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BLUE LIGHT....................

posted 12/7/2013 9:59:23 PM |
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Swedish scientists believe light waves could be better than coffee for mental alertness—with no side effects?

The concept sounds futuristic: special light waves that enhance alertness in less than a minute. But researchers at Mid Sweden University in Ostersund found exposure to short wavelength blue light improves brain function almost immediately. The research team compared the effects of blue light and caffeine on the brain. The findings? Both had benefits, but exposure to blue light led to better cognitive function and less distraction.

For the study, a group of 21 health individuals took a computer-based psychomotor vigilance test prior to experiencing one of four randomly assigned stimulations...

White light and a placebo
White light and 240 milligrams (mg) of caffeine
Blue light and a placebo
Blue light and 240 milligrams (mg) of caffeine

Then, the participants took the vigilance test again. To analyze the results, the team used the Karolinska Sleepiness Scale. Both the caffeine and blue light groups experience enhanced accuracy... decisiveness... and speed.

However, when it came to other key areas, the blue light group outperformed the caffeine group. Participants in the blue light group had far better visual reaction performance and were also consistently more able to tune out distractions.

The study builds on previous research indicating blue light boosts cognitive abilities such as memory... alertness... and reaction time. Although the Mid Sweden study used hour-long light exposure times to coordinate with the effects of caffeine, prior studies have shown blue light changes brain function in just 50 seconds.

Blue light has "the potential to positively influence a range of settings where cognitive function and alertness are important," state the Mid Sweden authors, in their full findings which recently appeared in the open-access journal PLOS ONE.

No Pain, Plenty of Gain, and a Very Pleasant Side Effect

Despite being powerful enough to trigger biological effects in the body, blue light is completely harmless to tissue. This unique combination allows scientists to adapt it in order to treat a range of medical conditions. Doctors at the University Hospital of Heidelberg in Germany developed a patch that treats pain by emitting blue light, and research from the University of Montreal showed that individuals with impaired vision who are unable to see objects can still sense when a light is turned on or off.

The fact that changes in light register in the brain (even in the absence of sight) could have far-reaching applications for the treatment of blindness as well as cognitive disorders. The next step is to determine how to use the blue light precisely to activate certain parts of the brain. Blue light "stimulates higher cognitive brain activity, independently of vision, and engages supplemental brain areas," wrote the authors of the University of Montreal Study.

Another study even found blue light helped combat bad breath. A two-minute long tooth whitening session using blue light lamps had the pleasant side effect of killing the bacteria in the saliva associated with bad breath. For similar reasons, blue light has been shown to be effective against acne, as well.

Blue light devices for home use are widely available online. Experts advise that you should do your research and be certain your product is manufactured by a reputable company.

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Dec 7 @ 11:55PM  
No one is getting my coffee or smoke
Even if they do light up my life

Dec 8 @ 12:08AM  
Can't you just imagine it's political application? I have a vision of a 'blue light' bathed Senate floor, all voting stations across the country swathed in a soothing sea of blue, bastions of liberal thought glowing in a coral tinge of enlightenment in our Universities. Convert a few Denny's, Taco Bells, and McDonalds featuring our version of a 'blue plate' special, and lastly, a 'Blue Room' in our "Blue House".

Forget the tanning booths, just a 50 second blast of blue waves and millions of liberals would be free of the distractions of reading their daily dose of news via the National Enquirer. Incontinence would free up hours of their time......the implications are enormous.........One can only dream.

Dec 8 @ 9:12AM  
This is kind of funny.
About 25 years ago I videotaped a presentation at a well known university and the presenter was explaining all of the attributes or deleterious effects of various materials and colors.
Blue was supposed to be a real bad color for you.

online now!
Dec 8 @ 10:08AM  
For the people who want to keep you lethargic, drinking coffee, and smoking cigarettes it is a bad color. I expect there will soon be a whole slew of studies refuting the findings of these studies. Too much money at stake.

Dec 8 @ 11:31AM  
For the people who want to keep you lethargic, drinking coffee, and smoking cigarettes it is a bad color.

That would be the obamanation. Mustn't alter the dynamics of the zombies.

Dec 10 @ 9:36AM  
Thank you all for your comments

Dec 12 @ 2:34PM  
Then there's the oddballs like me who like darkness, skies 'n stars 'n the glow of the moon. That's when my mind is most alert, when I come alive. Caffeine doesn't affect me unless I overdose on it and then it's a false stimulation...the stimulation to my mind isn't a sharp and clear one, just a blast of brain cells going in all directions that only simulates clarity and alertness. Any energy that results from caffeine is only nervous energy that usually won't let me focus.

No, for me, nighttime is best of all. Clarity comes with quietness. It comes with the cloak of serenity from shadowed stillness. Energy comes from a time when I'm assured of the promise of absolute aloneness, without distraction.

I can see where the Blue Light could work but I think I get the same results from night time and it's natural...and I can get it 7 nights a week without having to flip a switch!

Dec 15 @ 6:17PM  
Clarity comes with quietness

Would that we could inject some of that quietness in the blogs, softy.

Dec 16 @ 10:22PM  
Now that's a very useful blog. Sounds positive for the big head, but I wonder if it has any effect on the little one?

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BLUE LIGHT....................