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posted 5/9/2013 6:19:30 PM |
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That will become clear in a bit.

Last night, reading a blog, I made a joke to the POSTER of the blog about "someone is losing it". And then this morning, and email from a canceled account from non other than "icanwait" with this message:

Always knew you were stupid, but never realized the depth of your lack of intelligence. Granted, I've never liked you, but even a moron couldn't fail to see the difference in my posts versus someone insane like dr3arms. Of course your hate runs deep and that amuses me.

Do I really need to clarify who wrote that? I didn't think so. So, since he is the usual coward, cancels before anyone can say "boo" to him, here is my answer, and yes, it's public. For those who want to claim to be "bored" with the whole thing, fine, then don't read. No requirement made for anyone to read this except for the sender of that email:

Stupid you say? No, the only one "stupid" I see here is you for jumping to the conclusion that I would give you a second thought. I'm very well aware of your writing style asshole. And I can tell the difference. You, on the other hand, think you are so important that any and everything posted is about you, it brings to mind a song I despise:

Dedicated to the one I despise

It's like this. I've spent this time ignoring you because quite honestly, you have become boring, and a non issue. Yeah, I've seen the exchanges between you and dr3arms...and I admit to finding it amusing. But, it was between the two of you, had nothing to do with me. And I left it at that. I saw his blog over on MD, got a chuckle out of it, and posted a smart ass comment to which you fly off the deep end and send the above ignorant email.

So, yeah, you got my attention for a brief moment. I'm sure you're all hard and scumming up your shower again. You're disgusting, you're a low life, and I have no interest in you. As I've said before, I could give a damn that you're on either site. It's not my call who is on these sites. But, it's my call when you attack me. And I will not hide like you. Only a coward hides. And you are the biggest coward I've ever had the misfortune of ever coming across on a website.

So there, you got your attention. Now, I will return to treating you as the nothing you are. You want to fight and spar with someone, then take it up with someone who wants to entertain them selves at your expense. I find you boring.

Don't waste my time with anymore of your insane emails, they will only be deleted without being read. Well, actually, that isn't wasting my time if I'm not reading them. It's you wasting your time sending them.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. When you do your little run up the view count game, at least make it worth the laugh and run the views up to 2000, at least.

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May 9 @ 8:50PM  
Oh yeah, almost forgot. When you do your little run up the view count game, at least make it worth the laugh and run the views up to 2000, at least.

2044? good job my puppet. You dance so well.

May 9 @ 11:16PM  
From: cantwait(Cancelled)
To: bluewind37
Date: 05/09/2013 10:51 PM
Subject: No Subject

LOL>>>>>>>so easy to get under your skin.......LOL>>>>>>>>

No, not under my skin. Just making public the little coward that you are. Because, as everyone can see, I just posted that you emailed, and like the coward you are, you canceled again.

You don't have the balls to come back and stay. You know it, and so does everyone else who is laughing their ass off at you.

May 9 @ 11:38PM  
From: ladycocktail958
To: sugarnspice005
Date: 05/09/2013 11:26 PM
Subject: No Subject
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Give me your best shot chambermaid. LOL>>>>>>I love to see you rant at the slightest provocation. By the way, did you ever finish school and get your high school diploma or did the promotion to Head Chambermaid suffice?

Oh yeah, the puppet is dancing beautifully tonight folks. Check it out.

Weak baby, very, very weak.

*yawns* what a bore. Too easy anymore.

May 10 @ 12:02AM  
Still using the same old tired tricks I see

May 10 @ 12:03AM  
Cocktail you have become so boring, If you are going to be annoying at least be amusing with it,

May 10 @ 2:06AM  
Effing brilliant as always sugar!

May 10 @ 7:50AM  
I figured he would be off sailing by now and not return until Halloween.

May 10 @ 2:36PM  
I figured he would be off sailing by now and not return until Halloween.

If y'all recall, I called him on this several years ago..

All the time in the winter here. he should gave been in the Islands making money with his "Charter" clients, he was here harassing everyone..

As a a real, actual, provable ex charter boat skipper,( instead of investment/real estate broker/bartender and several other false careers) , (Who , btw) lost the home he was living in to foreclosure, I can attest to the time you make money is during the high tourist season in the USVI's or anywhere else in the Caribbean..

And here he was posting from Berlin, Md. on AMD

May 10 @ 5:39PM  
Yes Rev, it comes as no surprise that most of what he boasted of, turned out to be lies.

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