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When life kicks your ass down, get back up and ride............

posted 10/5/2013 10:20:59 PM |
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Haven't been on here in quite some time, dust is finally settling some and thought I needed to update ya'll on some situations. Guess I'll start with the good news first ......the brother I posted the blog asking people to get tested for stem cell transplant.....they found him a donor match! He's in Nashville, VA hospital, he'll be there 3-4 months for the full procedures. A friend's ole lady is going to go with him as they won't let him have the procedure without a caregiver present. He's doing well with the first rounds of chemo, has his port in and will have the stem cell transplant in the coming weeks. Just matter of months and my "brother" will be completely cancer free! So thankful they found a match in time.

Now on to the bad dad, the first biker I ever knew, did not win his fight with cancer. He was diagnosed June 20, 2013 with colon and liver cancer, and by August 23, 2013 after only two rounds of chemo drip and two rounds of chemo pills, he quietly slipped away. I was holding his hand when he went and promised him that final ride. I am currently waiting on the stone from the Navy to place at the spot where he wanted his ashes. When it comes in and I get it all set up, we'll take that final ride together. Course there's the matter of fixing up my bike first because........

and the final bad news......September 5, 2013, I was riding two towns over to meet up with high school classmates, as we're all turning 50 this year, we decided to plan a "Big 5-0 Birthday Bash/Reunion". I got about halfway there when an idiot ran a stop sign and came flying out into the highway not 10 yards in front of me. I locked her down, swerved to the left, but car was coming, so I swerved back to the right and took to the ditch. Guess when I hit the ditch I slid off her to the left, wound up with my left leg pinned between the left rear wheel and a steel T post in a barbed wire fence. (Which btw you can bend a T post with a knee cap.......yeah I didn't know it was possible either) My left arm and head were tangled up in the wire as well. I got the bike shut off and kicked into neutral so I could shove it back enough to get my leg out, then I pulled myself out of the wire and managed to stand up, I proceeded to cuss that idiot and call him everything but a white man and child of God. First words out of his mouth of course was "I didn't see you"! Seriously?? Big girl on bright dayglow orange trike that's damn near as big as the pick up he was driving! After I told him exactly what was on my mind, the "witness" who "saw it all" told me there was no call for my of course I told her "fuck you too"! About that time the fire department arrived on scene, after checking out my leg, cutting my favorite jeans off of me, they decided I better be boarded and transported to the hospital. I'm freaking cos I don't want to leave my bike in the ditch/fence! Finally one of the guys on the FD that is a friend, told me he would have a local guy come haul my bike to his garage and lock her up for the night. By now my ole man has showed up and he's pissed cos the emts won't let him talk to me. The female hwy patrol trooper couldn't understand why I was so upset and insisting she get the asshole's information! She just kept asking me if I was wearing a helmet.......hell yeah I was, it's laying here in the ambulance some place with my leathers and bag off my bike, but get that assholes info before he leaves!! Long story short, I got transported, ole man and a brother's ole lady followed the ambulance to the hospital, I got all checked out and x-rayed. No broken bones, just lots of bruises and some damn deep cuts from the wire. I got out of the hospital about midnight, and drug my bloody bruised nearly naked ass to a Waffle House (the only thing open that time of night near the hospital) for some late and much needed dinner. Wound up back at docs office on Tuesday cos I couldn't move my left arm, a steroid shot took care of the internal swelling that was putting pressure on the nerves. My ole man was able to ride my bike home from the shop the day after the wreck. She sustained less damage than I did with just a broken windshield and some deep scratches on the handlebars and around my headlight. The pictures taken by a cop friend at the scene show just how lucky I was, cos I missed a railroad tie corner post by about 16"! I figure if I had hit head on into it, I wouldn't be here today to tell ya'll about this! On the bright side, the trooper did find the asshole at fault, cited him for failure to yield and I'm waiting on her report to file a claim on his insurance for all the money I'm out and the damage to my trike. Trooper did compliment me when I contacted her tho, said I was helluva rider or I would have hit him or done more damage to me and the bike! I laughed and told her it was my first wreck with me driving in 44 years of riding I'm figure doing pretty damn good! Took me a few days to be able to bend my knee enough to operate the clutch, but once the soreness and swelling was gone enough I could bend it, I took her out for a solo run. Felt damn good! A few days later and I took her on a run with my old man and some friends....I'm thinking she looks even better stripped down without the windshield!

All in all, been a helluva summer.

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Oct 5 @ 10:35PM  
Glad to hear you did not break any bones, People need to have more respect for bikes on the road, My dad was the first biker I ever knew as well, He had an old Indian that was his baby for a lot of years until after his heart attack when had to sell it to pay some bills, I am so sorry to hear of your dad's passing,

Oct 5 @ 10:42PM  
Thanks Rhonda. Yeah, he went quick, at least he didn't suffer long. He wanted to ride with me when I got the bike, but then he got so weak so suddenly, he just didn't have the strength to do it. I promised him I would take him on that last ride.

