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It's been forever it seems...

posted 6/23/2013 1:21:44 PM |
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Since I wrote a blog. You cannot imagine the trouble I can get into when you don't hear a peep outta me. I really out-did myself this time and it's gonna cost me a bundle!

For those who don't like long reads....nice talkin' to ya 'n have a good day. For those who don't mind, grab a cuppa coffee and a smoke if that's your style, sit back and take in just how deep in trouble I can get when I'm angry.

For me, life can bite me in the ass just a little bit at a time. I try to take it on the cuff but still, it's like doing a slow burn. Situations have a way of getting into the pit of my stomach and the storm clouds build. I tend to feel like my life is out of control...people messin' with me, messin' with who I am and messin' with my mind.

It's been like that for me for months now. In the meantime, I'm trying to get control over my finances...cut expenses. I am angry about a lot of things....personal things. I'm frustrated over money. Then one day, this guy comes along with an answer to easing my expenses...and I am ripe for the kill.

DirectV...! "We're offering a great deal for new customers." He says.

Me: "Can I get Nat Geo Wild?"
(Checking his list) "Oh, yes!" He says.

Me: "Can I get the OWN network?"
(Checking his list) "Oh, yes!" He says.

He proceeds to explain the Entertainment Package and all the wonderful things it has to offer and at such a low price!

Me: "But if I go off Comcast Xfinity then I won't have a house phone."

Him: MAGIC JACK! It is wonderful...the part itself is only $20 and then $20 a year.

Here comes the problem...he never mentioned the fine print and stupid me, I didn't read it.

So...I bought it.

Now I'm a busy person so it wasn't until that night that I found I CAN NOT get Nat Geo Wild. I'm assuming it's just a mixup and a phone call will fix it. NOT! To get Nat Geo Wild, I would have to go up a level to the next package, higher cost. I was pissed to say the least but decided to just bite the bullet and accept it.

For two days, I occasionally watched the OWN network. Then suddenly, I couldn't get it anymore. I get both Nat Geo Wild AND the OWN network, I'd have to go up TWO levels...of course it was gonna cost me more. Now I was really pissed.

To top it off, I bought the Magic Jack...the regular one. It's a joke folks! They say it's as easy as 1,2, 3...yeah right! It took me 4 hours to get it going and I had to do an online chat with foreigners which was maddening. In the end, Magic Jack was the pits. One, you have to deal with it through your computer...ya can't just simply make a always comes up on your monitor. Two...when someone talked, it had an irritating hum on the line. And three...if fucked up Zelda big time...cost me $84 to get her fixed.

Sooooo....I returned it and got a refund. Then off Susie and I went to Radio Shack who informed me that I needed Magic Jack plus! Of course, I would also need a router. Cost? $59.99 for Magic Jack. $29.97 for the router. $50 to have them install it as I wasn't gonna deal with that again!!!

In the meantime, I'm going round 'n round with DirectV over being promised those channels I wanted. "Well," they said, "It wasn't their fault that I was misinformed...the guy was just a 'third party'.

"Like hell..!" I said. He is a representative of DirectV, authorized by your company to sell your product."

I told them of the other things he if I cancelled my service before a year was up then HE'D have to pay for it. He surreptiously told Susie and I that after a year, I could cancel and she could sign up and lie to DirectV that she had one more TV then she does and with our houses being so close together, I could get her signal and we could split the bill. (neither of us thought to think that I would have to return my receiver so that wouldn't work anyway! Duh!!!)

So here comes my big, bad temper part...and I am contritely embarrassed over this.

Their stance was, I didn't notify them within the 72 hour period where I had the opportunity to break the contract. Well, I DID about the Nat Geo Wild channel but I didn't even know about the OWN network...I watched it for several days before it disappeared. Bottom line? I lose...nothing I said would convince them to let me out of the contract. I was so fuckin' mad that at first I told them to just shut it off...well guess what? That would cost me $480 for breaking the contract early! OMG!

So I talked to the bank...told them I wanted to stop DirectV from taking that outta my account. The bank couldn't stop was in the contract that I signed. I told them to cancel my debit card...they did, but....

I went to the bank...took all my papers and their litigators called DirectV. We were on the phone with them for 2 hours...DirectV would not budge, would not wave that $480. When we finally gave up, I asked the litigators what would happen if I just refused to pay. Well, even though I cancelled my debit card, DirectV can still collect and if I refuse to pay it then the bank has to.

Continued in comments....

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Jun 23 @ 1:23PM  
To backtrack a step, I had talked to DirectV several times and each time I got madder and more frustrated. So what I DID do, I called Comcast cable and they made me a good deal on the triple play again (w/house phone) so I had them come out, disconnect DirectV and put me back on cable.

I told DirectV to turn my service OFF. Then later in the day I called them again to plead my case...with a supervisor...and it was a no-go. This was before the bank talked to them. Anyway, before I got off the phone with that supervisor, I said, "No...don't turn my service off, just leave it on." (I wanted to buy time.)

