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Opinions on my new work?

posted 8/22/2013 5:29:32 AM |
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This Is The Way The World ends

"Son of a bitch, I'm late!" Screamed a very irritated boy of fourteen, as he fell out of the top bunk. He hated waking up late, especially on Thursdays, Thursdays, he found out, are when his crush walked to school in her favorite dress. He liked that dress very much on her, and sometimes wondered what she'd look like without it, or anything else, on. "Damn, damn, damn!" He crowed, much to the annoyance of his older sister.
"Jett! Eat your breakast before you leave or you'll regret it!" She called out monstrously.
"I'll eat that stuff you call cooking, when you and mom get to learning on how to make breakfast right, Clair!" Jett called out, as he threw on a pair of black shorts with a red skull with blue eye sockets on the left leg, slipped into a white hoody with a black camo pattern and the words "One Direction: Straight to Hell" in embroidered gold leaf lettering, and put on untied army boots that belonged to his dad when he died.
"Tell mom I'll be home in time for Dad's funeral... I've got something to say to Ginny." Jett called out as he grabbed his keys, cell, and favorite JVC camera.
Clair shook her head teasingly, while her little brother pushed his short spiky black hair upwards with the scant amount of hair gel he could find.
"I don't know Jett, you think you're ready for the big time? A girl like Ginny's more into the jocks then small fry like yourself!" She laughed, turning over a pan cake before shoving it into her brothers pocket.
He gave her a annoyed look, but quickly relaxed and let out a smile.
"Me? Small fry? Even the Grim Reaper wouldn't dare touch me, I'm that much of a big fish!" He called out as he reached the front door.
He stopped just short of turning the door knob completely, his mind busy trying to sort out the details of his dad's last words before dying of stage four brain cancer.
"Clair?" He called out to his sister from the hallway.
"Yeah?" She replied back, making herself a plate and sitting down at the table.
"I miss him." Jett said, half chokingly.
"We all do, Jett. He was a brave man, fought like crazy to get those soldiers out of the Kill Zone, fought even harder against the cancer for a few months. I think Mom's hit the hardest." Clair's tone changed, hoping to get her brother out the door before he was late again. "Go to school already Big Fish! Your damsel awaits!" She tried giggling till Jett closed the front door behind him.
As soon as she heard the faint click, she let the tears she had held back fall onto her pancakes. "Damn you... Why'd you have to go and die on us!?" She asked angrilly to no one in particular.

Jett took a breath, adjusted his glasses in the windows reflection just to get that perfect look right, jumped on his skateboard, and headed towards the school down the road. Unknown to him, he was being watched.
'That's him? That's the human you're going to pick for this?' The first voice asked arrogantly.
'Yes.' A second voice chimed in decidedly, saying nothing more.
'I think he's worthless. You just took his father away from him, and now you're taking him away as well?' The first voice crackled.
'Yes.' The second voice only repeated.
'Do what you must, Death.' A third spoke calmly, hiding the owners true intentions.
'As you command.' Death whispered as it floated beside the oblivious teenager. It looked at him curiously, thinking of a suitable, ironic end for Jett.
'Not even the Grim Reaper would dare touch me!' It called out in Jetts voice, lightly grasping Jett's hood.

Jett was busy texting his friend Shuto as he stopped at the crosswalk, he looked up, hit the button, and went back to texting.
'Alright, Ginny should be walking passed here any moment.' He thought to himself as he began crossing the street, skateboard in hamd. He didn't notice that the light wasn't red, nor did he bother to look both ways.
Death knew this was the perfect time. It moved its cold hand towards the teenaged boy's left ear, only brushing against his earlobe.
"With Aeons so strange even Death may die." Came the raspy, hollow voice from beneath the shadowy hood.
Jett turned around suddenly, his mind like a dear in the oncoming headlights of the familiar Ford truck.
"I know-" Were the only words to come out before being run over by Ginny's mom, who had a little too much to drink before taking her daughter to school. Ginny, a tall sophmore with looks to stun, was horrified, her mind snapped and she screamed a mournful scream that shook her Mother out of the drunken stupor she'd been nursing for the passed three hours.
"Wasssh wrong honey- Oh my god!!! I wasn't paying attention!" She yelled, but continued on, Ginny sobbing loudly as Jetts limp body thumped underneath the rear tires as her drunken mother backed up.
"You just killed a kid mom." She said, still crying in shock.
"I know!" Her mothers voice said happily as she sped off, missing the school and driving off into the distance, shocked child in tow.

Jett's body was a mangled mess with internal bleeding, punctured lungs, breaks in his arms, neck, legs, back, ribs, and a fractured skull from hitting the ground.
In his last living moments, he saw three sets of feet poke out beneath three different colored robes.
One had cloven feet and tattered red robe that hung loosely.
The second had thick sandals and a flowing white robe tied close with some rope.
The third looked like a shadow, something twisted into a seethrough form.
"Figures..." Jett sputtered as he coughed blood, his heart finally stopping.
The next thing he knew, Jett Pekeri was in purgatory. The shadowy thing in front of him only staring through him.
"Am I-" He was cut off.
"Don't speak." It said hatefully.
"Do I know you?" He asked.
"You. Are. Dead." It replied. "We will have words. Not now, but soon. They come."

"Hello, Jett. I'm God. You are... Full of questions, I know, because I'm God. The answer is never a simple one, and with all that's going on in the world, this is unfortunetly the only option left availed to us." He spoke with a calm authority, never letting his true nature shine through.
"Hi! I'm the Devil. Look, kid, I need to cut to the meat here, me and God here have a bet going on about you. I think you'll just become one of the victims. God thinks you'll step up to the plate and stop this thing from happening." The cloven footed man said happily.
"Stop what?" Jett asked, still confused as to what was going on. "Wait, didn't I just die a few minutes ago!?" He blurted out, trying to stand up. He flopped to the floor, his injuries still knitting back together.
"Yes. You were dead. God brought you back to life." Death stated plainly.
"So, yeah... In four years, there will be a massive-" Satan was cut off by God by a wave of his finger. "What!? The kid needs to know already, plus, it's not like I'm going to tell him who exactly is going to pull the trigger!"
"There's gonna be a shoot

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