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Just a chilly Friday morning blog

posted 10/18/2013 9:41:00 AM |
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Good morning peeps! Well TGIF to all of you.

Yanno, I've discovered another word I've come to think of as a 'four letter word'...busy! Man I'm so tired of telling ya'll that I've been so BUSY. I think about Sammy 'n Dayna and the others that you don't see here anymore and I now think...BUSY. There IS a life after AMD...LOL.

It's amazing, really...back when we all were bloggin' like'd we do it??? How'd we find time? Were we not busy back then?

Maybe we thought/felt bloggin' was high on our priority list so we just made time for it. Or maybe we neglected other chores so we could blog. Or maybe we were just feeding our habit...I dunno.

I do know, for me, the less I blog, the less important it is. The more I got away from it, the more I found other things to do that took up my time. I get a liitle frustrated because I keep telling myself (and you) that once I get this done or that done then I will have lots of time to blog. But there's always something that keeps me busy!

And truthfully? There are times when I have the time to blog but yanno what? It just isn't high on my priority list anymore. I opt for watching tv or reading a book. When the weather was nice, I opted for being outside whether I had anything to do out there or not....besides sitting in a chair watching the world go by. So maybe that's where all the old bloggers where, they just opted to do other things as bloggin' fell off their priority list.

In a month, it will be 3 years since I moved here. I've come a long ways since then. I've changed considerably. I thought I was in pretty good shape when I moved here only to find I still had a long way to go. It seems surreal what I've gone through as I look back on it...which I don't do much anymore...but so much good came out of the hell I went through. It's amazing how much in our lives just doesn't matter. All the things that I got so bent outta shape the end, they just didn't matter.

For me, I think the biggest change was to learn to just relax. I've spent this summer doing a lot of running with Susie and I learned to relax, enjoy the summer season and whatever work needed done would get done when I got to it...just enjoy summer. For the most part, I've always been totally on a different life schedule than most people...up late, sleep in. That is so opposite of Susie. By the time I would be up and lucid, she would have her work done and ready to go. She doesn't sleep good and would be up sometimes by 4 or 5 a.m. and I'd just get to sleeping good by then!

Then recently, I've seen another change in me that I thought I'd never see...getting up earlier. I've always sworn that my 'inner clock' made me a night person, it's just who I was. Now I suspect that somewhere way back when that I took to being a night person because it was a way of hiding from the world as no one bothers you at night. I'll never be a 4 or 5 a.m. person but 6 or 7 ain't too bad! Now, at night, I can barely make it past the eleven o'clock news.

The downside to the past 3 years is, I've lost some interest in writing and lost some ability to write. I've promised a Halloween story and I'm on my third try at it and it's tough going. I think this third one may be the one but now I'm making no promises...I may have one for you, I may not. Right now life is still pretty busy. I have eye surgery next week and again the week after. I still have some work putting things to bed for the winter. It will take winter weather for me to see if I can revive my writing and to see if it still is important to me or not. They say some things are just for a season and maybe my season of writing has come to an end.

So anyway, now on the lighter side...

Sugar, I'm sure you already read about this on my facebook. For the rest of you, how does one get rid of a 'possum? Well, let me tell ya...a 100,000 volt stun gun doesn't seem to faze one...big laughing face here!

I have this outside cat that showed up and adopted me. She is declawed so I do worry a little about her. I acquired an insulated cat box for her that I keep on my porch just outside my front door and I use a small plastic patio table to set at the opening on this box as protection from the rain. I knew something was getting into her dry food but suspected a raccoon. Then one night Susie and I took a smoke break from working a puzzle and when I opened the front door, there sat my cat on the doormat and about a foot away stood this ugly 'possum! I was scared for my cat but...since then I'm convinced they are friends!

Anyway, out the door I went with all intents to kick it but it got under the lawnchair and took a four foot leap off the porch. My stupid cat took the steps and followed it like she was concerned if it was alright. (but what I really think is, she somehow knows she doesn't have claws to defend herself so she stays lowkeyed with it and I think they have sorta established a truce between them.)

Continued in comments...

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Oct 18 @ 9:41AM  
Anyway, the other night, I shut the cat in the garage for the night. A little background here...we've had a couple of incidents in the neighborhood and after going to bed, I was hearing some noises so I got up, picked up my stun gun and went looking out windows. Not seeing anything, I went to the front door to have a smoke...settle my nerves...and that frikkin' 'possum was laying under that patio table like he belonged there!

He turned and went inside that cat box. Well, it has a lid on it so I took the lid off and he just looked up and hissed at me like I was the interloper...I was pissed! I picked up this heavy wooden flowerpot...dirt, flowers 'n all, and hurled it at him hitting him hard...but he never budged so now his ass is stickin' out from under this flowerpot. Well............

