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posted 7/5/2013 7:59:53 PM |
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Get it?? Two for one....yuk yuk....(I'm tired....give me a break!)

I don't have time to comment on the comments on my last blog and write a blog, too so here's a two 4 one.

Yes,'s gettin' on me nerves! I thought today would be a wind down day but....oh's just too fuckin crazy to explain how things can just get off track. I just want ya'll to know I appreciate your understanding and not giving up on me.

So let me start with yesterday...July 4th...

We took my oldest sister, Jeanette, fishing yesterday. We've had so much rain that the dam was churning out water in torrents and the river was like fast moving rapids. So we went to the boat launch instead but it was closed (for boats) due to high water and even though we could wade in to our knees on the asphalt ramp, they just weren't biting so we went back to the dam.

There were fish by the hundreds along the edge as the water came against the wall in crashing waves and keeping them there to get rolled 'n tossed. We were ready...we had on beach shoes and pants to our knees. We waded in to our ankles. We found if we just let out our fishing line about 8-10 feet and let it down in the water, we could fish. Otherwise the current just carried it down river so fast we never knew where it was at and reeling it back in, it just caught on rocks.

Anyway, those poor hungry fish! They tried so hard to get those juicy worms but those waves made it almost impossible to hit their target. But once in awhile one would zoom in and grab it. What was so funny is....they were so grouped up and trying to get that worm and when I'd jerk my line to set the hook, the nibbler would get away but my hook would snag another fish...I caught one by the back and another by his butthole....laugh laugh laugh! It was hilarious! (Well, I s'pose not to the fish...)

Occasionally a big wave would come in and hit the rocks and give us a soaking! When I was standing down by the wall where the steps go down, I was at the corner of the dam basin and those waves would hit that corner and wash water up to my knees and it was full of fish...I coulda just reached down and grabbed one!

All in all, it was a good day. We all caught a few small ones to throw back. We were wet 'n tired when we headed home...and a little chilly. A hot shower felt marvelous! Then Susie took me for a golf cart ride then we came home, drank a beer and called it a night.

I hit my chair and never made it to the news. I woke up at 4 a.m. and dragged my ass to bed and didn't get up until a little after eleven this morning!!! It was suppose to be an easy day...a free day after I did a little paperwork. Then...

I called Susie just for a quick chat. We were both suppose to go down to Christ St. this morning...yes, that's CHRIST street. Anyway, she has a garage down there and it's right across from this gay gal whose partner left her for another woman and she was coming today with her new gal to finish picking up her stuff. This gal wanted me 'n Susie to just 'be there' in case there was trouble. Drama! Drama! Drama in da neighborhood! All went well.

Susie brought me home 'n I thought the rest of the day was MINE 'til tonight 'cause she has to work...yeah, right! Susie called me about 2 and wanted to know if I wanted to go to the grocery store. Well, I did want to pick up some things that was on sale so off we the golf cart. They had watermelon on sale so she said..."I'll buy, you clean." I said, "It's a deal."

We're gonna roast hotdogs when she gets off work...if it don't rain....grrrrrrrrr too damn much rain lately! Anyway, I spent the afternoon cleanin' watermelon, mopping up the mess 'n doin' dishes, sackin' trash and doin' laundry! So much for my 'free' day!

And I still didn't get my paperwork done...geez!

So there's an example of my days. Could I take control and just say 'no'? Yeah, I could but yanno...summer is short and sometimes spur of the moment is just what the doctor ordered. Paperwork can wait. Do chores when time allows 'n otherwise just go with da flow, right?

It's about time for me to go out and get the fire goin'. I do have time to do that paperwork but yanno what? I think I'll read some more of my book...murder mystery 'n it's gettin' real good!

I think tomorrow we're gonna go fishing again....why waste some good leftover-from-last-time nightcrawlers??? Besides, it's's still a holiday weekend....and every day without cold 'n snow is cause for celebration, right??? You betcha!

Hope ya'll are havin' a fun holiday. I'll get back to ya as soon as I can. Until then, be safe, be happy 'n keep smilin'....

Hugs Ya'll

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Jul 5 @ 8:36PM  
Sounds like you've been living the good life there Softie.

I know what you mean about free days and all...I took a mini vacation from work, and I've enjoyed every day off I've had. It's back to work tomorrow for me, but, I've enjoyed these past few days off. Got a lot accomplished that I haven't been able to...except for mowing the lawn...but, I'll get to that soon enough.

Jul 6 @ 9:14AM  
Interesting read Fishing was funny

Jul 6 @ 11:05AM  
Thanks u's been fun weekend but my butt is beginning ta drag! We were gonna go fishin' again today but it rained this morning a little and suppose to rain off 'n on all day so we called it off. I'm glad...I wanna play here for a change.

I see I'm still the last blog poster and I'm gonna follow me with another blog...this one will probably piss some people off but's been so long since I wrote one of those...I'm long overdue...doncha think??? LOL

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