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Things learned from being on public sites

posted 6/24/2013 10:43:50 PM |
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tagged: internet

This thing called the Internet is quite amazing. It connects people who otherwise may have never met. It has helped to forge friendships, even if those friends may never meet in real life, the friendship is still real. Since being online, I've made a lot of friends, some very good friends. 2 years ago, a very good friend I met here passed away. He was called friend by many of us here. He wrote the most beautiful poems for everyone. He had the respect of almost all who entered what we call Pervia. To the vast majority on here, he was NightOfOld, to those who were lucky enough to love him as a dear friend, he was Chuck. March came and went, and no one said anything, but I wonder, how many of us thought of Chuck that day. I know I did. He always had a way of melding all of us together, made us appreciate that we had friends here, even when the trolls tried to disrupt things, he was always that beacon that everyone sought...when he put one of his blogs out there, it seemed to have a calming affect. If not for this Internet, we wouldn't have had the honor of knowing such a sweet guy. He has been terribly missed here.

Yes, friends have been made here on this little site. Some of still hang out here, we've likened it to that old 90's sitcom, Cheers. A lot of those friends I've made here, we have gone to hang out on another site where we can raise hell, have fun, and not worry about someone who would rather stir up trouble. Doesn't mean we don't check into the old playground, because we do. I've looked through my friends list, I know who has checked in, who hasn't. Sometimes they peek in to see what is going on. Maybe hoping for the liveliness of old, where there were blog hijackings, all good natured of course. Where it was just to be silly, post about our life, share in the good, all of that fun stuff.

Yeah, that is another thing this thing called the Internet has shown. That even though a person claims to be an adult, their actions online speak so loudly that their maturity is questionable at best. It gives people too weak to be any different face to face a gateway to be mean or rude, and not have to worry about being pounded into the pavement. False courage is what I call it. So easy to sit in front of the computer and bad mouth at someone, knowing that that person can't retaliate except to tell the offender to fuck off. Or, respond back in kind, thus causing what has become known in the world of the Internet a "flame war". I've been caught up in them. Plenty of them in fact. And it's always the same....someone shows up out of the blue, sees a bunch of friends on a site having a blast, having a good time, and they want to join in, and are welcomed, and then BOOM! A disagreement arises, or an unprovoked attack, and everyone is fighting. For what? It's words on a screen, nothing more. Fighting back only gives those words, and the antagonizer more power over you.

The Internet opens the world up to everyone. Good and bad. I know I've learned to be far more careful with who I talk to and give information to. I've learned what to watch for in regards to scammers. It's so painfully easy to spot them now. Too many signs that give them away. Oh but they are getting better, but they still cannot master the English language. I remember in high school having the trade students coming over, and them complaining about English being so hard to learn. I think about that, and I look at the Internet today with those who want to scam...and now I'm glad the English language is so hard to learn. Makes spotting the would be scammers so much easier.

All in all, the vast majority of people online are decent people. Not everyone will get along. Human nature, gets in the way. And, there are those out there who just want to be unpleasant, for whatever reason. The way to take away their power, don't acknowledge it. When they can't get a rise out of their target, they look elsewhere. It's taken a few battles to figure that out.

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Jun 25 @ 12:18AM  
what a nice blog! I also missed Chuck I never have removed his email from my list of friends.

Jun 27 @ 2:37PM  
Yes, I miss Chuck. He could bring sensibility to blogs that were flaming. He had such a peaceful spirit and I loved his poems!

The internet has been quite an experience for me...and certainly an eyeopener over the years. I have good and bad memories of so many single sites. I've had fun, I've been hurt, I've been scared a few times and I've had my feathers ruffled more than I can count!

But I've made a few, since I'm not on any other site...well, sometimes the vanila site. Those friends here have gotten me thru a lot of crap 'n stuff in my life. They've given me support and good advice and helped me to see alot of things that I needed to see...changes I needed to make. I've learned a lot from other's blogs

AMD ain't what it use to be but it's kinda like home and mostly it's a soft place to land when I need it.

There are times when I'd like to set some fire to my words and I grit my teeth to just stay outta things. Truthfully, it can be fun raising'd maybe stir some life to Pervia but it takes so much energy to hang in there and right now I just don't have that kind of energy.

I need to write another story...I have one going but not sure it will be of interest's this gals diary and instead of chapters, it's her entries in her diary.

Anyway...I'm about to hijack your blog if I don't shut up so I'm outta here for errands to run.

Kudo Kiddo...kissey bonquet emoticon here.

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Things learned from being on public sites