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Back from 'Vacation'

posted 11/28/2013 11:18:48 PM |
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...'n not sure why. Bored I guess. Ok, not bored...I rarely get bored...boredom is for people that doesn't want to be creative and doesn't know how to improvise. My dictionary says improvise means; 1. to compose and perform without preparation. 2. to make or do with whatever is at hand. I excel at On any given day, I never do what I set out to do beforehand...I prepare to change direction at a moments notice and that's the only preparation I ever do!

Oh I use to prepare...I stuck to the program and if I got thrown a curve ball that caused me to change direction, I would be very upset. Now I just go with the flow. I guess I don't get bored anymore because any time I have FREE TIME, it is such a WONDERFUL thing that being bored just isn't possible.

Thanksgiving 2013 is over and I say "Hooray!!!". Guaranteed next year will be different. I will have TURKEY and OYSTER DRESSING and maybe DATE PUDDING for dessert. I may or may not go shopping.

I will NOT eat another baked sweet potato or eat ham that has NOT been glazed with pineapple/brown sugar glaze! (One overcooked and one undercooked) I WILL fix the dinner MYSELF and if a certain person doesn't wanna eat MY cooking then...tough shit!!! Two years in a row of that certain person dictating the menu AND how the rest of the day is spent is ENOUGH!!!

End of rant.

So now I'm home and the house is quiet and finally I can relax. The next few days I'll be afforded that lucious, soul satisfying time alone...mostly, anyway. I don't know what I'll do but I certainly won't be bored, that's for sure!

So I didn't come back to AMD because I'm bored. Have I missed being here? Honestly? Not really...nuttin' much to miss. Just some place to write stuff cause I can so I guess that's what I missed. Few read my ramblings and few comment but hey...such is life. It'd be nice if I could write something to thrill the crowds (lol) but the bleachers are mostly empty so no reason to make the effort. My enthusiasm to write is about shot anyway. Not much to write about anymore...same shit/different day.

Well, what about Christmas coming up? (you might ask) Well, what about it? I'm old peeps. I had my time in the Christmas sun and passed that gauntlet off a long time ago to my kids. Here is a fact that is as true as fire will burn you...Christmas is for kids and husbands/men. Trust me on that one. Women do the leg work, the cooking/baking, decorating, gift wrapping, shopping and yada, yada, yada. The kids 'n men sit back and enjoy.

I put my time in and admittedly, with all the headaches, it was sometimes fun and satisfying. But somewhere in the past 5 years, the exhilaration of yuletide merrymaking has faded to be replaced with needing peace and goodwill...mostly PEACE! I love the pretty-ness of Christmas and the music. But I don't do gifts anymore...can't afford it and don't know if I'd do it if I could. I watched the people in Walmart today scrambling with overloaded carts and probably overloaded credit cards. Listened to them talk about how their kids were spoiled and never satisfied with what they get. The old Christmas is gone folks and replaced with a rat race to spend money, party and gorge on food.

Not me. Peace...that's all I want for Christmas. Peace for me. Peace for my loved ones. Peace for the world. I would like to see real joy come back into Christmas....peace and joy and it will not happen in my lifetime, maybe never again.

Am I just being a Scrooge? No, not really. Christmas is beautiful. Everything we do has a meaning that connects with the reason why we celebrate Christmas. But the boundaries doesn't exist anymore and the true meaning of Christmas has been lost in commercialism and a gluttony of excess. That little word "NO" is lost, nearly gone and it took peace and joy along with it.

I am as poor as a church mouse and that broke that ugly cycle of feeling that I HAD to buy gifts and go all out every year. But yanno what? Now me 'n that lil church mouse sits back and eats our cheese and we're dang happy to have it! We have a few decorations to sprinkle around, Merry Christmas music and all the comforts we need and we remember those who are less fortunate and do what we can for others. Now THAT'S Christmas!

Ok...done ramblin'.

Ya'll have a good weekend. Be safe in your travels, be happy 'n keep smilin'...


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Nov 29 @ 10:17AM  
Softie, You are so right almost everyone has forgone the real meaning in Christmas! To even her about the birth of Jesus you just about have to go to church! I think it's sad if you ask kids at least 1/2 of them say it's a time to get presents and for Santa Claus to bring presents!
I understand your being over the rat race and the commercialism of such a important day!
Love ya Gal and I read ever story Poem are bitch you write!

Nov 29 @ 11:04AM  
I had a quiet Thanksgiving dinner with my Dad and my sister. The other sister lives 55 miles away, and with the gas prices, she and her family had their Thanksgiving dinner at home and will come down to Dad's for Christmas.

