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Revived 'n Revamping

posted 6/10/2013 11:35:12 AM |
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  soft_touch938 no blog yesterday...sorry. I had one more day (Sunday) of scheduled activities or at least half a day. We went to church then stayed for the luncheon afterwards. I thought that morning I would never be able to get outta my bed I was so tired but I managed. But when we came home, I was at the end of my tether. I couldn't change my clothes fast enough! I hit my couch and that was all she wrote for the rest of the day. Susie had to work but she came over afterwards for our Sunday evening ice cream and when she left, I headed straight for news 'n weather, just bed 'n lights out!

It's rainy today and that's ok...don't have to water flowers! I was laying in bed this morning just lettin' my head wander as I usually do. I love takin' my time to get woke up...just lay there and mull things over. I made a decision...I'm not going to switch Zelda's room and the treadmill room. Instead, I'm gonna revamp Zelda's room...I think I can rearrange and create more space.

Last week ended up being a pretty good week albeit a madhouse of busyness. I had 2 appts. back in my old's and eye appt. I promised to spend some time, too, with my daughter. I took Zelda with me in the morning to drop off at her doctors...I thought her fan was going out and I was suppose to be able to pick her up at the end of the day. (didn't happen as their techs were out on call that day)

Anyway, a couple of months ago, I'd had my quarterly lab work done plus x-rays on my knees and hips and a heart stress test. I was to see the doc to go over the results. My reports were excellent! He cut one script down and added some supplements to my diet. I had been considering selling my treadmill but he wants me to start walking 3 times a week and then increase it to five so I guess I'd better keep it...and USE it! Another good thing there...I thought I owed them for a past office visit so I handed them a check for it. Ten minutes later the receptionist brought me my check and said I didn't owe them anything...yea!!!!!!!!!

So then I picked up my daughter and we went to the Eagles for lunch and gab. It was a wonderful afternoon with her. They were having computer problems so I told her I'd come up later when I was done with everything and work on it.

So, off to the eye doctor I went....thinking he and I would end up in world war 3 over my eyeglass prescription. It hasn't been right from almost the time I got them last November. (and I figured I'd have to pay for an office call) Anyway, my lenses are NOT right. He said since I had that corneal dystrophy that it must've taken longer for the swelling to go down and these lenses are WAY off. So I will get new lenses, probably sometime this week they will be done. AND, no office charge nor will there be a charge for my lenses. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I went to Walmart and took that cussed MagicJack back. No problem, zip-zing and I had my money in hand. Then I went to my daughters and didn't leave there until almost midnight!

And speaking of MagicJack. When I got my computer back, he said there was nothing wrong with the fan. (sorta like being sick but when you go to the doctors you suddenly have no symptoms and feel ok) That fan had sqawked twice for me on startup then got quiet but ran like a well oiled machine for them. But I had a bunch of viruses. Yanno, I had not done one thing different with Zelda. I visited no new sites nor got any unusual mail. So, therefore, to me, it had to have been that damn MagicJack as it was the only thing new that was connected to Zelda.

So on Wednesday, we stopped at Radio Shack to consult with the owner who is a good friend of Susie's and does all her electronic work for her. He asked which MagicJack I had and I said the regular one. He said he has the MagicJack PLUS and has had it for 2 years with no problem. It doesn't run through your computer like the regular one. You connect it to your computer for the download then disconnect it and just plug it into the wall so I'm going to try that one...and HE is gonna set it up for me...yea!!!

People have asked me why I can't just get by with my cellphone. It's because I have no way to carry it with me and it's an aggravation to have to find it everytime I go to the garage or if I leave it in one room and go to another and the tv is on, I can't hear it ring. It's worse than keeping track of a pack of I will get a house phone with 4 handsets, one of them for the garage. Problem solved!

So that light at the end of the tunnel is growing closer and closer. Come this Friday, it will be city wide garage sales. Susie's brother, wife and sister are coming over for that. I go along just for the fun of being with them. Then the following week is clean up that starts for us Tues. afternoon and goes through Friday. (Hillbilly Christmas) Then the craziness should slow to a crawl and I can do the coasting that I promised myself for the rest of the summer.

Time for a smoke break...brb....

Ok...that was a long break, had some phone calls to make 'n now I need to get my ass in gear, time's a'wastin'.

Ya'll have a good day, be safe 'n keep smilin'...


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Jun 10 @ 12:50PM  
I had actually considered that Magic Jack....but decided to just go with the cell phone. I was getting too many aggravating calls from some scam artists calling themselves "card member services". Got rid of the land line, and I have heard from them since. The phone company asked if I wanted on the announcement the new number given to any who try to call and I said no, the whole idea of doing this is to stop annoyances. It's been blissfully quiet.

Today is a day off from work for me, going to do some house work, should take only about an hour if that. Other than that, going to kick back and relax and take it easy today.

Jun 10 @ 2:10PM  
It's so good to read one of your at home blogs again. I've missed you Softy!

Jun 10 @ 6:33PM  
I've neem running around a lot. Today was grocery shopping. Tomorrow my buddy and I will go out and shoot some pool, have a few brews and go get Mexican for lunch. It is nice to be able to afford to go out and do something

Jun 11 @ 10:55AM  
when i resigned up with Verizon I got their home phone. Only disadvantage is one contraption for the phone and lost my fax capability otherwise I'm happy. All inclusive and its only 20 a month

Jun 11 @ 11:32AM  
Quick break here but usual...dangit.

Anyway...Sugar...I did without a house phone for quite awhile until I moved here and went with the Xfinity package plan that includes a home phone...I got too use to it, I guess. Besides, my cellphone is now one of those quarty keyboard phones and it's too hard to keep it with me because if I bump it, it turns on and I've called people unintentionally. Or it turns the light on and runs my battery it's near impossible to have it with me 24/7. With a home phone, I have handsets everywhere so I don't often miss calls and that stops people yelling at me for never answering my phone!

Miss you too, Skwirly girl. I'm dancing as fast as I can to get everything done...I'm simplfying my life so it isn't so chaotic and busy. I miss writing, be it here or just for my own entertainment and that's why I'm making major changes in my lifestyle. On the go and busyness is a point. The past 2 years, I tried that lifestyle and find I don't like was just way too much so I'm paring down, cutting out and reorganizing and looking forward real soon to having a lot more time to myself. (and I think you should come back 'n join us'll never be like it use to be but who knows...maybe it could be better. Won't know unless we try, right???) Hope all is well with you 'n yours. Got your garden out yet? And your flowers? Spring is such a busy time!

Ah I miss brews 'n pool...sigh. It isn't that I can't afford to go out once in awhile...we go out to eat more often than I like...but getting out to do the things I like to do means I go alone...Susie and I just aren't compatible in that area at all. You have fun 'n enjoy your day!

Yanno Lisa, Verizon in this town is the pits! When I got my new phone, I dropped every call I made so they gave me a deal on a better phone and it does work better but the reception is crappy and it still drops calls sometimes. I'm seriously thinking of going with another cellphone company but all my family and most friends are on Verizon and I hate that they'd have to use their minutes to talk to me and that's the only thing stopping me at this point...but if I get pissed enough at Verizon, I might just drop them for another company!

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Revived 'n Revamping