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Sunday playin' hookey day...

posted 10/27/2013 10:51:30 AM |
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but it's a work my ass off day, too...sigh...

Today, I put the brakes on! Yanno, I've been pretty good at keepin' up with Susie. It's been a fun summer for the most part. As it waned down, I began to look forward to the nearly constant activities to be over. Ya don't have to tell me that I don't have to do anymore than I want to do. Wist it was that easy! I do suspect I'm sort of a wimp in the area of saying "NO!". But it's kinda like it's six of one and half a dozen of the's not that I DON'T want to go places, but here's the problem...

I've been lenient about all the activities all summer and that's been ok with me. Then it gets into late September, then into October and I begin to get the mindset that things should be slowing down. I try to write down on my desk calendar what's going on but it's the inbetween things that crop up that throws a wrench in the works. I look at my calendar and see...Tues. laser surgery; Thurs. eye doctor; Friday, big town cleanup day; Saturday, clothes to the homeless...and I think, "Ok, I can handle that."

Then I continue into Sunday...birthday lunch for Susie's mom. Monday, lunch with my sisters AND Susie wants to go to the Halloween parade over to my old stomping grounds, Tues. laser surgery; Thurs. eye doctor...and all the days inbetween these things, Susie can usually come up with something.

Meantime, my house falls in disarray, my laundry piles up, I'm getting behind on my story and think now it may not be done before Halloween (and that irks me!).

I looked at my November calendar the other day...blissfully EMPTY! Now I have to go on the second for a meeting to organize what we call our 'cousin's get-together'. Then on the eighth, I have to see a heart doctor. If I factor in the things that Susie will come up with, just never ends!

So....I'm going to end it. I was cooperative, flexible and compromising all summer and into early it's coming to a screeching halt! It will take me all day today to get my house back in order and do my laundry because I ain't in no big hurry...I'm not going anywhere today...period! I finally gave myself a haircut this morning...what a job that is but as long as I can do it myself, I'm not runnin' to my beautician to do it. Laundry is started and now I'm takin' a break!

The frost finally did my flowers in so I'm thinking this afternoon I might be able to tear them out before the rain starts next week. Methinks I decorated too early for fall 'n Halloween but actually, I didn't start it until kinda late in Sept. and Halloween after the first of Oct. but for whatever reason, I'm sick of it all. There isn't much but most of it is gettin' packed away this afternoon!

It's funny how, when I begin to feel crowded with too many activities and life gets too hectic then I not only wanna slow everything down but I get this insane urge to thin out everything around my house. When life feels like it's just too frikkin' much then that feeling spills over into my house to some of the pretty things I have setting around. I look at it all and it's just TOO MUCH! So, today, there will be a thinning out...yep!

I sure wish I could still post pix on here. I've had some slide pictures from way back when and I finally got them put onto a CD. Oh how I've enjoyed looking at them. This was a project that we (sisters) started several years ago. We did get 2 CDs done of pix that we all wanted then each of us had slides that were just each of our families. I kept forgetting about mine until the other day. I was gleefully pleased that I finally got THAT project marked off my ta do list!

Ok...I've goofed off enough now...gotta get to work.

Ya'll have a good Sunday. Be safe, be happy 'n keep smilin'....


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Oct 27 @ 12:32PM  
Ya know, I've had those days I don't want to do anything, and I've turned off my phone so no one can call. and with just the cell phone, I can turn the ringer off and not be bothered.

Yep, there are days one wants to take for just them self.

Oct 27 @ 4:06PM  
Softie I just made a new batch of "Applepie Moonshine" so a little later I may just join you in the nothing evening and it may carry over into tomorrow!

Oct 27 @ 11:14PM  
I hear you, With working 2 jobs I can't wait for a day off for just me. My house is in dire need of cleaning the car too BUT tomorrow I gotta take the car in the shop then Tuesday I have an hour meeting at job 2 (which means 2 hrs with drive time) so my days are already shot all to hell. Oh well hopefully it will slow down soon.

Oct 28 @ 8:58AM  
Uh...yesterday was a day off from runnin' was good to stay home but I worked from morning ta night cleaning up this house! I mean, I tore things apart 'n dusted like a mad woman and I hate dusting...obviously as the dust was alot worse than I thought.

I was so behind on my laundry that it took 'til 2:30 in the afternoon before it was done. Then I decided to get rid of alot of knick knacks (maybe dusting had something to do with that??? lol) So while I was at it, I decided to just pack away all my fall 'n Halloween stuff, too.

I didn't quite get finished yesterday. There's one more thing to dust and then there's Zelda's room. Here I sit amidst the mess but it won't take long to straighten it out. It's mostly just stuff I've ran in 'n dumped off to deal with later so I guess it's later now.

I am having lunch with my sisters today. It's kind of a happy/sad occasion. My one sister spends most of her time in Florida now but came home for a couple of weeks and will be leaving again Saturday. She has known the sad news for a few weeks now and then on my birthday, I found it out, other sister, Yvonne, has parkinsons. We're getting together to, well, just be together and to show support for Yvonne

This evening is the Halloween parade...guaranteed to freeze my butt off for that but I haven't watched it for years and it is an awesome parade. They've been holding a parade for over 100 years (that blows my mind!) and the kids love it..and I love the high school bands.

Tomorrow I get that other eye surgery...yea! I am in awe at how well I can see with the eye I had done last week so I'm excited about getting this one done.

So anyway, I guess it'll be Wednesday before I actually have a day off and a day for myself to just relax and enjoy.

I will post that Halloween story when it's done even if it's after Halloween!!!! Gotta run now...later.........Softie

Oct 28 @ 12:43PM  
There is very little that I ave to do

Oct 28 @ 2:40PM  

Oct 28 @ 9:30PM  
Life of Riley, huh Yanno, everytime I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, the tunnel just gets longer....grrrrrrrrrrrrr! I see the heart doctor Nov. 8 and I hope I get a good report. I'm so sick of doctors 'n appts. If all goes well there then I haven't a thing on my schedule all of November....I sure as hell can handle that!

Aw's just grand, huh? But it's better than the alternative! I know you're busy, too. We'll have to talk on the phone one of these days so I can catch up on what's going on with you. I'll let ya know when things slow down here, k?

I just got home from the Halloween lasted an hour and a half...!! But it was fun and we didn't get too cold but we were glad to get back to the car and some HEAT! I already have my electric blanket warming up! I think I'll tuck myself in early tonight 'n read awhile.

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Sunday playin' hookey day...