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Missouri in the News

posted 8/12/2013 5:29:29 PM |
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An incident at the Missouri State Fair over the weekend is getting national attention via social media.

A clown wearing a mask of President Obama came out in the arena during the bull-riding event. An announcer then asked the crowd if it wanted to see Obama “run down by a bull.”

What I do not understand is why make such a fuss over this when the same was done when Bush was President.

Below is the site in case you want to read more.

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Aug 12 @ 6:27PM  
I don't usually respond to posts about Obama but I just feel like chiming in on this one...and getting my head chopped off in the process, I suppose.

I'm not saying whether I like Obama or not...that will not be my point here.

My point is...I don't care who is holding the office of President of the United States. I believe that is an office...regardless of who holds it or whether a person agrees with that President or not...I believe the office of such high standing in this wonderful land of the free, commands respect.

I believe if a person doesn't like the holder of that office, there are many ways to express it with RESPECT.

I'm sorry but I feel sickened by the jokes, awful pictures/videos and anything else that is made public in an effort to slam or disgrace ANY President.

There will be those who will jump in here and scream that We The People have the right of opinion, expression of the same, free speech and so on but yanno what? I think it is just a reflection on the person themselves.'s sorely missing from America's people anymore.

JMHO so fire away....

Aug 12 @ 6:31PM  
Uh...sorry Linda...this touched a nerve today for some reason or another. Oh...I didn't watch the video either...I just don't wanna watch people who have shit for brains. I just wanted to apologize to your for my lil rant...but it felt pretty good. I haven't ranted in a long


Aug 12 @ 7:39PM  

There will be those who will jump in here and scream that We The People have the right of opinion, expression of the same, free speech and so on but yanno what?

We do have the right to express our opinions.....and that is exactly what you just did.


Aug 13 @ 12:08AM  
Thanks Sugar...all that just sorta dumped onto my keyboard. It's a subject that gets on my last nerve. Not meaning anything against you Linda for posting this...I'm talking about the idiots in the video itself.

It makes no difference to me whether people like or dislike Obama. But dislike, distrust, disagreeing and so forth can be expressed with respect and dignity...the person holding the highest office in this country deserves that much for simply being in the position that he holds.


Aug 13 @ 8:49AM  
Softie,Guess I need to stop sending the jokes I send you once in a while then! I didn't send them in disrespect just in humor!
My bad, but you never expressed this to me in a return email!

Aug 13 @ 10:58AM  
Well hog...ur not the only one who sends me Obama jokes...some I do look at and others I don't...depends on the material.

I have never told anyone not to send me stuff like that because people can get mad at me over my not liking those kinds of things and stop sending me anything.

I know I look at things differently than most people so I just try to keep it to myself. I get accused of not having a sense of humor...not so. Yet some things just assaults my sense of humor and that's one of them. I know no one means any harm by making fun of's suppose to be all in fun. Every President is subject to being made fun of...I know that. I think some of it is funny but too often, it crosses a line in my way of thinking. So I'm different...tell me something I don't

Aug 13 @ 7:26PM  
Are we really sure it wasn't the real Obama?

Aug 14 @ 8:24PM  
Yeah, I read about that. Here is a hot link to the story. Yes, we do have freedom of speech, the press, etc. But in this case the jerk had been hired or contracted by somebody for a state fair. That changes everything as he is not speaking as private citizen under these circumstances. He is banned for life from working the fair and I find that to be, well, fair

Aug 15 @ 3:21AM  
The office of president does command respect and I don't care if he is black white purple with green polka dots it does, I have never seen such disrespect given any president as this one by those in office and a lot of Americans in general, If someone does not like a policy they have a right to say so loud and clear but not in the way I have seen it done recently where they just make up crap to be mean and nasty, To me it just makes people look like they are lacking class, manners, and self respect when they carry it as far as they do, If I had ever spoken about anyone let alone the president in that way growing up my backside would have had a very painful conversation with the cherry tree switch, Not sure what has turned this country into the disrespectful people they have become but I have a feeling a few of them should have had some butt to switch conversations they missed,

Now if this rodeo does this with every president it is fine but if they have singled this one out then they need to rethink their act,

Aug 15 @ 3:35PM  
I have never told anyone not to send me stuff like that

I sure did!!!! It wasn't because of the subject matter or material but because people forwarded all of this stuff to everyone in their address book That is how viruses are spread and how spammers harvest email addresses

I had to block some real close friends in the real world over it More often than not the stuff was ignorant, distorted, right wing disinformation like the crap Lippy posts There weren't many jokes though.

But i think that people have finally wised up and no longer forward all of this shit due to spam and viruses. Since I blew off my yahoo mail account (and a few people) I, thankfully no longer have that problem

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Missouri in the News