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The Decline of the Obama Presidency

posted 6/3/2013 2:16:58 AM |
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I came across this article posted by The Wall Street Journal and decided to blog it!

This article does cause me to sway a little from political dead center but, if one watched his actions during his last term, on into his 4 months in his 2nd term, he seems to be ignoring the American citizens welfare and has open arms for everyone else! I'm really interested in what the liberals have to say about this article! IMO, I think it's right on!

I've said it before: 'don't listen to what politicians say, watch what they do', to see their real character and intentions! Obama is still campaigning, he's still a politician despite being president of our country!

Link to the article

At the very end is the credit for the author:

"Mr. Barnes, executive editor of the Weekly Standard, is a Fox News commentator."

Well, you know the liberal side of the political fence is going to jump all over this, since they hate Fox news more so than the conservatives, it seems!

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Jun 3 @ 2:44AM  
I'm a Liberal and I don't hate Fox nor do I hate Conservatives, I do not limit myself to knee jerk dogmatic ideology and enjoy honest exchange of political ideas. Unfortunately there are many on both sides that resort to personal attacks if one does not accept and agree with them. As fsr as President Obama "still campaining and being a politician" I don't really understand your point, but am willing to listen to why this is a far as I know the entire Congress is made up of politicians who are constantly campaining. I was just saying to Straddle earlier that I don't put much hope or faith in any lame duck presidency.

Jun 3 @ 5:52AM  
I used to have tremendous respect for the WSJ, but after Murdoch bought it that all changed.

Jun 3 @ 7:44AM  
I'll respectfully suggest that if one opinion editorial (this is an opinion piece, not a news article) sways you from dead center, you may not really have been dead center to begin with.

I don't agree with the basic premise of the editorial, which seems to be that Republicans are willing to compromise but Obama refuses to do so. The gridlock in Washington is bi-partisan, but the fact is that the Republicans as the minority party arguably have the greater obligation to compromise, yet have refused to do so, particularly in the House.

I wonder what Mr. Barnes has to say about John Boehner, who has been completely unable to control his own caucus? It strikes me that Boehner is the weakest link in the chain, not Obama. We've seen over and over again that even when he is willing to compromise on a budget solution, he's too weak to sell it to his caucus.


Jun 3 @ 10:31AM  
I'm not dead center, and I do have a great dislike for the person in the White house right now. But I do agree with the whole premise of that article. Now if J.Q. Public would read and think, there may be some hope for this country yet. But what chance is there of that.

Jun 3 @ 10:45AM  
I think that the biggest problem(s) we have in our political process mainly involves the nature of candidacy and on into the primaries. From the outset most candidates are beholden to those with money, special interests and agendas. That gets us off to a bad start right there.

But then as the process moves forward, actually slides downhill, towards the primaries we get the section of the electorate that is the most involved politically. They are the ones who heavily influence the choices for the voters. These people live for politics often to the point of obsession and are largely out of the mainstream, usually on the left or right fringes. They are the movers and shakers of the primaries.

As a result we don't get candidates that are moderate/middle of the road in the general election that can work together but rather extreme liberals or extreme conservatives.

That equation is a prescription for polarization and grid lock.

Jun 3 @ 11:08AM  
I was more towards the center leaning a little to the left on most things until the right wing moved so far to the right that it left me way on the left.
As far as this piece I just consider the owner of the WSJ now is the same person who owns Fox News, Murdoch knows there is money to be made in stirring up shit on the right and why should he care he is not an American so whatever he does really has no real life effect on him, Sorry but I don't put much stock on anything said about American politics by a right wing money grubbing Aussie,
Could Obama do better? Sure if he moved a little to the left and started putting his foot down and give congress hell. Some people might not like it but it just might get things rolling, The speaker of the house is a joke and congress acts like a bunch of spoiled rich kids used to getting everything they want, Most of them could use a good ass whipping and send them to bed without their dinner until they learn to play well with others,

Jun 3 @ 12:01PM  
I read the article several times and found that after researching some of the allegations there were some inaccurate and inconsistent "facts".

Jun 3 @ 12:03PM  
2nd terms are called "lame duck sessions" for a reason. There should have been more effort on both sides to work together. Obama coming out in press conferences to admonish the GOP didn't encourage the GOP to work with him. Debt ceiling, no, it shouldn't be raised, D.C. needs to cut unnecessary spending. Just like we have to cut what is unnecessary in our budgets when things are tight. No, I don't have access to their books to see what would be construed as unnecessary, so can't say specifically where these might be a good start though.

These scandals don't bode well either because they can be viewed as the administration having either no clue as to what is going on, or being totally inept to handle the situations.

And I still say all of them in D.C., the President, V.P. and Congress should receive pay cuts for poor performance.

Jun 3 @ 6:56PM  
Debt ceiling, no, it shouldn't be raised, D.C. needs to cut unnecessary spending.

I agree with cutting unnecessary spending. I don't agree that refusing to raise the debt ceiling is a good idea. It would tank the economy.

The debt ceiling is raised to in order to pay for spending that Congress has already authorized. Refusing to increase it doesn't cut spending. It just results in a sudden and chaotic default on current obligations. This isn't a liberal viewpoint - you'll find the loudest opponents of refusing to raise the debt ceiling on Wall Street, hardly a bastion of liberalism.

A sudden failure to honor commitments already made will force the government to choose between defaulting on debt payment, Social Security and Medicare, military spending, law enforcement, border control, homeland security... you name it. It would be a massive disruption to the economy. Here's a link from the Wall Street Journal and another from Business Insider discussing that possibility.

Debt ceiling WSJ

Impact of failing to raise the debt ceiling

Deficit reduction is, in fact, is already proceeding at a much faster pace than expected. It's partially due to the sequester, partially due to the tax increase last January, and partially due to the recovering economy. Here's a link from CNBC.

Deficit reducing faster than expected


Jun 3 @ 8:26PM  
Thanks all for your comments!

As fsr as President Obama "still campaining and being a politician" I don't really understand your point, but am willing to listen to why this is a problem...

As far as "Obama is still campaigning" goes, I just feel that Obama has diverted most of his attention towards pushing, what seems to be his two major agendas (Obamacare & the immigration bill), that aren't wanted at this point, all the while, ignoring what is more important for the citizens.

IMO, I don't think Obamacare needed to happen! Part of the problem of high cost of medical insurance and medical procedures, can be attributed directly to the government itself because of its own mountain of regulations. Regulations beyond what is needed, is added burden to medical personnel, time and costs!

I'll respectfully suggest that if one opinion editorial (this is an opinion piece, not a news article) sways you from dead center, you may not really have been dead center to begin with.

By "dead center" I meant I personally don't trust our government period! An article that makes sense to me from either side of the fence, that causes me to lean one way or another a bit, doesn't mean I'm permanently moved in that direction by one article!

This simply shows that, unlike most people who pick a side and consider it as 'the only way to go', IMO, is the major cause for a lot of our problems! I can 'bend' with the wind. I just believe that neither side has all the right answers! So, get together and work on a plausible plan(s) to resolve our problems, instead of blaming the other guy for our problems!! That's just childish stuff!


Jun 5 @ 1:23PM  
You know it, I know it, and about half the country knows Barry is full of shit. Sure, he's taken some more hits with more scandals, but his supporters refuse to see the truth about this little twirp.

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The Decline of the Obama Presidency