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Women aren't living as long as their mothers

posted 10/9/2013 1:20:41 PM |
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Although American medical advances have been dramatic in recent years, at least some American women don't seem to be reaping the benefits. Recent studies show that life expectancy rates for many women have declined in the last two decades and that a sizable number of them are expected to live shorter lives than their mothers.

In one study, released recently by the journal Health Affairs, researchers from the University of Wisconsin discovered declining life expectancy for women in about 43 percent of the nation's counties. That research found that women age 75 and younger are dying at higher rates than in previous years -- many of them located in rural areas and in the South and West. Life expectancy rates for men, however, have stayed about the same.

One of that study's co-authors, David Kindig, told The Atlantic he had been shocked by the findings.

“So we went back and did the numbers again, and it came back the same," he said. "It’s overwhelming.”

Another report also found that life expectancy for women had stagnated or declined in 45 percent of U.S. counties between 1985 and 2010.

In both cases, the researchers have been unable to fully explain their findings, although some experts point the finger at obesity and higher smoking rates in rural areas.

Kindig told The Atlantic the reasons could be "cultural, political, or environmental, but the truth is we don't really know the answer."

Women in the Southeast seemed to be impacted most in the studies, especially in the states of Kentucky, West Virginia, Arkansas and Tennessee.

There also appear to be widening gaps between life expectancy rates in different areas.

In Collier, Florida, women live 85.8 years on average, while in McDowell, West Virginia, they live to be only 74.1. That’s an 11.7-year gap compared with an 8.7-year gap in 1989. Men live an average of 81.6 years in Marin, California, but only 66.1 years in Quitman and Tunica, Mississippi.

In general, life expectancy at birth for the overall U.S. population was 78.7 years in 2011 -- unchanged from 2010. Across all races and ethnicities, life expectancy for women -- 81.1 -- exceeded that for men -- 76.3 -- by nearly five years.

Huffington post

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Oct 9 @ 9:23PM  
Thanks for posting this (slipping you a green cookie). I respect the Huffington Post It is one of the most credible online only sources. None the less, as former analyst I would love it if they posted links to the research reports so I could, well analyze them with regards to sample size, question design, demographics, databases, time frame, etc.

I don't doubt the rural part where health care delivery isn't as good and suspect that it is in more impoverished areas. This has nothing to do with politics, but there has been a major problem for a very long time in the delivery of quality health care in low income rural counties for decades. These areas simply can't afford the diagnostic technologies to provide an early diagnosis because there are fewer people who need them.

The cost of health care has consistently grown at a CAGR of over six percent annually since Clinton was in office. During that span over all inflation has been virtually nil.

For example, it is much more economically viable for a hospital to invest in MRI capabilities that will be used on 3,000 patients per year to spread the cost out through economy of scale (number of users) than it is for a rural area hospital using it for say 120 patients annually.

Circling back, the mystery remains. I would love to see where the spikes are in the cause of death comparatively speaking, I suspect cancer. These women's mothers also probably lived in the same rural area. Now, what is different?

Well, I will admit that I am talking out my ass on this as I have nothing to back me up. But what I see is different in rural America between the generations is the divorce rate and related lifestyle fluctuations.

Our bodies like consistencies, no starting/stopping. Mom and grandma got married and like it or lump it remained married. Their sex life, whatever it was or wasn't, remained consistent.Not so with their daughters.

I really think that birth control and a pattern of crash and burn relationships (abstinence today, fucking like bunnies tomorrow) is the root cause of this. It is the inconsistency in lifestyle and that there is not a gradual acceleration or slowing down in their love life. It is pedal to the metal or lock up the brakes. Our bodies don't like that

Oct 9 @ 11:07PM  
Another thing to consider: the stresses of life today will take it's toll on a body also. People, women especially, are under a lot of stress in today's world. In some cases, they are balancing work along with being a single parent. It's not like it was in the day when mom's could stay home and take care of the house and kids, now they are also holding jobs along with child rearing.

I'm just speculating on's not anything I have read anywhere. We live in a fast paced world now...seems no one knows what it's like to slow down and enjoy life anymore.

Oct 9 @ 11:47PM  
I also don't have any backup but first of all, I agree with Sugar.

But JMHO, although eating healthy is shoved in our faces every minute of the day, I still think Americans eat a poor diet. Women are either starving themselves to be stick thin (to please men which is so stupid or emulate a female idol that they want to look just like...also stupid)...or they eat junk food on the run just trying to keep up with living.

Being busy isn't exercise. Women run like crazy all day then crash 'n burn and eat whatever is handy...microwave or fast food.

I've heard that heart attacks kill more women than cancer (from health segments on the local news). Stress is a killer and the stress level for women today is tremendous. Add poor diet and lack of exercise and one is looking at the possibility of an early death.


Oct 9 @ 11:58PM  
More women live in poverty today at their mothers and are more apt to be working at jobs that do not offer benefits or get paid less than their male counterparts and cannot afford health insurance even if offered, That means they are less likely to seek treatment therefore shortening their life span, The poverty rate among women is especially high in the south and other rural areas, If you look at the states that have the highest mortality rate of women and children and the states that have the highest poverty rate of women and children you will find they are one and the same, They are also most times the states that do not offer medicaid based on income alone but have so many stipulations that many people who should qualify for it do not,

Oct 10 @ 12:22PM  
Good comments I'll buy into all of the above!

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Women aren't living as long as their mothers