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posted 10/30/2013 2:32:23 PM |
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What is it with men 'n trees??? Give 'em a chainsaw and no tree is safe!

Actually, it's the electric company. No more trimming tree limbs away from the wires, just obliterate it, chop it down and grind it up. It makes me sick!

But then again, if landowners would get their trees trimmed then they wouldn't get cut down.

As I sit here, I watch a beautiful maple tree being destroyed. It was perfectly shaped and full and it will soon be gone. Now the sun can beat unmercifully on the north end of my home. There is a huge tree right behind me in my neighbor's yard that gives my home the most shade. They're trying to find who owns it so it can be cut down, too. Only a few branches are in the lines and I can only hope the landowner will pay to have those trimmed instead of giving the ok to destroy the whole tree.

Trees also afford some feeling of privacy but we all know in this day and age that privacy is becoming obsolete in about everything. We're all at the mercy of big companies (and government) who runs the show anymore and the little people have no say in anything.

'Nough said. I'm pissed and it's just wasted energy...sigh...

So anyways...I've been working like a mad woman on that Halloween story. I'm over halfways done. I'm quitting for awhile because if they fell a limb and rip out the electric lines then Zelda is gone and maybe my work, too. Besides, I have some chores in the garage to do before the rain starts...suppose to get 1-3 inches tonight and tomorrow.

I may start posting chapters tonight. It'd be fun to be able to post the last chapter Halloween night. I'll see what I can do....



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Oct 30 @ 3:00PM  
Our utility company up here contracts with a tree removal company and they don't take trees down..but they will trim away branches from lines. This summer, I got a notice from them about my two Blue Spruces, which, I knew was coming. Actually I'm surprised it took them close to 10 years because these two trees have been in the power lines since I've been here. The guy from the tree removal, I talked with him yesterday and he says they will be "topped off". Sure, they will look odd for a while till I get used to it, but, it's better safe than sorry.

As to your story......looking forward to reading it when you're ready to start posting it.

Till then...I've got some things I've gotta get done around here too.

Oct 30 @ 4:51PM  
The latest menace in these parts is the Emerald Ash Borer. To attempt to head off these
pests, an attempt is being made to rid the area of the trees which are favored by these
insects, and to replace them with trees on which they do not feed. I don't know if it's only
ash species or other similar species on which the Emerald Ash Borer feeds, but that's the
reason they're going around removing otherwise harmless trees in my area (I believe you're
within 100 miles or so of my area; I wouldn't doubt that that's why you see your trees being
systematically removed).

Just a thought...

Oct 30 @ 5:03PM  
For years AEP just cut branches away from lines but then they got tired of hiring it done because people wouldn't pay to get it done themselves so the policy now is...either hire someone to trim your trees out of the lines or we'll cut 'em down!

xquseme...we have the emerald ash bug here too and they are cutting those trees down and I understand that. But to cut a perfectly good tree down because no one wants to pay to have it trimmed back is sad...just fuckin' sad! JMHO

Oct 30 @ 11:04PM  
They should just trim them and send the owner the bill along with a hefty fine, I am betting people would keep them out of the power lines then. Better yet they would save a lot of money in the long run if they would just bury the lines underground and there would be less outages in storms as well.

Oct 31 @ 6:14AM  
Poor know you are upset, but consider this...trimming trees is an ongoing process, whereas removal is a one time expense. And as we all know all costs incurred by Utilities are passed along ( with a mark-up, of course) to us consumers. I personally keep my trees trimmed around power lines, simply as a precaution against power outages during storms. One tree limb shorting out a power line can cost the Utility Company as much as $20,000.00 to repair.

I know it is easy to get angry with big companies, but you should be angry with the property owners.


Oct 31 @ 9:06AM  
Just may be that Suzie can't afford to pay the cost of the trimming!

Oct 31 @ 9:34AM  
Usually the policy is controlled by the city. When I lived in Irving the utility company could not take out an entire tree without permission from the property owner. But as a renter you have no say in the matter.

Oct 31 @ 12:37PM  
RJ you have the right idea!!! That should change a few things and save a lot of trees.

Straight...I understand the cost to the utility companies and that it gets passed on to the consumer. But I also think in some cases, a few branches in the lines, it wouldn't kill them to cut them out instead of destroying a huge old tree. And yes, it is the homeowners responsibility so I'm mad at them, too!

Hog...Susie does keep her trees trimmed out of the power lines on all her properties. But she is allowing them to cut down old trees that are dying anyway or otherwise a threat to her property. She owns 5 properties outright, drives a Lexus, owns 2 other vehicles...can't afford? Need I say more....?, the rules are set by the electric company but you're right...they can't cut down a tree without the owners consent although if I'm not mistaken, if the tree is a real threat or has caused past problems, they can cut it down anyway...I think, not real sure of that... Yeah, a renter has no say in it.

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