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The Benghazi coverup is unraveling

posted 5/10/2013 5:03:40 PM |
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tagged: politics, news, straddle, government

Obama and his administration are feeling the heat. The truth is starting to come out.

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May 10 @ 5:27PM  
Now we only need the mainstream media to report the facts.

May 10 @ 5:32PM  
Now we only need the mainstream media to report the facts
A lot of them are still trying to protect Obama, while continuing to ignore stuff coming out about it.

May 10 @ 5:41PM  
Benghazi was tragic, and for any side/group to use it for political gain is just wrong.

Cover up? Most likely. Isn't that what politicians try to do when they screw up? One would think after over 200 years that when a political figure screws up, the truth comes out.

The truth hopefully will come out on what happened. Till the final piece of evidence is presented, I'll hold off on any judgments.

May 10 @ 5:44PM  
I think it's Hillary they are trying to protect. That part from the hearings where she throws her hands up and says DOES IT REALLY MATTER ...Let's solve this and never let something like this happen again .. and oh btw I am leaving ..on a fast train.

classic Bait and Switch ..


May 10 @ 8:28PM  
Let me think Watergate, Iran Contra and no weapons of mass destruction, Let the people who have not covered up something throw the first stone, There might have been better security if congress had not cut their budget, Those things cost money you know, Withholding judgment on their being a cover up rather than just things and information just getting fucked up until I hear all of it.

By the way while we are talking about embassy attacks,


May 10 @ 8:39PM  
Lets just call it like it is. Republicans know if Hillary runs for president she is going to win so they are getting desperate to find anything to use against her, Thing is if she does not run the next five or six people who might run for the Democratic party are still more in line with mainstream America than the most liberal Republican, The Democrats will hold the white house and probably make gains in the do nothing congress as people are getting fed up.

May 10 @ 9:03PM  
Nope. Sounds like Obama's getting ready to throw her under the bus!

May 10 @ 9:35PM  
Rhonda, no one died with Watergate.

Do I think Watergate was wrong? Absolutely.

Same as for Iran Contra Affair.

As for no WMD, Bill Clinton and a number of other dems thought the same things as Bush did.

I can certainly understand being loyal to the party that you have more in common with as far as beliefs go, but to actually continue defending the people who have done wrong that cost lives while trying to cover it up while trying to blame a youtube video for it? I expect you and a lot of others to at least have a sense of right to see past your partiality.

May 10 @ 9:40PM  
The little chant that you libs chanted about Bush....

This is more fitting..... OBAMA LIED, PEOPLE DIED!

But you guys don't want to see it that way, because most are hypocrites!

May 10 @ 10:48PM  
I'm tired of people rolling out the weapons of mass destruction argument as a way of blaming Bush and deflecting blame from Obama.

There were intelligence geeks who watched the truck convoys taking WMD to Syria. Now he is using them on his own people just as Hussein did.

When will we stop playing with the political footballs and just do what is right? An ambassador was killed. His brave men were killed. Let's stop fighting among ourselves and take down the people who were responsible.

May 10 @ 11:16PM  
57 people died in embassy attacks under Bush. And where were the investigations? Bush lied and thousands died in Iraq.

May 10 @ 11:27PM  
Still can't find anything wrong with your Obama and the rest of your party I see.

Bush Lied eh? If Bush lied, then so did many top dems who also thought WMD existed in Iraq.

Do you think Clinton lied too regarding this issue? Do you think the CIA lied as well?

I really don't think any of them did. I believe all honestly thought they existed there. And if the WMD were there, they had been moved elsewhere.


May 11 @ 1:10AM  
My thought of the entire scope of the scandals of this administration and previous ones, is that the politicians, especially the ones in high places, aren't worried about what the general population thinks of the fundamentals of our country being torn apart!

Don't forget, anything they do that doesn't get them kicked out of office, is game for them! As long as they know that their pensions and benefit packages will remain in tact no matter what they do, they're going to continue on their agenda whether popular or not!

One computer term used in how a micro processor works is: FIFO (First In First Out) can be applied to politicians: PIPO (Politician In [modest net worth] Politician Out { a millionaire]). In other words, with incentives like that, why should they care what happens to the citizens of this country... their asses are covered!


May 11 @ 2:50AM  
Bush Lied eh? If Bush lied, then so did many top dems who also thought WMD existed in Iraq.

