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Do you trust President Obama?

posted 5/29/2013 10:25:27 AM |
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After his administration’s gun-running scandal, the IRS’ targeting of pro-limited government groups and the Justice Department’s wiretapping of reporters, I’m sure you think it’s insane for me to even bother asking you that question.

But to President Obama and his anti-gun pals, you’re likely the crazy one.

I don’t want to whitewash true mental health issues that many Americans suffer from one bit.

But President Obama and his anti-gun allies aren’t playing fair. They use buzz words and outright lies to cover their agenda and stampede weak-kneed politician.

So-called “universal background checks” are really code for national gun registration. “Anti-gun trafficking legislation” is really code for handing the ATF the power to terrorize law-abiding gun owners.

And the new “mental health” restrictions President Obama is pushing are a scheme to hand the federal government massive new powers to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights on a whim and without trial or appeal.

when Congress takes up gun control again -- likely in just a few weeks, perhaps to distract from the unfolding Obama scandals -- this is where I fear this fight could be headed.

You see, none of the lies gun-grabbers have told about the cold reality of their legislative schemes have gained more traction than this one.

In fact, many self-described “pro-gun” Members of Congress are pushing for new “mental health restrictions.”

The National Rifle Association even took the step of endorsing a new National Mental Health Database!

When I first heard that news, I couldn’t help but shake my head.

How naïve can you be?

Laws are already on the books designed to prevent those adjudicated mentally unstable or dangerous from owning firearms.

But to the gun-grabbers, that doesn’t go far enough.

The power they crave is the preemptive power to strip law-abiding citizens of their gun rights based on the most spurious of charges or a mental health counselors report (possibly required under Obamacare reporting) -- without adjudication.

And the gun-grabbers believe the groundwork has already been laid to classify as many Americans as possible as mentally unstable, including:

*** News reports that nearly 30% of the nearly 900,000 Iraq and Afghanistan War vets treated by the Department of Veterans Affairs have been diagnosed with PTSD.

These astounding figures only add to the hundreds of thousands of military veterans whose reward for serving their country in war is the loss of their Second Amendment rights;

*** New estimates by the World Health Organization that roughly one in five American youngsters will have some sort of mental health problems every year;

*** Estimates by U.S. Surgeon General Steven Galson that 46.4% of Americans experience some sort of mental illness during their lives!

To the gun-grabbers, disarming up to 50% of the American population within a year or two’s time sounds like a dream come true.

Have you ever gone through a traumatic experience?

Have you ever lost a friend or family member?

If you’ve complained to the wrong person or if you’ve been prescribed anything, that could be enough for you to lose your gun rights.

And ObamaCare’s massive national ObamaCare database provides just the tool they need to make it happen.

Once the “box is checked” next to your name, your gun rights could be gone . . .

But President Obama will play fair, right?

Only truly mentally disabled people will be affected, right?

I can’t imagine trusting any President of either political party with this kind of power over our God-given liberties, let alone this one.

But now you and I are learning that the woman who oversaw the targeting and harassment of nonprofit pro-liberty organizations for President Obama is now overseeing ObamaCare compliance at the IRS!

Do you really think “political concerns” won’t come into play?

Can you really trust that -- should President Obama gain this massive power -- those with the “wrong” religious or political beliefs won’t be targeted?

I can’t.

But if all our elected officials were saints, this scheme won’t work.

I know no one wants to run into a madman with a gun.

But the truth is, criminals, killers and sickos don’t get their guns legally.

Like the Newtown, Connecticut murderer, they often steal them.

The gun-grabbers’ so-called “Mental Health Restrictions” scheme is every bit as dangerous as the Feinstein Gun or so-called “Background Check” GUN REGISTRATION schemes.

The most attractive lie is the one politicians fall for the easiest.


The fights are only going to get more intense. The stakes are only going to get higher.

For Freedom,

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May 29 @ 11:01AM  
You will notice that in every federally funded clinic, health care providers are already required to ask "have you experienced any depression or feelings of anxiety?" (respond no) because the use of psychotropic drugs will be grounds for seizure of your weapons. Here is a PARTIAL list of psychotropic drugs according to Wikipedia. Do you or have you taken any of these?


If so, be prepared to hide your weapons when the national police force comes.

No, I don't trust the current administration.

May 29 @ 12:03PM  
I trust myself.....that about covers it.

May 29 @ 2:01PM  

I trust absolutely no one with a political background of any persuasion!


May 29 @ 5:22PM  
Would you pick up a snake of an unknown species?

May 31 @ 10:32AM  
google fema concentration camps thats what his building

Jun 3 @ 8:20AM  
Thanks everyone for your comments

Nov 9 @ 10:23PM  
Information can be easily acquired and just as readily withheld.This abomination (obamanation) of government currently in place is adept at both. I dare not say we could call it an "administration" for that would imply a direction, a performance of managerial skills, or at the very least an effort to maintain some semblance of an organization. Ideologues......nothing is more disdainful then the liberal dogma espoused by overzealous ill-informed fanatics.

Nov 13 @ 12:15AM  
Today's Gallup poll reports that only 43 of the American people trust resident oslama.....that's down 13% from last month. 40% disapprove of his job rating, also down from last month. Worse yet, his base is gone. Today Clinton came out with a statement that will destroy him, distancing him from the MOST powerful voice of the party. Add to the fact that also today, he was given 72 hours by the democrats to fix the problem with the AFA or they will unite with the GOP to defund oslama care. The Mutiny spells the end for the AFA law. Two separate bills sponsored by the Landrieu and Feinstein demo's will finish him. Of course we forecast this months ago, but he was too busy running from his scandels, too arrogant to listen to the people, and too small for the office. The emperor now has no clothes, and now he is a cornered rat.

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Do you trust President Obama?