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Simply Monday...yea!

posted 12/2/2013 10:58:53 AM |
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Ok...drinkin' my coffee and relishing a quiet Monday morning. I just love Mondays! I can almost always count on Mondays to be MY day. Mondays are MY Sundays...days when I have the world to myself to do with whatever I please. Seldom do I get interruptions on Mondays.

Today I will decorate for Christmas. I don't seem to be able to get in the swing of it this year for some reason. That's probably a good thing as I want to pare down my decorating and get rid of a lot of excess. So it's simply Monday and I'm gonna simplify Christmas!

I'm glad Thanksgiving was later than usual this year because Christmas will be here and over in just about 3 short weeks. My favorite holiday is New Year's Day. All the hulabaloo is behind me, it's a new year and a new slate in front of me. I don't do New Year's resolutions but I do spend time contemplating what the new year will be like and what I can do to make it a good year, a better year than the old one.

This past year hasn't been a bad one. I sorta feel like I've been in a state of transition most of 2013...kind of a floundering state. I've been trying to hold on to a lot of "who I am" and now I'm coming to the conclusion that throughout this past year, who I am has gradually and almost inperceptually been shifting. I'm no longer 'who I was' but neither do I know who I will be in the future.

In case I have you totally confused, let me explain...

For years, I've considered myself a writer (of sorts) but I've been struggling with that for nearly 2 years now, maybe more. I don't KNOW that that season of my life is over, but it's something I have to consider...and deal with. For me, if the desire isn't there then neither is the creativity. Will the desire resurface over the winter months while life is calm and quiet for me? I'll have to wait and see but on the other hand, I need to prepare myself mentally and emotionally in the case that writing will be a season of my past...gone.

Last month, it was a year since I had my cataract surgery. That was a nightmare that dragged out for months. Then it was a second minor surgery on the lens implants. It's been a year of struggling with the cost of co-pays 'n new glasses and once again, I need new glasses, an expense that is biting into my already depleted purse.

This past year I've had carpal tunnel surgery and almost ever conceivable test deemed necessary and still have a few to go but I'm almost done. So far, the outcome of every test has been positive. Saying that, I do know that if I don't change some things then my future holds major health risks. I need to lose weight and stop smoking.

I have every excuse in the book as to why I can't do either. But that's just it...they're excuses that don't hold water. It isn't will power that I need, it's backbone! I spend a lot of my time with an enabler, one who isn't supportive and plies me with all the things that I should be getting out of my life in order to be healthy. Is that her fault? NOT! I simply need backbone. If I do just one resolution for 2014 it will be to work on my backbone!

So this past year has been a 'fix it' year medically. It's been a year of shifting and adjusting...and letting go of a lot of my old ways. At this point I'm at a stand still without knowing which way I want to turn. I do look forward to 2014 with anticipation and hope and that's all good.

So anyway...back to Christmas decorating...the tubs are stacked and waiting for me and my coffee cup is empty. My enthusiasm sucks but hopefully once I get started it will surface.

Ya'll have a good safe, be happy 'n keep smilin'....


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Dec 2 @ 4:22PM  
I won't be into the holiday season until I leave rural Missouri behind. The people are nice, don't get me wrong. It is just not a place for a newcomer.

Dec 2 @ 9:29PM  
Not much into the Christmas spirit again this year. I haven't decorated the house with a tree and lights since 2007. Just not in the mood again this year to put one up. I'm sure my cats would love if I did though.

That's probably another reason why I haven't put up a real tree for so long knowing they'll get into it and be all over it climbing it.

Dec 2 @ 11:07PM  
Well Bruce 'n Shawn it looks like it's an epidemic...seems there's a lot of people this year that just can't get in the Christmas mood.

Bruce, I can see why you aren't in the mood. You need your own space and lots of your friends around you. Do you know yet when you can take off for Texas?

Shawn, I haven't put up a big tree since 2000 when my cats were 6 weeks old. A few times I've put up a small tree that sat up on the fireplace or a tall stand out of reach of the cats.

I did consider getting a real tree (small one) this year but I just can't work up the desire to decorate it. I got my decorating started but right now my house is a mess. I got a really late start then Susie came over and we worked a puzzle. I did manage to get the outside done or most of it and a few things done inside but I still have a ways to go so I'll finish tomorrow.

It's spittin' rain now. We'll get rain off 'n on for a couple of days with the temps being in the 40's and low 50's then the bottom will drop out and we're suppose to get an inch or two of snow then it's into the deep freeze.

Dec 3 @ 12:00AM  
More Christmas decorations arrived at my place today and are up My living room and dining room are sparkling, twinkling and glittering, I reminded the three elves that I expect them to be here when all this stuff comes down in January, The head elf aka my daughter Nadiah stopped by an estate sale and found a bunch of vintage decorations from the sixties which is when this house was built, I think she bought them out, She said they were almost giving those decorations away, I am afraid if I stand still long enough I will be either glittered, illuminated or wearing tinsel, I was planning to only put up one small tree this year, Of course I have said that every holiday for the last thirteen years,

I think everyone who is creative experiences down time when it seems like the desire to create just goes on vacation, It usually comes back or finds a different outlet,


Dec 3 @ 1:01AM I looking forward to it? In the spirit for it? No, not really. I'll be decorating, hopefully the bright, cheery lights will help. Then again, maybe not.

It's hard to be in the spirit of Christmas this year.


Dec 3 @ 5:21AM  
Life on the water. Boat is decorated stem to stern and will remain in place in Georgia. No more charter trips as we just financed a new project out of NC building yachts. Grandpop is making me go to work on this one.

Merry Christmas softy and the best for the New Years.

As ever was,

Dec 3 @ 12:43PM  
RJ you are soooo funny! I use to tell my late husband if he didn't move a little now 'n then, I'd decorate him. It's slow going another late start so may not get finished today either. I just layed out a bunch of stuff on the table, took pictures and posted them on the garage sale sites. Hopefully they'll sell today! Since I probably ain't gonna entertain anyone, most of it was Christmas serving platters and snack bowls, napkins, gift bags and a set of Christmas towels. I don't need Christmas towels in my bathroom but I did put up a set in the guest bathroom.

Sugar, my heart aches for you. Moms are just so special and our grieving for them is like getting the life squeezed out of our hearts. This first Christmas without her will be the toughest. Hang onto your family and friends and let them help carry you through this and remember your friends here are always sending you love 'n support in our hearts.

Well JoeBanks #12 (wink wink)...Christmas on a boat...I can't imagine that. Thank you for your Christmas wishes for me and I wish you a Merry Christmas, an awesome New Year and may all your dreams come true.

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Simply Monday...yea!