So in the end, my cost was tremendous. I don't know yet if I can return that Magic Jack or not...I'll find out next week. But the bottom line is...I gotta pay. Either I leave it on for a year and pay monthly or I cough up the $480 and call it a hard lesson learned.

The bank litigators agreed with me that DirectV's tactics are pretty much a 'Bait 'n Switch'. I intend to file a complaint with the BBB. I'm also thinking of contacting the newspapers and news channel and see if they'll run a story. They can't mention DirectV but they can warn people about those solicitors going door to door selling a product that they blatantly lie about.

Moral of this story? READ DA FUCKIN' FINE PRINT!!!!

But you know what? Even though this is a costly lesson, it was also a wakeup call. Normally, I wouldn't even consider buying ANYTHING from someone who comes to my door. On hindsight, I can see that I was in a bad state of mind and ripe for trouble.

If you remember, I wrote a blog about getting into it with my sister over that asshole she's involved with in Florida. I was concerned and sent her an e-mail about how I felt. She fired back a personal attack and we didn't speak for at least 6 weeks.

Then she showed up at Susie's when I was was deliberate. She wanted to "break the ice" as there would be times when we'd have to be together and she hoped that we could at least be civil to each other.

She was scheduled to have serious surgery two days later and if she died, she didn't want me to feel bad that we hadn't at least tried to make up. I told her, "I wouldn't feel bad because I didn't believe I did anything wrong and that was all I had to say about it." We left it at that.

She had her surgery (and lived) and because I'm not really an ogre, I went with Susie to check on her and told her if she needed anything to just let me know. I had made some deviled eggs and promised to take some over to her. When I went, I realized (too late) that she was laying in the bush for me...she wanted to talk about our falling-out.

She then proceeded to roll out this laundry list of all the things that's wrong with me. No matter what I said, tried to explain anything, she said I was just trying to justify all the bad things I've said and done. She's a slick talker and I didn't stand a chance. I came home feeling lower than a snake's belly. Then the snake oil salesman showed up and sold me DirectV when I was feeling like dirt.

For days 'n days I dealt with DirectV. For days 'n days I dealt with all the things my sister laid on me. I was sick. My fibromyalgia and arthritis came screaming to the surface and I lived on pain pills.

In the meantime, this past week, it was the big Hillbilly Christmas week which ends with a chaotic and frantic rush on Friday. Susie's sister was coming to participate. Now Susie's truck is a two seater and so is her golf cart. I'm feeling really bad with pain so I really don't wanna go anyway and I feel it's a good time for Susie and her sister to have a fun day together so I bow out. For 2 days afterwards, Susie is cool towards me...acts like I was just being an asshole for not joining them. I said nothing...I just really didn't fuckin' care! Still don't fuckin' care!

Through this whole mess things have shifted inside me...inside my head. I'm tired folks...tired to death with it all. My sis nearly destroyed my self esteem with what she said....on one hand, she says she accepts me just the way I am, BUT...I need to change, change, CHANGE! What an awful person she makes me out to be!

Then Susie pouts if I don't get with the program....HER program.

I am backed into a corner and when my back's against the wall, I will come out fighting! Susie and I was talking about what my sis said and I told her flat out..."I'm fucking tired of her and my sis trying to make me something I'm not." I told her I've sacrificed more than she'll ever know these past 2 years in order to make her and my sis happy...and there will be no more changes. If they don't like me the way I am, can't accept me for the way I am then they just need to stay the fuck away from me!

But I will be making some changes for ME!!! I did go junkin' with Susie Friday night but I didn't pick up much...a really nice kingsize mattress pad and a set of sheets for my daughter. I got 3 bags of sandbox sand for my great grandsons and some pretty curtains I can use. No more dragging crap home that just overloads my garage.

Uh....keep going v v v

Jun 23 @ 1:23PM  
Yesterday, I sweat my ass off all day working in my garage. I got rid of much that I know I'll never use. I've always loved my garage but it had come to the place where it was just a burden...bring crap in, take crap out, rearrange everything all the time. No more!

I will no more be bossed around and intimidated by Susie or my sis. Truth be known, I no longer care if either of them is in my life. Do I love them? Of course I do! But loving them doesn't mean I have to always be the underdog and a more changing. They'll take me as I am or not at all.

So now my garage is done and my house is in good shape and it's time to sit back and enjoy. I avoid my sister but when I can't, I keep my silence. Susie and I don't spend a lot of time together anymore...I think her feelings for me have changed. To her (I think) I am just troublesome to be around because I don't fall into line anymore like I use to. I know my feelings have changed. I love her as a good friend but even good friends I don't want under foot so much of the time.

I need to feel the freedom that I use to feel. I am shaking off the shackles that both Susie and my sis have laid on me for over 2 years. I've tried to adjust to a new life here but it's time to draw the line. I am me. I need lots of space. I need peace 'n quiet...and tranquility. If those around me can't accept that then so be it.

