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You know........................

posted 9/1/2013 11:24:05 AM |
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Life is too short to waste on negativity. There is just so much more out there to enjoy than letting obscure people one will never meet raise blood pressure.

These last couple of weeks or so, yeah, I let the comments of an ugly individual get under my skin. I have never, ever, claimed to be perfect. I have feelings, just like anyone else. Taking cheap shots using the death of a loved one is about as low as hate goes, shows what an ugly soul a person has to use that to antagonize another. Yeah, that cut really deep, it is obvious that person has never lost a loved one to suicide. If they had, they would know the pain a person can continue to feel years after and wouldn't use it to antagonize another. Like I said, takes an ugly soul and character to use that to go after someone.

With that said, it is really too much to ask for that we return to the enjoyment of just being here, saying hi to friends, having fun? I know, there is the one who claims we're some group that doesn't let outsiders in. That's a bunch of bullshit. I have no problem with a difference of opinion, in fact, I've always welcomed it. It makes for nice discussion. What I don't tolerate is condescending and insulting behavior. If a comment can't be on topic, but instead a jab or cheap shot at myself or another person, it will not be allowed. My blog, my rules.

Yes, this used to be a fun site with it's bumps along the way. It wasn't perfect, there were arguments, there were flame wars. Tempers flared, and there were fights. Two who are very good friends of mine here, we didn't start off as friends. That is Ewe_Wish and theSkwirl.....I had a friend that used to be on this site, she had posted a series of blogs about a love interest, and how this guy was to drive up to pick her up and they were to go on a trip, and he never showed up. Turned out he had received a head injury at work, and then "passed away". Ewe has a heart of gold, but she's also intelligent, and she's feisty. And doesn't tolerate lies. When the blog was written by this other friend about her man's passing away and the name of the funeral home included, Ewe wanted to wire some flowers, and was suspicious when the funeral director told her there was no planned service with the name given. So, she blogged about it...and BAM! Everything exploded. At the time, I didn't know all of these people, I had just wondered into the blogs at that time. I used to hang out in the chat rooms then, but that is about the time AMD took chat away. So, I stood up for my friend saying she wasn't lying about this. Anyway, after that dust storm cooled off.....and things went back to normal, I eventually started commenting on blogs of theirs, cause some of the stuff those two would post back in the day were fun, and eventually, they became two of the best friends I'm so glad I made here. I have made a lot of wonderful friends here. Those who are on my friends list are there because they are friends, they are good people. Yeah, I've made few mistakes along the way on who's friend requests I've accepted, and they got dropped when I realized they weren't so friendly.

Bottom line, this site is here for people to meet other people. It isn't for anyone specific group, or individual. It is for everyone. And all of us have rules we are supposed to follow, and all of us have broken a rule or two in our time here. I'm here to blog, keep in touch with friends, make new friends. I am not here to harass anyone or antagonize anyone. Will I report those who attack me? You bet I will. I will not put up with it, and I will not allow anyone to antagonize me. And I wouldn't expect anyone else to put up with being harassed and antagonized. If one finds them self being kicked off the site by the Administrators, it's because they have violated the rules those Administrators have set for everyone who signs up for the sites service.

It is not up to me or anyone else here on the whole "who belongs"..that is high school drama at it's finest. I'm not here to judge my friends on who they get along with...we're adults, we get along with whoever we get along with. Just because I may not like someone, doesn't mean I require my friends to not like that person, and I would like the same respect shown to me. Like I said, this isn't high school. I don't expect everyone to get along, the world isn't that perfect.

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Sep 2 @ 4:48AM  
I will write more of a comment later on today when I'm more lucid. I took a nap too late last evening then I couldn't sleep when I went to bed. So here it is almost 4:45 and now my eyes are sleepy and my mind has gone on ahead of my eyes. So I'll be back's that?

Sep 2 @ 4:17PM  
Mmmmmm looks like we're all alone here...just you 'n

You said this is a site for people to meet other people. I agree with that. I've made a few friends here. But others will argue that this is a sex site? To them, adult obviously means absurb!!! I think 'adult' means adult material and that isn't sex material exclusively. And nowhere does it say that blogs have to be sexually oriented to the exclusion of any other topic.

Yet how many times have we endured whining about blog topics?

We had fun when this little community was known as Pervia. It was a busy, busy place. What happened? Well, I have my own version, from my own perspective and I'm not gonna regurgitate old news. Let me just say that there was some things that were just ran into the ground, some just got too big for their britches and it got to be old shit. Eventually, we'd covered every subject possible and there was little left to talk about. When that happens, egos clash and shit flies.

It's a cop-out to blame it all on DC and other trolls. There was in-squabbling before he ever came on the scene. To me, it's a fact that all good things eventually come to an end. It's a shame that things happened the way they did. It woulda been nice if members just drifted away to other things because life changed and other interests took the place of AMD. But Pervia went out with a bang and now it's no longer's the AMD blogs with a few old friends left and new members, contrary to popular beliefs, just doesn't wanna be social.

New members treat blogging like it was the forums...just a few lines that aren't along the line of introducing themselves. No evidence of wanting to get to know anyone here. No effort to create a dialog with anyone. Then they (and a few others) holler that new members aren't welcomed in the blogs. Well, to me, ya are what ya write! If there isn't jack-shit for me to comment on then, no, I'm not gonna bother to welcome them 'cause they need to put some thought and effort into writing something that makes me wanna comment.

There's more to life than sex...REALLY! Same goes for politics. But I really think it doesn't matter what we write about anymore because almost no one participates and without participation, we're pretty much dead in the water.

How's that for being negative??? LOL

Just Softie's humble opinion...shrugs....

Sep 2 @ 10:21PM  
Life is too short to waste on negativity.

Playing devil's advocate here when I ask; isn't this post a waste of time on negativity, especially when it is rerun conversation?

Sep 2 @ 11:22PM  
@Softie: Very nice comment. I don't see it as "negative", more like, what really happened.

Yes, there were good times, and there were bad. No, I don't lay any credit to Cocktail or any other troll for where AMD is today. It is as I said, things change. There is face book that a lot who used to blog here are hanging out at. I'm still in touch with Dayna, Shawn, Sam, Donna, even Borty, through there. Sunshine, I may see her once in a while over on Pogo.

As to the blogs and topics..yes, I've seen plenty holler about this being a sex site. If that is the way they see it, then that is the way they see it. But it can be more than that for others. I know of at least 3 success stories where people met and found their partners. As to topics of blogs, if I find the subject interesting, I'll leave a comment. If not, I'll not comment. Nothing in the rules that says we must like all blogs or comment on them.

I check in to see what friends are doing, or not doing. I'll blog if I feel like doing so.

Bruce, it's as I've said before, if you find it to be so...don't read it.

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