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Why the fuck are you getting married

posted 5/22/2013 8:00:50 AM |
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I'm sure this post will be met with much cynicism and the angry comments will ensue but I gotta ask the question. Why would anyone in their right mind endeavour to get married anymore? I'm sure the average drones on this site posting in the hopes to beg a long term relationship will dispute this claim but what is the draw to such servitude? Long gone are the days of the subservient wife in the kitchen while Johnny lunch pail works 14 hours a day in a dead end job to put meat on the table for his brood. Roles have changed and, therefore, so has the concept of marriage. It is said that women marry men hoping that they will change and men marry women hoping that they won't. Unfortunately the exact opposite is what happens. Men are base creatures we want what we want our whole lives we don't change. We may vote for a different party or evolve to sympathize with an unfamiliar ideum but our core never changes, we are what we are and will always be. Women on the other hand are the opposite of this. They are a constantly changing ocean of emotion and thought. Not good or bad just different. So why the fuck do we espouse to know that the correct thing is to put these two perfect storms in the same room together and expect a serene loving end. There is no such thing. The only man meant to spend an entire life with one woman is the one who found a woman that thinks like a man and vice versa. I have been married a long time and willingly admit I'm not happy but the problem with the institution runs much deeper that my bullshit rant. I've yet to meet a truly happily married man. Perhaps it's because we need to get back to basics eat fuck procreate. We should stop chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow because inevitably, in the long run, that pot of gold ends up pooping in front of you with the door open and no one needs that image. We'd all just be happier if we fucked and fucked off. Don't agree? Blow me..... please

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Why the fuck are you getting married
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May 22 @ 12:18PM  
Guess your own marriage isn't so happy is it?

Not married, not looking to be married. Prefer the single life where I can come and go as I please, don't have to answer to anyone. Yeah, it's all good. Long term? eh...if it happens, it happens. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and that is what I do.

May 22 @ 2:10PM  
A committed relationship can be a good thing, and if this were 50 years ago, marriage was too. Now, I'm not sure people have the want much less the desire to do what a marriage takes, myself included. But then there are other reasons I don't think marriage for me would be a good choice, or for a prospective partner. People make decisions often without thought to the real long term. And I mean real life, things like jobs, health, mental states, differences in life styles, and the list goes on.

People being people will continue to make the choice to commit to a marriage, and many will fail. I did, twice.

May 22 @ 4:14PM  
We have become such a disposable society, the ease of marriage and the lack of social stigma associated with divorce. It's become more a game than a lifetime commitment.
The vast majority of women looking to get married seem to be doing so to meet an obligation their parents placed upon them. That or they want financial security.
Marriage was once something that lasted a lifetime, now it lasts till the ink is dry, and the alimony checks can begin.

May 22 @ 10:19PM  
I can think of one or two good reasons to get married, Property and legal benefits, In some states if people are not married and one partner dies the family of that person can take property they both paid into away from the surviving partner and put them out on the street, Have seen multiple cases of that here in Fayetteville, Also in most states if your partner is in the hospital and you are not married their family can come in and have you banned from even visiting them, They can make medical decisions for that person and you have no legal recourse, There are other reasons as well like insurance and other benefits where a partner cannot be added on unless you are legally married, If someone chooses to stay single that is fine too. They just need to stay out of live in relationships as well so they do not put someone in a bad situation, There is also the benefit of being able to claim a spouse on your taxes without risking an audit for claiming someone you are just living with,

May 23 @ 12:10AM  
She must have dumped you like a lead brick! You sound really angry. In a way I am glad that I am not married I don't have to put up with what the male doles out. I go where I want when I want and do what I want. Simple! Sometimes men are only good for a few things fixing my lawn mower and brut stregth to turn a rachet when I can't tighten a bolt. Yep it gets real loney but I don't have to put up with the BS of a marrieage. Been there done that and it was enough! On the other hand if you want to find someone to settle down with more power to you!

May 23 @ 12:15AM  
Never dumped me I'm still married just can't believe the hell that it is. You would've picked up on that if you read the blog instead of skimmed it while trying to think of something to say top gun

May 23 @ 7:33AM  
You would've picked up on that if you read the blog instead of skimmed it while trying to think of something to say top gun

Breaking your blog into paragraphs instead of one massive block of dense text will make it much more likely that people don't miss things that you say. It is much easier to absorb information that's separated into distinct thoughts.

Marriage isn't for everyone, but I think most people want a partner they can count on. Too many people idealize marriage and then end up being disappointed. You have to want to get married, choose the right person, and be flexible when confronted with imperfection.

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Why the fuck are you getting married