Christmas, that was always Mom's holiday. She loved it. She loved the decorating, the only part of the decorating Dad would do is whatever Mom couldn't reach, and putting the tree up. I can remember when Dad used to go and get real trees, He would let my sister and I pick out a tree. And we would "help" him get it in the house. I remember holding the tree stand for him while he put the tree on it, and then we all backed off and let Mom work her magic on it. And when she was done, Dad would put the Angel on the top of the tree. My sisters and I would always write out lists of toys (albums/tapes when we hit our teens) that we wanted, and out of the gifts we would open Christmas morning, there would be one item from that list, and always "From Santa" written on it....and we eventually got to where we recognized Mom's handwriting on those.

Mine was not a family that went to church, although as a kid, I used to go to Sunday school at the church across the street from my parents house. One day I just didn't want to go, and asked Mom if I had to, and I remember her telling me it has always been my choice to go or not go. Christmas in my family wasn't about presents, it was about family and love. But yes, I have noticed all that you have written about here. And it's sad that people treat it as who can spend more. Not many out there remember what it's supposed to be. This year, for my family, it will be about remembering....a woman who loved her family and this holiday...who loved everything about it. We will be looking through pictures this year remembering Christmas's past. It will be done in her honor.

And that is what Christmas will be about for my family this year.

Nov 29 @ 6:22PM  
I roasted a small turkey yesterday and made my first ever attempt at stuffing (yankee). It came out pretty well!!! There wasn't much to it concerning festivities and I didn't do all of the trimmings as duster has never eaten much. But it added a nice aroma to the house and Mike, Harpo and I enjoyed it

Peace...that's all I want for Christmas. Peace for me. Peace for my loved ones. Peace for the world.

That is a wonderful perspective. I was very pleased that there was nothing majorly bad in the the news today. But this is going to be a rough holiday season for many people that I know. There have been many people I know or those close to people I know that have passed on

I am sure it is selfish but beyond the thoughts that you express, I wish for a smooth transition in my relocation to be with my family by choice.

Nov 30 @ 11:29AM  
Ah Wayne, already I'm counting the minutes 'til New Year's Day and all the hulabaloo is over. I had thought that at least T-giving was behind me but my daughter called yesterday and said my grandson is having a dinner today at their about short notice! I will go, albeit with mixed emotions. I look forward to seeing everyone yet it will be a noisy, rambunctious time with great grandkids 'n at least one big dog.

Thanks hun for the compliment. I try to post something in Creative Writings every day but don't always get it accomplished. I'm still hoping that after the first of the year when the weather is wintery and life slows down that maybe my desire to write will resurface. Luv u too #1 fan 'n friend.

Aw Sugar, my heart goes out to you. If you remember, my Mom died on the 9th of December and that Christmas was rough for us girls. Two of my sisters lost their husbands earlier in the summer so it was doubly hard for them. I've always gone to church since I was about 9 yrs. old. My family didn't go but I went with my best gf. I am a born again believer and my beliefs mean everything to me. I'm not one to get on a soapbox about it but neither am I bashful about my beliefs. I'm not 'religious'...religion with all its rules and do's 'n don'ts is not what God is all about. God is all about relationship.

Anyway, you'll be in my heart throughout this season. As a loving family, you'll all get through this together...your strenghth will be in the love you share.

Bruce, I thought of you on thanksgiving day. I knew you'd wanna kick my butt for how my day went and being such a wimp. Oh well, I got through it and it will not be like that next year! I do hope you can get moved well before Christmas so you can finally settle into the life that you want, with friends and maybe even your own place by then.

Now I gotta run a granddaughter to pick up and take with me today. Catch ya'll later.........

Dec 1 @ 3:34AM  
Thanksgiving went well here, My youngest son made it home for the Thanksgiving holiday but is wondering if he can make it home for Christmas, He works near Raleigh and only comes home on whatever weekends he has off, I now have three Christmas trees in my living and dining rooms instead of just the one I put up, Christina and Elaina went into the laundry room and found every Christmas decoration bought for the last seventy years in our family and put them up yesterday.Many of those decorations are older than me, Looks like a Christmas store exploded in my house and I love it, They thought grandma looked a little tired so they decided to "help" I did realize that when it comes to the holidays I am just like my grandmother, We went all out because there were always kids around, oh who were we trying to fool? We were the two biggest kids of all,

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season, And that you manage to get some you time in there as well,

Dec 1 @ 9:11AM  
Hi, THREE Christmas trees, huh! Yanno, as I drive around an see decorations, I kinda get excited about putting up decorations...then I come home. LOL I think I'd be more excited about it if I had kids 'n grandkids close by that dropped in throughout the holidays but most years, they never see what I put up for Christmas...sorta takes the fun out of it.

I was surprised that I had a really good time yesterday. I hadn't seen my great grandsons for months 'n months. The 3 yr. old had really changed...what a handsome lil boy he is! He finally warmed up to great grandma and it gave me such warm fuzzies.

We're having Christmas at my oldest daughters grandson who's in the Navy will be coming home! The whole crew will be spending the night at my daughters and yanno what? I think I will too!

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