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A Test of Police Allegiance

posted 6/6/2013 8:12:00 AM |
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Whom will you serve when the federal authority comes to town?
Even local cops begin to question federal encroachment into their territory
By Chuck Klein, May 30th, 2013
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Here's a new twist on an old line: Two, fully decked-out SWAT members -- a local police officer and a federal agent -- are standing guard at a terrorist bombing site. As blue strobes probe, sirens yelp and armored vehicles rumble, one LEO says to the other, "Everyone in the world is the enemy, except you and me ... and sometimes I'm not so sure about you."
America is made up of city, village, township, county "local" cops in addition to state troopers and investigators. Added to this protective guard is a growing mix of federal alphabet soupers, e.g., FBI, ATF, IRS, DHS, TSA, DEA, et al.
Recently the Department of Homeland Security has been encroaching (is there a better word?) into local police jurisdictions. This was noted recently by the Western Center for Journalism that said: The DHS, plans to use their camera equipped drones for state-side activities beyond terrorism to something it calls public safety.
Prior to the proliferation of civilian concealed carry, it used to be "us vs. them" meant carriers of the shield against all civilians. Obviously the shoot-a-cop-at-every-stop never happened. Now, it might not be as clear exactly who "them" is. A significant number of these decent, law-abiding citizens have become "prepers"-- not so much because they fear the end-of-times, but more that they fear their own government. In other words, if chaos reigns, they aren't sure who they can trust -- the military and federal agents or the cop on the beat.
In the event of a real (or rogue government generated) catastrophic terrorist attack/communications gridlock, where will you be standing? Will you continue to serve and protect the citizens regardless of political, federal LE or military pressure?
Many visionary county sheriffs have taken a very gutsy position of drawing a line-in-the-sand over unconstitutional gun controls. They realize national schemes to register firearms, under the guise of background checks and restricted small arms, is an acceleration of that proverbial slide down the slippery slope. All LEOs might do well to reflect upon with whom they will link arms if the descent continues -- or escalates.
We, the local law enforcement community, must resolve to never surrender our intrinsic duty to protect our fellow Americans from all enemies -- foreign AND domestic. We owe a duty to our neighbors (the parents of the kids your kids go to school with) to reassure them of our commitment to serve and protect them from each and every adversary.
Today, we're approaching a point of no return. When the military moves in, the commander won't be asking: "Chief/Sheriff/Superintendent, where do you want my troops?" He/she will mandate, "Turn in your firearms and go home, we're in charge." Are we, the city kitties and county mounties, to forsake our sworn and moral duties and become subservient?

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Jun 6 @ 8:41AM  
My dad retired as Undersheriff (#2 cop) of our county. Back then I knew where the local law enforcement officers stood. They constantly had to resist the encroachments of the State police. Now my cousin is the Sheriff, and I'm not so sure the officers of today could stand up to the Federal Police Force. So much of their funding and training now comes through DHS. Including ammo for training. There have been reports (not personally observed) of municipalities having trouble buying ammo and weapons due to the millions of rounds being stockpiled by DHS. I HAVE observed the shortage of ammo on the store shelves. Someone else is buying up the supply...our new federal police force. I just pray our military isn't completely compromised before the federal police force takes over.

Jun 6 @ 9:10AM  
Liberals want government control of EVERYTHING!

And when there is no transparency like what we're seeing today with Barry, it makes him even more dangerous to democracy in this great republic we live in, or once did.


Jun 6 @ 9:29AM  
It seems to me, the government is trying to turn this into a police state, even if there are "elected" officials. And the really sad part, the younger generation that is so enmeshed with their cell phones, texting, playing games, and staying stoned or drunk, or both, do not care what happens.

for years it was a chipping away at little things, and went practically unnoticed by the average person. but since 9/11, there has been an acceleration and bigger chunks have been stripped in the name of national security. I strongly question that line. Anyone that believes other wise has got to be a terrorist and needs to watched, monitored, and eventually pulled out of the mainstream for anything, even if it is a conjured up charge.

too many things are going down hill and the ones that it will affect in the not too distant future don't care. it makes me want to cry for all that will be lost.

Jun 6 @ 9:32AM  
younger generation that is so enmeshed with their cell phones, texting, playing games, and staying stoned or drunk, or both, do not care what happens.

Sadly, this is true. I have seen this going on for at least 15 years.

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A Test of Police Allegiance