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And so it, I mean goes...

posted 12/17/2013 2:03:45 PM |
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Winter search my memory and wonder if I can remember

Ah winter...'tis beautiful but lacks convenience. Neither me nor Susie have been very ambitious in cleaning away the snow this year...methinks it's age. Now we watch the weather forecast diligently and if there's the slightest chance it'll get above freezing anytime soon then we just clear paths and wait for mother nature to melt the rest of it. Tomorrow should do it. Of course, mother nature has to screw that up too...she's brings rain...well crap! But I'll take the trade-off so at least I don't have to shovel.

Actually, it's like spring inside my house the past couple of days...spring cleaning that And it's quite by accident. Apparently the old eyes don't see like they use to. I was cleaning my bedroom when I happen to get too close to the decorations on my walls and was quite surprised to see they were growing FUR! So was my floral arrangements. Well, that started quite a snowball effect. How's that you might ask...or have my permission to stop reading anytime.


I have (guess-ta-ment) 20 or so porcelain dolls...most in my bedroom. (Hang on. Gotta see if my kitchen floor is dry so I can steam mop the other half...brb) Ok I belong to you for another few

Anyhoo...back to the dolls. I've talked with my girls over the past few years about my dolls and what to do with them when I kick the bucket. Dolls they're not interested in. I've always just loved my dolls but the funniest thing has happened lately...I'd look at them and think..."I'm tired of them. Tired of having to move them to dust and having to dust them." So yesterday was the big day. I chose 5 of them to keep, cleaned the others and packed them away...but not without taking their pictures first and posting them on the garage sale sites I'm on on facebook. So far, I have one gal interested in a bunch of them...yea!!!

I am in a get-rid-of-it mode. That usually happens in the spring but I guess an indoor spring has come early this year for me. As I look around, I see other stuff 'n things I can sell. Now don't tell me I'll just go out and buy more stuff 'n things...I can guarantee you I won't! My mobile home has 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths so it isn't a really small home but when I moved in, I had too much stuff. That's because I lived in a much bigger place for one thing. And yes, I did go to the limit of furnishing my mobile home thru garage sales 'n auctions. I guess you could say I 're-decorated' when I moved here...well, the carpet throughout this place is a soft wine color so trust me...I had to change my whole color scheme!!!

I remember years ago, I had closets full of stuff where I could exchange wall decorations...Wayne called it shopping in my closets. I changed curtains 'n pictures 'n floral arrangements for the seasons . Then one day I just got sick of it. All the stuff I had just seemed like a burden, a heavy weight. I had a huge garage sale! I can still remember the freedom I felt afterwards.

That's kinda where I'm at now. Housecleaning has become tedious. I begin to feel claustrophobic with so much stuff on the walls 'n sitting everywhere. Oh, it is all beautiful. I definitely have a knack for decorating and I get lots of compliments but one word keeps flashing in my mind....SIMPLIFY!!!

Ok...gotta get back to work. I just looked at the weather forecast for then next few days...doesn't look good. No 40's 'til at least Friday then it's all a mix of rain 'n snow for the weekend.

I had a stress test for my heart scheduled yesterday but I cancelled it because of the road conditions....I ain't rescheduling it until SPRING! In the meantime, hibernation stays in effect until further

Ya'll be safe, stay warm, be happy 'n keep smilin'....


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Dec 17 @ 2:41PM  
Yeah, getting some more snow here today. Wait...better not talk too much about it...Shawn might get jealous. I still haven't figured out a way to send it his way.

I haven't been in much of a mood for anything lately...and it's showing. I do have to get out and clear out my driveway from Winters gift over night, and the plow finally went by. Actually, I have kept decorating simple here at my house, a few pictures in strategic places on the walls, a couple of nick knacks on a couple of tables...not so much to dust off, or move around. Besides, less things for the dogs to accidentally break.

Speaking of those dogs...time to let them in. Looks like they're done playing out there in the snow.

Dec 17 @ 11:41PM  
We've had snow on the ground since before Thanksgiving and it is just now melting off. Earlier this week it melted on the surface then refroze at ground level as a sheet of one inch ice But no problem for me as I am getting the fuck out of here tomorrow

Dec 17 @ 11:52PM  
Just got back from Hawaii and been snowing almost every day here in jersey,,,but Christmas forecast calls for warmer temps...geez was hoping for a white xmas,

Dec 17 @ 11:59PM  
It's going to hit around 60-65 here for a few days starting Thursday.

Dec 18 @ 2:04AM  
STOP! You've got all the time in the world to let the little things bother you, yet you don't have the time to take care of your health by having the stress test. The one thing that could put your mind at ease you're avoiding. All the rest is just a means of ducking what's really bothering you. Get the damn Stress Test! And by the way:


As ever was,

Dec 19 @ 7:57AM  
Gotta agree with Dr. softy you should reschedule your stress test. We love you and want you around for a long time. So you schedule that baby and get in there.

Dec 19 @ 11:24PM  
I think Dawn I'm pretty much gettin' my life to where I want it. I've decided to sell my just sets there and I'm so crowded! I don't use it anymore, just not motivated I guess. I just get tired of being stressed for space. Besides, I need a new Zelda, my old Zelda just can't keep up anymore and the money from selling the treadmill would make that possible.

Well WoW, I got your e-mail so I know you've left the ice 'n snow and arrived at your destination safe 'n sound. Glad you made it before Christmas...enjoy your new life m'dear...time for the old fart to finally get

Yeah Straddle_fun...looks like our snow will be gone before Christmas day. It's warmed up and we're suppose to get a couple of inches of rain on top of the melted snow. Christmas day is suppose to be around 35 and sunny.

Shawn...I'll send you some rain 'n sloppy snow in exchange for your temps!

Ok DC...yes, I do have the time for that stress test and I may reschedule it before spring...that was sort of a joke about spring. But yanno, according to the other heart tests they did, the old ticker is in pretty good shape so this last test isn't critical to get done can wait 'til after the first of the year anyway. And what's really bothering me? No...I'm asking...what's really bothering me? I'm curious to what you think it might be. And thanks for the holiday wishes...same to you and yours.

Ok Lisa...I'm being ganged up I won't wait 'til spring but I will wait 'til after the first of the year. 'N I love you, too...! Merry Christmas Lisa and a blessed New Year.

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