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Sex and the Single Life

posted 9/3/2013 12:00:47 AM |
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Much has been mentioned in the blogs of late about sex...why no sex blogs anymore? I have to wonder why so many are looking and so few are

It use to be that if we 'got it', we talked about it. Or we talked about what we USE to get...the good, the bad 'n the ugly.

We discussed the difference between sex and love. That was a hot topic!

I wrote a lot about my sex-capades. I partied. I played hard. And I told it all.

At nearly 69, I am hard pressed to talk about something I don't get anymore. Not that I couldn't get it...I only have ONE foot in the grave you silly people! It's just that sex isn't a priority anymore.

I could tell you about what I USE to get but that would be old news. But the real problem? The men here would just accuse me of 'men bashing'. They'd just call me a bitter old woman. Or they'd swear I was never really young and pretty so I couldn't find a good lay anyway...I've heard it all, believe me.

I'm not proud of how many men I've had sex with over the years. Actually, I feel shame for the life I lived. Yet I can honestly look back and say with all honesty, I could probably count on one hand the men that were terrific in bed. The rest ranged from boring to horror stories.

Let me tell ya a secret. I do have a not-so-secret admirer. He's a little younger than I am and he's a widower. I find him very attractive, not only in looks but in his gentle, big-hearted ways. He's sensitive and wears his heart on his sleeve.

Under no circumstances would I ever get involved with him. I have said (here) I'm already in a relationship but I'm not really...just friends anymore. So why not explore this other person and see where it goes? Because I am so wearied of men and their foibles. I'm so tired of men who can't speak from the heart. Men who can't do what it takes to stick around and work out problems without their lil feelers getting hurt. I'm tired of having to molly-coddle a man to make him happy while he could care less about my happiness.

I'm tired of pretending sexual bliss when all I'm really doing is walking the aisles of Walmart in my mind...mentally shopping. I'm tired of...well, lots of things I just don't wanna talk about anymore.

Would this widower be any different? I haven't a clue but I'm just not interested one whit in finding out. I know he's working up the nerve to ask me out and I dread that day because he is a nice guy but it's like...I just don't wanna go there anymore.

I COULD write about sex. I COULD write about love and believe me...there IS a difference...a huge one!

Let me tell you about a REAL love Dad 'n Mom. Dad was pretty wild before he met Mom. I heard a few reliable stories so I know it's true. Mom, on the other hand was a farm girl and as naive as they come. They fell in love and married in 1935.

I know that there were times when my Dad was faced with temptation but I'd bet my last dollar he was never unfaithful to Mom. I am certain that their sex life left a lot to be desired for Dad. I remember in the early sixties, Mom and I were talking and I mentioned french kissing. "What's that?" Mom asked. I told her. "Ain't no man gonna stick his tongue in my mouth!" Was her reply. So you can bet that Dad never stuck anything else in her mouth either!

Love is respect. Dad respected Mom. Back then, a husband didn't ask his wife to do things that the tramp on the other side of the tracks would do. He loved her. He respected her and he was, for the most part, good to her. I learned long after he died that they 'had their moments', but that's true in all marriages.

Dad didn't run around on Mom because she wasn't wild in bed. He didn't divorce her because their sex wasn't up to his satisfaction. Today, that seems to be grounds for divorce. Sex. Can't get it at home, look for it elsewhere or trade the wife in for a new one. Dad loved my Mother. She was a good wife to him in all other aspects. He wasn't love.

I've lived a life on the wild side. I've experienced things I totally regret. I have laid my soul bare here thru those 'fun years'. Now I'm older 'n wiser. Those 'fun' years weren't really that fun. I'm not bitter but I am disillusioned with men and for damn good reasons. Not all men are jerks but there's more jerks than not.

Today, it seems to be the real war between the sexes. Men blames women and women blames men. Sex has become a common subject, a common behavior and sex comes not only before marriage but before a relationship has even begun. Two near strangers testing out one another's skills in the bedroom to see if they past the test. If not, move on to the next one..and the next one...and so on and so on. And sadly, if they both past the test then they 'must be in love'.

Age has its perks 'n benefits. For me, the main one is leaving the dating scene behind. I am blissfully single. I have a companion to bum around with. I have a busy and satisfying life and I don't need sex to make it complete. Sex is good...I DO remember so don't give me no shit over that. But so is life, living, sharing, friends, family and peace 'n quiet.

Continued in comments...

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Sep 3 @ 12:01AM  
There...a sex Not exactly what ya wanted but that's Now I'm off to bed...alone. That's good. No one to hog the bed 'n blankets. No one snoring in my ear or groping me in the middle of the night. No waving of the blankets after a big stinkin' fart. No cold feet trying to squeeze between my legs.

Yeah...'n no sex. No big deal.


Be happy, be safe 'n keep smilin'....


Sep 3 @ 12:30AM  
Oh, I don't can still be great with the right person.

Everyone has their own experiences in life. Some good, some bad, some great, some a disaster. I would agree, a lot of people out there treat sex as a "score card". I remember being young and some of the things I did in my youth, I wonder how I made it this far in life.

Love? Yeah, it's a word tossed out there so lightly anymore, it's lost it's meaning/power. My parents, I would say they show what love really is, it's a relationship of respect, honor, and communication.

Kudo to you Softie.

Sep 3 @ 2:01AM  
I think about sex once in a while then I get a good look at what is available in the general area and it is better than a cold shower,

Can't say I have too many regrets about my past life, I always considered them a wasted emotion because in the long run they don't change a thing, Did learn a lesson or two the hard way and I am sure some people's karma will settle things sooner or later, I think with age all of us are more set in our ways and less willing to put up with bs just to get laid, At the end of the day peace of mind is a lot better than a piece of ass,

Sep 3 @ 12:56PM  
But Softie that's because you haven't had the Hog! LOL [Damn I sure need the emotions here]

Sep 3 @ 1:13PM  
I think Rhonda nailed it, except for the wild times being a waste.

Sep 3 @ 4:34PM  
I've been in love a few times and sex was always good.. but those days are gone. I've actually had one come back and want to try again .. I gave it some thought and said no, it took way too long to get over him. I'd rather be alone than go through that again.

Sep 4 @ 11:10PM  
I think Rhonda nailed it, except for the wild times being a waste.

Actually I said regrets are a waste of time,

Sep 5 @ 10:04AM  
You tell him Rhonda! That's what he gets for speed reading... Pay attention Bruce....just pay attention...

Sep 7 @ 3:26AM  
Old people love to give good advice; it compensates them for their inability to set a bad example.

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