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Same ole same ole

posted 8/8/2013 2:25:01 PM |
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Been popping in and out here, reading blogs, commenting on those that are not so contrary in nature. I mean, it's a dating site, yet, seems no one wants to talk about dating stuff, myself included. I guess people in general just like to bicker. Or sit back and laugh at some of the stuff being tossed back and forth. It is the Internet after all....just words on a screen. Why do we get so worked up? Walk away. Those who infuriate you have the power over you that you give them. Yeah, I see the resident troll has come out from under the bridge again. And you know? It's the same old thing...and it's a bore. Enough said.

Life goes on outside of this little piece of the Internet. Work, come home, pay bills, play on face book...I mean, really, face book is SO nice...don't have to worry about idiots trying to start fights with you....and if they do, it's in YOUR power to block them so you don't see what they are saying or doing.......yes, very nice. But, this is still an ok place to come back to and check in and say hi to friends, see what's up...I see a few familiar faces popped in for a brief visit.

Oh yeah, and just for the hell of it: The weather has been very pleasant these past couple of weeks here with temps in the upper 70's to low 80's. It gives my a/c and utility bill a break! It's been great. I like summers like this where the weather is just perfect. Not too hot, and not cool, but comfy. Life is good. I may not have millions, but I'm comfortable. Dogs can be a bit of a pain at times, but, that comes with having dogs. And they've actually been behaving pretty good. Now that I've said that....I'm sure one of them, Buddy most likely, will get in some sort of trouble.

Anyway.....gotta some errands to take care of. Play nice, don't let the little things be such downers. There is so much more to life than letting little irritants get to you.

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Aug 8 @ 2:37PM  
There is so much more to life than letting little irritants get to you.

Yabut, without the conflict that takes place inside electromagnetic clouds there would, most likely, be no matter in the universe. It's good that half of us understand this and participate, while the other half is observing the weather.

If you must think of this confrontational posture among elderly gentlemen in terms your size, call it Residual Testosterone Syndrome (RTS). I'll do a blog post about it for you.

Aug 8 @ 3:08PM  
Yeah, I succumbed to it and on my own blog and do you know what... I didn't feel a damn bit guilty about it and I had nothing better to do but call a dick a prick and more that requires no more commentary

Aug 8 @ 7:38PM  
It is all the same, but that isn't bad. It is always a matter of perspective and how one chooses to play the cards in the game of life while trying to not let the cards play them That is a bit easier said than done at times.

Yeah, I see the resident troll has come out from under the bridge again. And you know? It's the same old thing...and it's a bore.

I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed so to speak shortly after four. Nothing unusual there beyond no emails to answer Anyway I got a stout robust pot of Arabica/Sumatran happening. Then I came on here and saw our guest of honor made a comment on my blog.

Well, about that time mother nature called me for my morning constitutional. This, among other things involved a rather obnoxious fart that had fermented from my steak last night (yeah, I know, TMI, but bear with me). Anyway, between what I read in comments on my blog and I heard in the bathroom, I figured I should go with the flow. So I became one more asshole chiming with little to say of any substance. But WTF I enjoyed it and what else is there to do at five in the morning.

Aug 8 @ 7:43PM  

Guess you could say that is what you think of that particular troll.

Aug 8 @ 10:16PM  
I try Sugar....I honestly do...sigh. I wanted to write a blog last night but we roasted weenies and by the time I got home it was too late...well, not really late late but my pain meds were telling me to go to bed.

Tonight was our McIntire family get together. We started it because my cousin has been battling cancer for many years and we knew he was going to lose the fight so we started having get-togethers about every 6 weeks. Tonight, he wasn't there. That's not good because he'd have to be pretty sick to miss our get-togethers. He's my favorite cousin and my heart will break when we lose him.

Then we started bringing in pictures and a couple family members have been doing our geneology. I KNEW I had pix to sort and take but guess when I finally got my nose to the grindstone and got it done?! So that kept me busy 'til almost time to leave.

Tomorrow morning I'm scheduled for an MRI at 10:30. When I get home, we're going fishing. Just never a dull moment.

You-know-who goes back to work the end of Sept. or the first of Oct....I think THEN I'll have time to participate...or I'm hoping so anyway.

All the rest of the drivel here I just ignore. People doesn't's just too short for some of the stuff that goes on here. Serenity...just give me serenity...and this cool summer weather!!!!

Aug 8 @ 10:26PM  
Softie...I know you have a lot going on with the surgery and keeping busy with other things.

Roasted weenies? Damn!! Haven't had that in a LONG time!! Like when I was a kid and the family on my Dad's side would all gather at the cabin up north and have a huge bonfire and we would roast weenies and marshmallows. Oh those were the days!!!

Aug 10 @ 11:15AM  
Some things never change...Take for example this guy (Navy_Seal)! He's been 28 since 2006!

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