There is a difference between lying and going on misinformation being given by people who know better. Both parties were lied to on that one,

May 11 @ 3:12AM  
I posted this on Lady's Blog, but in light of the responses you've received from the ostriches and pagans it bears repeating. Their comments mirror the state of ignorance and political correctness plaguing our nation and mark my words they will be the first to absolve themselves and point the fingers at someone else. I hope we don't witness it, but they do because in their own minuscule minds they can obtain some credibility in their mundane lives. It's so easy to take the low road when you lack the foresight of the realities. Were it not for the sand the only place left for their minds would be their asses.


1 hr 9 mins ago

31 mins ago
It's inconceivable that our Secretary of State would be out of the loop. She knew about it as it occurred, she lied to absolve herself of responsibility and neglect of her duties in corroboration with Obama. She and that incompetent fool in the White House, in my opinion, are responsible for the deaths of four heroic Americans whose lives they willingly accepted due to their negligence, their incompetence, their lack of character and their choice to cover their asses. Obama knew it, covered it up, she knew it and covered it up and we know it. "WHAT DOES IT MATTER"?....Nothing to this corrupt administration because those who elected them care even less than they do. What will come of it.....nothing, because idiots like you are only concerned about their petty lives and can only see beyond their paltry mundane existence. Harsh? You bet, because unless you pursue the truth, you are as responsible for killing those heroes as the terrorists who will one day KILL someone you love. Then your tears and cries will be muted, and then and only then will your cowardly wailing's for justice go unheard and unheeded and you then will receive your just rewards for your impotence.

May 11 @ 6:17AM  
Latest update.....the White house is now blaming the CIA for the botched talking points. According to the latest lie from Carney, the White House released only one memo regarding the attack and is now throwing then CIA Director David Patraeus under the bus. Obviously he and Hillary will be exempt from prosecution. Patraeus in my eyes is a Hero. This isn't a whitewash......I'm sorry but let's call a spade a spade. IT'S A BLACKWASH! The hell with PC.

May 11 @ 7:45AM  
The only thing scandalous about the tragedy in Ben Ghazi is the attempt by right wing idealogues to politicize the incident. It won't work.

The only way to completely prevent an attack on a US embassy in a lawless country still reeling from a civil war is to not have one there. Under international law you can't station US troops (beyond a few guards) in-country, and by the time you can fly in special ops forces it will have been too late.

Republicans are pushing on Ben Ghazi endlessly because they aren't getting traction on any other issues, and because they fear Hillary Clinton in 2016. If 2012 should have taught Republicans anything, it's that they can no longer win national elections by trying to tear down the Democratic candidate. If you got nothing, voters won't elect you.

May 11 @ 8:35AM  
Twist and Shout has it right!

Anyone who can't see and understand that is deaf , dumb
and blind to world affairs and our great nations failed politicians!

May 11 @ 1:15PM  
"Thing is if she does not run the next five or six people who might run for the Democratic party are still more in line with mainstream America than the most liberal Republican,"

The bad thing is "Mainstream America" is going down the toliet .. I'm not sure that is where most Americans want to go.

May 11 @ 4:16PM  
There is a difference between lying and going on misinformation being given by people who know better. Both parties were lied to on that one,
And yet you still blame Bush on this one when he was given the misinformation as well.

.the White house is now blaming the CIA
Of course. Obama has always passed the buck as President. He'll only take credit for the good, that's it!

attempt by right wing idealogues to politicize the incident
Wanting the truth to come out is politicizing? Apparently you don't want the dirty truth to come out as it'll hurt Obama and Hillary, and the rest of your party.

can no longer win national elections by trying to tear down the Democratic candidate
Sorry bud, you're wrong again on this little statement. You guys can't run on the issues, that's why the dems did everything they could, along with the lamestream media to tear down Romney during 2012. Besides, your party loves giving entitlements away to people, especially the poor. Can't win elections, buy yourself elections from people with that sense of entitlement mentality.

Twist and Shout has it right!
No, he doesn't! I can see why our once great nation is in the shape as it is these days. Unfortunately, stupid people and the low information voter will always be allowed to vote.

May 11 @ 4:27PM  
Why didn't you leave the chart with the truth on it ??

May 12 @ 2:14PM  

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The Benghazi coverup is unraveling