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"Don't be in a hurry to grow up"

posted 6/17/2013 12:11:26 PM |
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"Why" I used to always ask Mom when she would say that to me. And her reply was that we are kids for only such a short time in our life.

Mom was right. But, I can't complain all that much about being an adult, except for the whole paying bills and working part....that's a headache, I'll admit to that. But, having the freedom to come and go, do as I please in my own house....I've enjoyed that. Being "homesick" when I moved out only lasted about a day or two, (I was 18 when I moved out of my parents house) and then I got into enjoying that new freedom.

Oh yeah, it was a party, I'll not deny it. Going to work hung over...wasn't fun, but I did it. Not so much anymore, I got to a point where I much preferred to "live it up" on nights when I knew I could sleep it off. But I look around me, and I see some people in their 30's or even in their 40's who are still living with their parents, but I don't judge them. I can't, I don't know their situation. Maybe they are lazy, maybe they are afraid of striking it out on their own....could be any number of reasons. That's the point, not up to me to judge anyone when I don't know the "why". That's called being "mature".

Maturity, I've noticed in some whose age indicates should act more mature than me, and in fact they act a helluva lot more immature than me. I find it totally amazing how some who are older than me by a good margin delight in acting like punks online. Leaving comments on blogs that would do a third grader proud, or sending emails that would make a second grader look a lot more intelligent than the sender. I've said before, the Internet gives some a false courage to act like assholes. Most people I've run across online have been good and decent folks, I have even become good friends with.

I guess though, the ones who want to hide behind a screen and harass others, they just never grew up. Maybe their mothers told them to not be in a hurry to grow up also, and they took it too literally. I had to chuckle while at the store a while back when a little boy who wanted a toy and his mother told him no, he popped off with something along the line that he couldn't wait to grow up because then he would buy everything he ever wanted that she told him he couldn't have. And her reply was to say being grown up isn't about always getting what you want and that he would need a barn to store everything in.

One last thing, I thought these growing pains went away once one hit adult hood. Ha! No they don't. It is true, we still grow and learn through life. And we adjust to what we learn. Like sometimes those little aches and pains that went away after a few minutes when we were 20 something......yeah, fast forward even 10 years, and you discover, they take just a little longer to "go away". I have found though that some good stretching makes the muscles far more flexible. And it just feels good also.

Well, gonna get going here. Gotta be to work at 2 today. Yep...growing up has it's ups and it's downs.

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Jun 18 @ 12:18AM  
Once I heard what was supposed to an old saying, but I can't say how old or from whence it originated. We get too soon old and too late smart.

Jun 18 @ 12:47AM  
The best is when the responsible side grows up but the imagination stays a kid,

Jun 18 @ 6:43AM  
Like sometimes those little aches and pains that went away after a few minutes when we were 20 something......yeah, fast forward even 10 years, and you discover, they take just a little longer to "go away".

In hindsight I can pick one year when everything rapidly changed, when I turned 41. The physiology and metabolism changed in a hurry. You kind of see that happen in pro athletes when, as opposed to an injury, they "lose a step".

But at 41 the bruise from cracking my shin on the coffee table suddenly took a week to go away instead of two or three days. I also began to not burn off calories as quickly even though my routine was relatively unchanged. Body parts, notably joints, began to wear out, not from injury but attrition.

The transition was rapid and it really bothered and disturbed me. I wasn't mentally or emotionally prepared for it. My physical condition had been a source of pride. Suddenly I felt used up and somewhat frightened with lowered self esteem.

There was a positive though. It motivated me to make a career shift to where plying my skills was based upon my mental abilities, education and experience instead of physical attributes.

Jun 18 @ 9:54AM  
I also remember mom saying quit wishing your life away. I couldn't wait to grow up and be an adult. LOL laugh was on me! Its not as easy as I thought when your single. I made it though but I remember the younger days also. My first apartment my first overnight date I had a great late teens late 20's. Now if I could just go back to my 30's and rearrange a few things

Jun 19 @ 12:20PM  
n hindsight I can pick one year when everything rapidly changed,

I can pick a moment when I was in my 40a, When a car driven by a teenager high on something slammed into the car I was riding in, I went from a person who rock climbed, hiked for miles and ran every day to someone who could not get out of bed for a month and had a long list of things she was no longer allowed to do, It was all pretty much downhill from there,

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"Don't be in a hurry to grow up"