Oct 5 @ 10:48PM  
So sorry to hear about your Dad's passing! My condolences to you and your family. But, I'm so glad to see your friend found a donor!!!

I'm so glad your injuries weren't any worse...and they could have been! I've been in a couple of car accidents, and those are scary enough..I couldn't imagine being on a bike.


online now!
Oct 6 @ 8:56AM  
Congrats on the good news! Happy for you. Sorry about the bad news, but it sounds like you handled it pretty well. As my dad used to say when I got bucked off, "get back on".

I also heard a great quote recently, which I now use regularly; "Adversity doesn't build character, it reveals it".

Your challenges show what kind of person you are...kudos to you!

Oct 6 @ 9:24AM  
Good to see you Stormy I had been wondering about you over the last couple of years that I had been in MidMo.

I am sorry to hear most of that

But I was happy to see that you found a relationship that appears to be working after enduring a few that were extremely disappointing and painful in the end How long have you and your "ole man" been together?

So how is your son doing, is he still in the military? What are you doing for a living now?

I have to tell that I was laughing my ass off at all of the biker lingo in this post that I had never seen heretofore in any of your many posts over the years

Oct 6 @ 7:47PM  
Sugar....Thanks. I'm still healing. Have another appointment tomorrow after work with my chiro. Knocked my back out worse than I thought. Started having lots of pain in hip and then my left arm was going numb. Figured I had something pinched. Sure enough. But the bruises have all healed. I've got some really cool "battle scars" in my left arm pit and down my left arm from the barbed wire! (That stuff is NOT our friend!)

Manwithout........Yeah the good news is great! He's been there a couple weeks now, heavy duty chemo, and gets the stem cell transplant tomorrow! Then heavy duty doses of anti-rejection drugs. That's when he will most likely be the sickest. Just keep sending him warm thoughts and prayers that he gets through this with minimal sickness! The thought of being cancer free.......AMAZING!!

Bruce.....just cos I haven't rode much in the past few years, doesn't mean I forgot how! I rode motorcycles long before it was "cool" for women to ride their own! I rode behind my dad for years, and he bought me my first, a 125CC Honda when I was 6. From there I moved on to YZ180. I remember knowing only one other woman in Dallas that regularly rode her own back in '82! Back then I had a 78 Sportster 1200, and my first VW Trike, that I took the TX state championship for the highest degree of wheelie for the longest distance! She would do 154 in the quarter and I never had the guts to open her up all the way! When my ex and I decided to start a family, I sold off my Sportster, (the trike had been stolen several years earlier in Dallas) and I was somewhat content to ride "bitch" for the next 25 years. When my 'man' and I got together, he rides and while I was happy to be riding again, I missed having my own! When I hit 50 this year I bought myself a "to me, for me, from me" birthday gift of a 2009 VW Trike. 1600CC Dual Port engine, raked out front end, she is gorgeous! I've won a couple of shows with her this year and have had a blast! I ride her to work and every chance I get! So this "lingo" is nothing "new". It's just me being me again! Yes, he and I are still together. Was two years the end of August. Yes, my son is still in the military and my grand daughter is THE most beautiful little girl in the world! And in November she will become THE most beautiful big sister to THE most handsome little boy in the world! Yep, gonna be a granny again! I'm working as a City Clerk for a small mid MO town. The pay isn't nearly as good as what I was making and I keep hoping to get back on with the State. But if I don't I can still retire in 8 years, so I guess it's all good. Life is pretty good!

Oct 7 @ 9:05PM  
Oh wow - is it really you?!? I'm so sorry to hear about all the hits you've been taking in life, but I'm so very pleased to know you're still the fighter I knew years ago. Keep taking care!

Milfy (formerly Sxze)

Oct 7 @ 10:30PM  
Yeah it's me! Damn girl, I knew that chin/ hand pose looked familiar! Been a looong time! Hell yeah, gotta keep fighting to keep going! You're looking well!

Oct 7 @ 11:25PM  
Oh my, what a time you've had! My condolences hun...losing a parent is such a hard thing.

Can hardly believe you crashed your bike 'n came out as well as you did. I'm happy that it worked out so well and you 'n your bike are all in one piece.

It's good to see you here...really missed you and wondered how you were doing. Life is full of ups 'n downs and you're one tough lady! But we all knew that. Now take care of yourself, don't be a stranger here and may your future hold far more ups than downs.

((((HUGS))) for all you've been through!

Oct 8 @ 10:14PM  
Thanks B! I've thought of you often, I see updates now and then on FB, and I've popped in here and now and then, just to see who all was still hangin 'round. Good to see you! Always good to see a familiar face!

Oct 13 @ 7:27PM  
I don't get on this site much but saw your post. Glad hear about the donor for your brother and that you were not seriously hurt in the wreak, Sorry to hear about your dad. I remember other posts about him and he was a tough old bird. Sound like he was riding with you the day of the accident. Take care!

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When life kicks your ass down, get back up and ride............