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posted 9/21/2013 4:11:11 PM |
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I have this 'box' 'n it sits between my ears. I'm not sure how it got there, sorta snuck up on me, I guess. It dawned on me just now that anymore, I can't seem to think outside that box. 'N yanno what? That box is dull, dull, DULL...!!! Boring. Stuffy. Aged 'n dried....

Occasionally I miss my old hometown. Yeah, I got lonely sometimes but I think loneliness spawned creativeness. I had interesting adventures back then. I could turn almost any situation into an interesting blog. 'N yeah, the Eagles got to be old shit but occasionally it handed me good blog material and it usually came in the form of a beer bottle...or 2...or 5

I miss my old hometown. But I do like it here, too. Yet I miss having adventures. Garage sales 'n auctions aren't adventures... Aside from young gals that use garage sales to buy kids clothes 'n toys, who else do you see there? Old women just tryin' to while away their time.

I am restless and bored. I FEEL old because I ACT old. I've come to realize that as active as Susie is, she acts and thinks old and therefore, so do I. There isn't one speck of a young spirit in her...or at least the kind of young spirit that beats inside of me wanting out.

I have my new old friend that moved here but she'll be just as bad as Susie....go out 'n do all the old people activities. I like Eva and at least she's easy to talk to with all kinds of 'like interests'. But I'm restless....

So right now, I'm in a shifting mode. That makes me feel unsettled until I achieve what I'm after...seeking my own kind of adventures...

A very old 'n dear friend from my old hometown called me today outta the clear blue. He is sooooo funny! Long story short...

Remember when I lost my old house in '05 and had to be relocated? Well, I found out when they was gonna tear it down and contacted the guy that was gonna do it. The first time I met him there to talk about some things me and my kids wanted out of the house, I spied the nice wooden toilet seat I'd bought and asked if I could have it. It became sort of a joke between me 'n John that I wanted that toilet seat.

So today, he calls and tells me he'd been to Walmart and happened to pass the restrooms which reminded him of that toilet seat which reminded him of me so he called to see how I was doing... What a way to be remembered! He kept me laughing for almost half an hour...

These are the kinda people I miss. The Eagles was definetely full of drama but I had a lot of fun there...people with my kinda humor. I've come to the conclusion that the people I hang with now have none or very little. I have an Eagles (or AMD) kinda humor and no one around here gets it. I'm beginning to feel like a dried up old prune and fast becoming a prude and I hate it! Speaking of dried up old prune...I just got an e-mail that called me just that just because he asked me if I wanted to talk and all I replied was, "No." So I guess it's official...I'm a dried up old

I'd go to the Eagles tonight but thanks to Susie, I have some kind of stomach bug that I got from her...she was sick a couple of weeks ago. But guaranteed...I will be spending some time there in the future. If I have a little too much to drink then I'll spend the night with my daughter...

I'm trying to think outside that damn box here but my brain isn't cooperating It's frustrating to wanna write an interesting blog and find my life is one step away from nursing home level.

I promise to work on breaking outta that box and bring a little fun back to my blogs. But for now I'm gonna go lay down for awhile.

I wanna say that my emoticons are brought to you courtesy of hog77297. Thank you hun for allowing me to use the reply space to one of your comments so I could use my silly faces then cut 'n paste...

Ya'll have a good safe, be happy 'n keep smilin'....


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Sep 21 @ 11:43PM  
Sounds like you need a day out on the town to just be you, do what you want, have your own fun. But first, you gotta get to feeling better.

Sometimes a visit to the old hometown can be hang with friends you haven't seen in a while, do some catching up and whatever else you happen to think up.

Sep 22 @ 11:17AM  
I'm feeling better today. Next week, I gotta work on gettin' this garage sale set up and get it over with then I should finally be free to be ME...! I can do some adventures before the snow flies...yea!

Sep 23 @ 6:44PM  
Now aun't that just like a woman Using a Broken Down Old Biker for he own enjoyment! LOL

Sep 24 @ 12:23AM  
I think sometimes we are kind of pushed into a box by the people we surround ourselves with on a daily basis. I tell my kids they can try to put me in the old lady box but I own a box cutter, There comes a time we have to do what makes us happy,

Sep 24 @ 7:42AM  
Broken down old biker??? Me? Usin' a broken down old biker? Well don't I wish!!!!

Well RJ...sometimes even a box cutter ain't enough. Every time I say something to Susie that is just a kiddin' remark (that would be found funny by my friends at the Eagles) she shoots back..."Well that was a cheap shot!" I can't kid with her or tease her. My Sis is just as bad...takes everything seriously. They both offend easily so I find myself walking on eggshells around them and it's a pain in the ass.

Sep 24 @ 12:34PM  
Yeah, I've got a sister that can be super sensitive too. When she gives me her attitude, I just tell her I was kidding around...she usually gets over it rather quick. Then again, people are different.

I've got a co worker who can be laughing and kidding around with us one second, and the next, insta bitch...with no one having said or done anything. Some have speculated she's bi polar..which is possible with the mood swings. She's a nice person, just gets really ornery really fast over nothing.

That's what makes the world go round....we are all individuals with our own personalities.....

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