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Liberty and Justice For All

posted 6/28/2013 9:42:01 PM |
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tagged: rant

How we love to throw these words around, that is, until such a time where we feel our own bias', prejudices, and such are not being supported.

Gay people...they exist. And you know what? They feel just as us heterosexual people do. They love, they can be hurt, they will cry, they will laugh, just like anyone else. And, they are entitled to the same liberties and justices as any other American in this country.

The U.S. Supreme Court decision is a right one. It is saying in essence discrimination against gays is wrong. And it is. Our Constitution is not to be used as a tool to promote bigotry. The Defense Of Marriage Act is an act of bigotry as it is denying Americans their rights.

Who cares that there are people attracted to the same sex? I don't care. It's their life, theirs to live. I have my life to live. They want to be married, I say let them. All I have to say is: if they want respect, they show it. Meaning, don't go making an issue against the Church by trying to force the Church to perform gay marriages. The Church is just as entitled to their rights as those in the gay community.

And for the record...there is not one religion that "rules" in this nation. We are a secular nation with people of many religious beliefs, or non beliefs even. To expect the entire population to follow one religion goes against the ideals of this country, and against our first amendment right to freedom of religion, which means that we are free to choose what, if any, religion we as individuals want to embrace. Which is why attempting to define marriage as between one man and one woman is in violation of our religious freedoms.

No one is saying anything about "accepting" this, nor are they saying to forget beliefs, what is being said is that all of us in this great nation are entitled to the rights given to us in OUR Constitution, and yes, that Constitution protects gays. Deal with it.

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Jun 28 @ 10:45PM  
Who cares that there are people attracted to the same sex?

Not me, I think that everyone should be able to marry the person they love, And from someone who works with the wedding industry I welcome their business just like I would anyone else's, This is good for the economy as weddings bring money to businesses like florists, caterers, venues and license fees not to mention rentals on tables chairs and linens and limo drivers,,,,, I see it as a good thing and a win win situation, One wedding can bring in thousands of dollars to local business,

Jun 28 @ 11:07PM  
Good point.

I see nothing wrong with consenting adults being in love, regardless of whether they are of opposite sex or same sex. It is their life. This whole "the world is coming to an end" because gays want the same rights as others is ridiculous.


Jun 29 @ 6:55AM  
Government grants marriage licenses, which creates a legal bond between people that in turn creates legal rights and obligations.

Churches, on the other hand, grant sacraments which create what the church believes is a spiritual union. That's different than granting a legal status to couples. Only government can do that.

Churches have the right to refuse to grant a church-sanctioned marriage to anyone they wish. However, in America, our Constitution promises that government will provide equal protection under the law. Laws banning same-sex marriage deny persons who are born gay the right to marry a person to whom they are sexually attracted.

And for those who now want to throw in the old "why can't I marry my dog" question believing it to be a valid analogy, please see my answer to another blog's raising that issue.

And besides - does anyone really want to marry their dog? I mean, while I love my dog, I'm not sexually attracted to her. And even if I was, her breath is terrible.

Jun 29 @ 9:56AM  
However, in America, our Constitution promises that government will provide equal protection under the law

Exactly! Thank you Twist.

That is what the Supreme Court was saying in their ruling.

This is not about denying anyone their religious belief, that is also protected. This is not about "forcing" anyone to all of a sudden embrace a gay lifestyle, it is about simple basic rights of two consenting adults in love who want to marry. It has nothing to do with destroying anyone's religious beliefs. And it most definitely has nothing to do with the hysterics of marry dogs or 9 yr olds. It is about 2 consenting adults in love who want to be married. And yes, who do want to raise children. Too many people want to sit in judgement of gays...and that's bullshit. They are no different than anyone else except for their sexual orientation...and that is their business.

And the analogy of the dog or 9 yr old...that is just hysterics on the part of someone who apparently thinks being gay is a disease. Well, from every medical report read on's not. It's just who a person is. First it was people of different races couldn't marry because it would destroy the human population. Well, that prediction proved false.

Jul 2 @ 8:01PM  
Let's talk about the law of the land, hell, let's talk about the original ideal of what this country was formed for.

The basics:

Less government interference in the lives of the citizens.

Equal rights and protections for ALL citzens in this country.

Freedom to CHOOSE what religion, if any, a citizen wants to embrace.

Our Constitution isn't an instrument to be used for bigotry or prejudices. Those Justices on the U.S. Supreme Court didn't knock down the Defense of Marriage Act because they "embrace" homosexuality. They knocked it down because it infringes on the rights of U.S. citizens in this country. Just like when women had to fight for the right to vote, just like when blacks in this country had to fight not only for their right to vote, but for the very freedoms they should have had to begin with when they were brought over here. And all that the gay community is looking for is the right to be able to marry and live their lives. And yes, of course they want the same benefits as anyone else. A heterosexual couple is married, and when one of the partners passes away, the surviving spouse is entitled to their deceased partners assets. What good reason can anyone give to deny that of a gay couple?

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Liberty and Justice For All