I still had that stun gun in my hand and I thought, "Why not?" So I gingerly reached down and put it against his rump and pressed the trigger. It zapped and WTF??? He just barely twitched! I was totally...confused. I expected him to go into spasms...or at least run like hell. So I did it again, pressed harder and hit the trigger. This time he ran out the hole, across the porch and down the I picked up that table, hurled it at him and I didn't miss either! So far, he hasn't come If he does, I'll call animal control and they can live trap him and get rid of him for me. I can do without the excitement, thank you!

So why didn't that stun gun work? Shrugs. I'm thinking because their skin is tough and their hair thick and wirey and it just didn't penetrate. But I tell ya...I've lost a fair amount of confidence that it holds great protection for me if ever needed against an intruder.

Well enough for now. The sun is out, I need to hang clothes on the line and get my housework done because this will be our last fairly warm day...low 60's...for at least a week and I want to put some finishing touches on gettin' the garage ready for winter before it gets cold. We could still have an indian summer yet but I'm not gonna count on it.

Ya'll have a wonderful weekend! Be safe, be happy 'n keep smilin'....


Oct 18 @ 3:07PM  
Funny story, kudo for you

On the blogging I think that we had a lot more time and very little money among other things. Since I've gotten some disposable income I can open up in the real world. I've magically began meeting women and they have more disposable income than I do... works for me

Oct 18 @ 11:56PM's been 3 years since you've moved there? Doesn't seem like it. Time flies.

Blogging? I know via face book that Sammy and Dayna have been busy with their lives. And I agree with ya Softie, "busy is a four lettered word".

Speaking for my self, as to's not a priority friends I've been hanging out with, meeting for lunch/dinner, or we maybe catch a movie or something. I pop in here to see what's going on...check email. Say hi to friends who happen to be here also.

Halloween story................if you can get one written, great...if not....that's fine too.

Yes, I know about the possum story....had a chuckle when I read about it on face book. First of all....they LOVE cat food. As long as you have that outdoor cat, that possum isn't going anywhere. Best thing is pest control. They will trap it and release it miles away.

Now you just make sure to take good care of yourself after that eye surgery.

Oct 19 @ 11:33AM  
Well I don't know about possums but a little ammonia is a squirt gun sprayed into the eyes of motorcycle chasing dogs seems to stop them in just one easy lesson! Wasp and hornet spray will stop a intruder better than a stun gun and will reach out 20 feet so you don't even have to let them close! It works better than mace and is cheaper too!
You will write again and I will be waiting to read it as you know~

Oct 19 @ 12:16PM  
Aw I'm glad you enjoyed my 'possum story Bruce 'n thanks for the kudo! He hasn't come back that I know of...maybe he crawled under the neighbor's trailer and dropped dead of a heart attack...LOL.

I'm so glad life has become more lucrative and exciting for you...been a long time coming and well deserved. Yanno, I've wondered sometimes what life would be like for me if I was still in the 'dating scene'. When I try to imagine it, I just find no interest. Too much work. As for sex? I guess I just had too many bad or failed experiences. The allure to pursue is gone. I don't miss it at all. Nor do I miss dating...again, too much work.

Yeah Sugar....3 years come Nov. 16th. I don't look back anymore to all the crap that went down for a big share of those seems like it was another lifetime and I guess maybe it was. Who I was then and who I am now are worlds apart. For the first time in my whole life, I feel, well...whole! A person in my own right and confident of who I am and what I'm about and could care less what others think I should be. I call that HEALTHY!

As for the Halloween story...I have some good news...I am finally caught up on everything!!! I pushed yesterday and finished my garage and yard (until a hard freeze destroys my flowerbed) and my housework is caught up so today I have all the time in the world to work on that story. I won't get it done today...I don't think but now I have more free time to work on it without distraction.

And I will take care of my eyes...this should be minor surgery, laser surgery and I can't wait to get the blurriness cleared up!

Hellooooo Mr Hog...where have you been??? Been pretty quiet from your camp lately. Yanno, I knew about the hornet spray but had forgotten about it. I've got some and I need to bring it in the house in case that 'possum shows up again...or a two-legged Methinks that stun gun leaves a lot to be desired! Ammonia works but I think hornet spray would even be better yet.

As I told Sugar...I've finally cleared the time to write so hopefully in a few days, I can begin posting that story. And thanks Hun for your vote of confidence and support...HUGS!

Oct 20 @ 7:47PM  
Thanks for the laugh, Softy! lol

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Just a chilly Friday morning blog