Ok...I'm done. Hopefully my next blog will be of lighter content. I just wanted to catch ya'll up on what's been happening. For 2 and a half years I've blogged about all the bullshit...I want to stop that. I'm trying to turn a corner here and find a little of my old, fun self...she's just gotta be here somewhere!

Ya'll finish out da weekend safe 'n happy 'n keep smilin'....


Jun 23 @ 2:02PM  
I can pretty well understand all of that. When my brother and I got this place I was driving and not home more than a few days and gone again for who knew how long. That was fine with him as he could drag all of his shit down here from Ohio, and leave me with shit for room. And drag anything he thought might be worth dragging out of a dumpster in squeezing me even more. Now, I'm still trying to get rid of a lot of his shit that was left behind. And doing without just to pay the bills.

I came to the conclusion anyone that wants me for anything had better be ready to make changes and concessions, just as they expect me to do for them. If that isn't something they can do, forget it. And any snake oil salesman better expect a thorough grilling before being told no. Unless they are ready to put the money up themselves, and on the spot.

AS for relatives, the only one I miss is my mother, and I wish I had done more to help her when I had the chances. The rest of them are strangers, and don't care anymore about me than they do a person they pass on the street. I live my life for me now and not to try to make someone else happy. That is the only thing you can do as a person without giving up "you".

Jun 23 @ 3:46PM  
Wow, That is one valuable lesson.

I am going to on vacation for 3 weeks and just took my cable/internet to a minimum fee vacation level service,,, but they require it be for 60 days. OK I will do without for 5 weeks when I get back and shop around. And I will be considering DirectTV and ATT Uverse. It sounds like I better be extra extra careful!

will also be sure not to get into any fights or judgmental lectures from MY sister before I make my decisions.

Thanks again Softie!


Jun 23 @ 5:08PM  
I had Time Warner cable turned off in 2010 and bought digital antenna rabbit ears for the home tv's and got Netflix, Between the two I am happy, I also buy a couple of seasons from itunes of my favorite shows that cost about twenty dollars each, it still adds up to less than the $109 a month for the $29.95 a month package we signed up for in 2000. The Explorer channel of PBS is like a cross between Animal Planet and the Travel Channel so I watch that one the most,

Jun 23 @ 10:04PM  
Yep, see, when you're quiet here too long Softie, you go and get yourself in trouble.

Wow!! I am sorry to hear about that run around with Direct TV!! I've been subscribed with them for about 4 years now and have never had a problem with them. And for the record, the Choice Xtra Classic does include NatGeo Wild and OWN. That just sucks what they did.


Jun 24 @ 8:04AM  

We blew it off after three weeks. There was hardly nothing on it we wanted to watch beyond a few things of interest to the kid. One afternoon I was in the mood for a Bogart movie and Netflicks only had three

Jun 24 @ 1:19PM  
Whew! Here I am again. week, new start? Gaud I hope so!

Yanno Duster, you 'n I have experienced a lot of the same things in our lifetime. I can relate to your woes 'n you to mine. Wouldn't it be really nice if we had more WOWS in our lives and less WOES????? lol I don't know about you but sometimes I feel like that Peanuts character that always has that lil black cloud hanging over his head.

RJ, Sugar 'n WoW...Some of those things you mentioned I've never heard of but for now it's a mote point anyway...I have this cable package for one year and although there is no contract, I'm not about to stick my neck out and try anything else...I'm still getting over my stroke over DirectV. I know lots of people have DirectV and are happy with it. My mistake was buying it from an idiot who sells it door to door and feels it's ok to lie and misrepresent. Not to mention all the self kicking I'm doing for not reading the fine print...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Jun 24 @ 1:27PM  
Shocks....I suppose DirectV is ok if you deal directly with the company. My mistake was getting it from a door to door representative and one who had no problem lying and misrepresenting it. I feel DirectV should let me off the hook without penalty and go after their salesman but that isn't the case. It's a company with no heart...or all. JMHO

Jun 26 @ 5:23AM  
When my brother bailed on me, because I was so bad to him, he tried to dump all the bills on me. I checked to see what was needed to be able to stop the TV and internet, we had fulfilled the requirements and they got cut off. I am just now getting to the point I can afford internet, and to it isn't the greatest in the world, at least I have it. The TV, I could almost care less about, but the channels I can get do limit what I can watch. And I do miss the SCI-FI channel. But If I'm going to keep a roof over my head and groceries around for when I do get hungry, gotta do with out something, and TV I lived without before and can do it again without feeling any real pain. And I do understand your frustrations, even with your sister. I've been thru a lot of similar situations in the past. It's the shits to considered the one that is in the wrong all the time, when all a person wants is to be themselves, even if it doesn't fit anyone elses' idea of what we are.

hugs darlin', things will eventually work themselves out. Just be the best you you can be.

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It's been forever it seems...