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The Federal Government

posted 10/25/2013 1:37:13 PM |
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We have all heard by now the fiasco with the ACA website. I was curious, tried to get into it to see what it has to offer.......couldn't get far enough to even create a profile page. I created an account, got it verified, and the page that is supposed to be a profile page is just a blank page. Good thing because after hearing all of the failures of this site so far........I don't have my personal information out there for the Government to see.

Wait a how naive is that last statement?

.I don't have my personal information out there for the Government to see.

Let me point out a few things:

IRS...Government agency.....has your name, address, date of birth, phone number, ssn, and address of where you work and have worked.

Banks/Credit Unions......maybe not a government entity, but they have all of the above information also.

Workplace....yep, they have it all too.

Ever signed up for help from the state? Like food stamps or maybe had a shut off notice from the utility company and went to the DHS office for help? Yep, another government agency that again has your personal info.

People, the "Obamacare" website isn't going to give to the Federal Government what they already have. If you work or have worked, the IRS already has all that important information on you. This website isn't giving them anything new.

With that said, after hearing of all of the glitches..........I'm so glad I never got to put in any information because I'm sure those hackers are having a field day with those unfortunate ones who did get through. I have also heard from those who have been able to get through and "shop around" for the so called "affordable" insurance.......a friend of mine at work, he is 25, and the lowest he was able to find for himself was $225. He cannot afford another monthly bill like that. So where is the "affordable" at? Yes, he looked into the subsidies, and the tax credits. That's how he got it down to the $225. Seriously?

Now, looking at me one damn good reason why I should sign up. Because as it stands right now..........if I were to sign up, and that was the lowest I could get....I might as well kiss my house good bye. No, wait, I won't do that. I'll pay the $95 fine when I file my 2014 taxes....and hope the idiots in DC find a way to truly make this affordable, otherwise, when I file my 2015 taxes, they're going to be fining me whatever the hell the percentage is then.

Maybe it will be different in a couple of months, maybe it will be tweaked by next year to really be affordable, but until then, I can't afford it. Unless I can qualify for the Medicaid expansion the Governor fought for and won here, but that doesn't go into affect until 2014. Guess I'll wait till then.

So far, my opinion on the ACA isn't very good. And this isn't coming from watching the news.........this is coming from hearing from those around me who managed to see what they qualify for....and they didn't do so through the website...they went to help centers.

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Oct 25 @ 3:47PM  
Thanks for sharing the facts Sugar. Health young people who have never had to pay for health insurance before are in for a surprise. And their participation (and their fines/taxes if they don't participate) is critical to the financial health of the plan. No wonder the IRS (the enforcers under the plan) is arming their investigators and buying lots of ammo to train them. There are going to be a lot of angry people when those fines/taxes go into effect.

Oct 25 @ 4:20PM  
What may best for people in this SNAFU is to go directly to your home state's ACA site The gate on the gateway is obviously broken

Oct 25 @ 4:39PM  
Am I the only person that has not had problems with this site? I am signed up and have been getting e-mails almost every day from them, Which is ironic since NC turned down the ACA. Which means I am pretty much back where I started from, That is ok we have til 2016 to get this state on board and I have a feeling the Tea Party is on their way out the door in this state in 2014. No one is happy with anything they have done except for the few millionaires in NC and there is not enough of them to keep these people in power, As far as the government having data on you they have been keeping that on file since the day you were born, All countries have that information on their citizens,

Oct 25 @ 4:44PM  
As far as the government having data on you they have been keeping that on file since the day you were born


Oct 25 @ 5:09PM  
I forgot to state in the blog that Michigan is one of the states that opted to have it's market place through the Federal website, the one with all of the glitches. Sorry about that.

Yes, there are other options: phone, help centers, even snail mail.

I'm just going to wait till after the new year up here, see if the glitches get worked out, and then go from there.

Again......for those who are under the impression that my putting your info in for the ACA and the Federal Government using it to "spy on you"...........As RJ pointed out..........they've had that info on you since the day you were's called a Social Security Number (SSN). And, might I add, W-2 forms. They already have that info, and have had it for a LONG time.........

Oct 26 @ 11:29PM  
The difference today is that when the federal government began collecting data on individuals (social security, IRS, etc.) there was no internet. And agencies did not share information, providing a level of privacy not possible today. While the pooling of information is great for the war on terror, it is tempting for anyone with access (legal or illegal) to use, share and abuse that info. A problem that was not an issue years ago when the govt. accumulation of data was compartmentalized, now is a major privacy issue, Because the two edged sword that is technology, is easy to abuse, especially when the hackers know more than the designer/writers of the software.

Oct 27 @ 11:30AM  
As far as the website glitches go, I don't know of a site online that doesn't have some problems. So I'm sure it will get worked out. Eventually.... does the government ever do anything fast??? Just remember, there are other ways to sign up. You can call and speak to a live person. Which is my personal fav, but many insurance companies have begun offering plans on their websites too. Kinda skip the middle man of the exchange.

Why should you sign up for insurance??? We are all, unless you are independently wealthy, just one fairly significant injury or illness away from financial ruin. Not to mention, the law adds several screenings that increase the odds of catching a bad illness early. Initial mammograms, pap smears, preventative vaccinations, etc are all paid for in full. Every plan is required to cover it. Not to mention, as a woman, insurance companies will no longer be able to charge us more than men for coverage.

yeah... I'm a fan of the plan. Not all of it. But as a health care worker, I'm glad people will be getting the coverage they need. I see the results of not having insurance.

Oct 28 @ 7:27PM  
So where is the "affordable" at? Yes, he looked into the subsidies, and the tax credits. That's how he got it down to the $225. Seriously?

Well, I get my health insurance through work. It costs my employer about $850 per month to insure me and my son. Today I pay $125 per pay period, or $250 month, as my share of that cost. And for years before ObamaCare, that cost has been going up every year.

So I get a $600 employer subsidy, but I still pay $250 per month. And those who make far less than me have to pay that too.

So you can complain about $225 being unaffordable, but many of us who get it through our employers already pay something like that for our coverage and have for years. So yeah, that's money we don't get to use to pay our other bills, but most of us are damned glad to have it.

Folks, health insurance is expensive because health care is expensive. But I guarantee you, if you decide to go without and you get sick, you'll wish you had found a way to pay $225 per month.

Yeah, you'll find a hospital that will reluctantly and grudgingly treat you if you get cancer or get hurt badly in a car wreck. But when it's all over, they'll hand you a bill for hundreds of thousands of dollars and you'll have to declare bankruptcy.

Medical bankruptcy, by the way, is the most common reason for bankruptcy in America.

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