

Christmas day I will spend with my kids. For the first time, I'm at peace with my life, who I am and I feel the sweetness of having such a wonderful family that I will probably spend the night with them.

Are there things that bother me? Yes, but that is so with anyone who draws a breath. Am I ducking out on that test because of it? Nah. Ask me if it's because I have to get up at 5 a.m and be over to the hospital by seven and you'll be closer to the truth. But I'll get it due time.

Now I'm off to bed. Zelda and I have much to do when I get up. I'll catch ya'll later. Be safe, be happy 'n keep smilin'....


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Dec 20 @ 1:58AM  
'I have a feeling I am going to live to a ripe old age like it or not, The women in our family live to anywhere from 93 to well over 100. Not to say they were in good health all those years but they all lived to be very old ladies,

How is your ram on Zelda? If you do not have enough ram it will cause your computer to go slow and freeze, Good news is that the ram can be added on and speed things up a bit and is fairly inexpensive to add on,

It is never a good idea to postpone medical tests but I am with you about not getting up at 5am, If anyone wakes me up that time of day it had better WWIII, a natural disaster or a fire, I no longer do mornings,

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas,


Dec 20 @ 8:00AM  
I'm gettin' old...that bothers me.
Yeah, we're all getting there.

My hair is gettin' pretty white...that bothers me.
Have you ever thought about hair coloring? Yes, I do this with my own hair every few months. I started getting some gray here and there around my temples. I can't have that.

Dec 20 @ 11:45AM  
I was going to ask what operating system is Zelda running on. XP and later should be working with today's webpages, anything before XP might not. Also, Rhonda said, if there isn't enough, it can slow down computers and cause them to crash. Maybe a good cleaning of the registry? Of course it's best to let someone who knows what they're doing do that.

Now, the stress do need to get in and get that done. Don't delay too long on that or I'll find my way down to Indiana and have a talk with you. But seriously, don't put it off too long, that isn't something to mess with.

Like you, the whole getting older isn't a fun thing to think of. I've noticed the gray showing up in my hair and like Shawn, I color it. There are the little things that I find that bother me also, but, they are things that are minor, and will work them selves out eventually. Not something to get worked up over.

You get in and get the stress test done as soon as you can.

Dec 21 @ 10:54AM  
RAM is memory. They upped the RAM and it still didn't work. I have XP and it is becoming extinct. I'm told the software in Zelda is too outdated and doesn't jibe with facebook's software. More RAM won't help Zelda so I need a new computer.

I'm trying to sell my treadmill which I rarely use and I'm taking a beating on it but if I can sell it for $500 then I can get a new computer. I think I need to list it on Craig's list...I don't like that scares me. Lots of crazies there.

I'll reschedule that test after the's that?

And Shawn...I can't afford to have my hair colored and with my shoulder surgeries, I can't lift my arms to do it myself. Besides, with the white, it gives it more body and it is very easy to style so I guess I prefer that over having dark hair again.

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Zelda, Life 'n other stuff