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Bend Over And Give Thanks To The White House Resident...

posted 11/6/2013 9:31:41 AM |
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Start checking all your receipts and see how many have this extra tax on them. Should be interesting.

Medical Excise Tax on Retail Receipts

This is from a sales receipt from Cabela's, a popular sporting goods store.

The 2.3% Medical Excise Tax that began on January 1st is supposed to be "hidden" from the consumer, but it's been brought to the public's attention by hunting and fishing store Cabela's who have refused to hide it and are showing it as a separate line item tax on their receipts, the email states.

I did some research and found directly from the IRS's website information that PROVES this to be true and an accurate portrayal of something hidden in Obamacare that I was not aware of! Now being skeptical of this I went to the IRS website and found this!

Q1. What is the medical device excise tax? A1. Section 4191 of the Internal Revenue Code imposes an excise tax on the sale of certain medical devices by the manufacturer or importer of the device.

Q2. When does the tax go into effect? A2. The tax applies to sales of taxable medical devices after Dec. 31, 2012.

Q3. How much is the tax? A3. The tax is 2.3 percent of the sale price of the taxable medical device. See Chapter 5 of IRS Publication 510, Excise Taxes, and Notice 2012-77 for additional information on the determination of sale price.

Chapter Five

So being more curious I clicked on "Chapter 5 Of IRS Publication 510."

And what do I find under "MEDICAL DEVICES" under"MANUFACTURERS TAXES"?

The following discussion of manufacturers taxes

Applies to the tax on:

Sport fishing equipment;

Fishing rods and fishing poles;

Electric outboard motors;

Fishing tackle boxes;

Bows, quivers, broadheads, and points;

Arrow shafts;


Taxable tires;

Gas guzzler automobiles;


Vaccines. I think we have definitely been fooled, if we believe that the Affordable Care Act is all about health care.

It truly does appear to be nothing more than a bill laden with a whole lot of taxes that we the people
have yet to be made aware of.

.Where is our press ? I guess it's just like Nancy Pelosi said...We have to pass it to see what is in it. What is next?


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Nov 6 @ 10:09AM  
Many of us knew these provisions were in the bill and there are more to come. Even the mainstream media is beginning to acknowledge that the finances of the ACA don't work without new taxes. As more information comes out, the more obvious will be the agenda behind the Act. Supporters of this legislation deserve everything they get. Especially those that didn't think THEIR ox would be gored.

Nov 6 @ 5:57PM  
Today the resident held a secret meeting with 15 Senate Democrats up for re-election over obamacare. Seems they would like the fool to back off and delay the implementation of the law. Obviously this 'lame duck' is just starting to see the handwriting on the wall and the stonewalling tactics are failing on this one. Jay Carney has been reduced to a babbling idiot at the daily news conferences dodging all the questions. This 'lame duck' has lost all credibility not only with his party but even from the mainstream media. Sebelius doesn't know where to turn as oslama has hung her out to dry. Resign, never happen. That would be admitting his incompetence. oslama will continue to do what he does best which is politics. He's a great Chicago salesman, but along with that dubious title comes the detritus of his ends always justifying his means.

On another option:
"FIXES"------Let's take a quick example and I'll make it short and simple considering the audience.

Everyone can agree "Windows 8" is a large operating system. It takes over 30 million codes written into the system for it to operate. Health will require over 100 million codes to operate effectively. Fix it.....hello November 30, the day oslamas foot goes back into his mouth again. PERIOD. The only FIX we need is coming and the cattle unfortunately will be our children.

oslama is a prime example of the "Peter Principle". And this Pied Piper is leading more than the children to their deaths. He's after the ruin of the whole town..........America.


Nov 8 @ 10:48PM  
You're right on the point with this blog Lady. ACA is nothing more then a tax. Probably the only transparent policy that the fool has disclosed for those of us who are more enlightened. The tit suckers....clueless. oslama wants more taxes, money he doesn't have. And where will he get it? Well we all know the arrow is aimed at the wealthy for his grand scheme of redistributing wealth. Unfortunately the boob failed to realize that the standards for the plan would affect the poor and the middle class more so than the wealthy. The establishment is our side......the liberals are just not going to win. Just a matter of time, which we can afford......the poor and middle class can't. We lose......PERIOD!

Nov 10 @ 8:16PM  
Hey horselessman and johnsmith i really appreciate your taking the time to comment, thank you so much.

Nov 11 @ 3:02AM  
LRR, thank you for providing intelligent topics that are thought provoking. When you have nothing meaningful to talk about you babble incessantly about the weather..nothing that requires original thought.....or you copy an innocuous link of drivel from the National Enquirer and post that. They're like ostriches that occasionally pull their heads out of the sand just long enough to briefly glimpse their small world. And for that brief moment they feel enlightened and their heads go back in the sand to ponder their mediocrity. More's the pity.

Nov 12 @ 8:33AM  
Quit blaming Obama and start placing the blame on CONGRESS where it belongs.
I stand firm in my conviction that we need to fire them all, and replace them with new and fresh thinkers.
So, stand with me and VOTE ANTI_INCUMBENT!!!!! When these idiots realize their jobs and benefits are on the line with every vote they cast, you will see meaningful changes throughout the government. JMHO

Nov 14 @ 5:41PM  
Say goodbye to Hollywood. Today the resident list-fully waded his way through the morass of his legacy. Today his army staged their Mutiny. Today marked the end of a man never up to the task, but so obsessed that he was willing to take a Country down with himself. BarrackObamaCare began it's slow death wail and a midst the keening of the once faithful, they prepare for the real fight in 2014.

Nov 15 @ 6:26PM  
Have I ever mentioned before on here that Obama sucks? lol

Of course I have, a number of times. Hopefully some people have finally snapped out of it and see this current idiot President for what he really is.

Nov 20 @ 3:08AM  

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Bend Over And Give Thanks To The White House Resident...