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posted 5/2/2013 9:02:20 AM |
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We all know that the C-Span Channel that broadcasts all those Congressional hearings is boring, but you should have been around to watch the Senate Finance Committee's hearing Wednesday on the Affordable Health Care Insurance Oversight.

You haven't seen so many faces of misery since you watched Les Miserables for three and a half hours...and they were all Democrats. One of them, Senator Max Baucus, was the primary sponsor of ObamaCare in the Senate!

Try to follow here because this gets pretty complicated. (It seems that Nancy Pelosi was right; "you have to pass ObamaCare to find out what's in it"...and Democrats are finally learning what Republicans tried to warn them about. (It's an unworkable mess that is throwing millions of Americans off the health care rolls!)

Apparently, tens of thousands of American employers have begun throwing workers off their health care plans and opting to pay the much lower federal fine for not offering health care for their workers. Thousands more are even now converting their full time workers to part time workers by limiting working hours per week to less than 30, in compliance with ObamaCare rules. (Remember when Paul Ryan and the Republicans predicted employers would do this? Remember when Democrats were warned that employers would move to save operating expenses by moving their entire work force into federal healthcare exchanges?)

Now, these workers who have lost their health care benefits are busy trying to sign up for state health care exchanges. (There are internet sites available if your state has agreed to sign up to ObamaCare).

However, when these American workers, soon to be without employee provided health care, go to the Health Exchange to sign up, they are finding they are not qualified! It seems that during the signup process, applicants are required to fill in various income and benefit qualifying data, which then flows over to IRS computers who then are to print out what your premium costs will be and how much federal tax credits you'll receive in order to receive subsidies to help you afford health care premiums that are as much as 30% more than you were paying under your employer's plan!

Problem! The IRS is only allowing somewhere around 9% subsidy support for ObamaCare Health care Exchange premiums that are priced so much higher than the worker was paying under his employer plan!

(Remember the warnings that forcing working Americans to pay for the 30 million free loaders who pay nothing for their health care under Medicaid driving the premiums of working Americans higher?)

Second Problem! The IRS computers won't mate up with the Health Care Exchange computers because the IRS computer system is obsolete! When workers try to sign up for ObamaCare the IRS and the Health Exchanges are telling applicants to go take a hike!

So fireworks really broke at the Finance Committee hearings on ObamaCare yesterday afternoon. Senator Max Baucus, (Dem), said... "How could this happen? I'm hearing from my constituents that they and their families have been left out in the cold and are without health care because the Exchanges are not accepting them!". Quote from Senator Bill Nelson, (Dem), Florida "my constituents are not going to be happy to hear this administration failed to implement the necessary changes to accommodate health care applicants...someone has to pay for this!"

Similar outrage was professed by Senator Ron Wyden (Dem) from Oregon.

Sadly, Obama Program Director for the Health care Affordability Act was on hand to lend testimony. All he seemed to do was sympathize with his Democratic buddies, saying that maybe the problems could be ironed out by the end of 2014 but could offer no ideas about how that could be even be done.

Update! This morning a Harvard economics professor came on CNBC and announced that, according to a federal study his group just completed, the Health and Human Services Secretary is going to be forced to come back to this same committee, hat in hand, and request $700 billion dollars more be allocated to ObamaCare just to pay for those automatically covered under current federal programs.

Also, sadly, the Wall Street Journal reported that, in addition to the 30 million Americans not currently covered under ObamaCare, we can expect tens of millions more who will be left in the "no health care Twilight Zone"; those who were doing just fine with their employee health care plan until ObamaCare was implemented this year. And many of those who were working 40 hour weeks will find themselves deemed "part time employees" working less than 30 hours per week and unable to afford Obama's premiums even if they could get through it's massive application process.

And, as usual, while the working poor, and the rapidly declining middle class will be out in the cold without any health care, the Medicaid/Welfare have no worry. They are covered by that $700 billion dollar pot of gold Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services will be demanding from Congress very soon!

Sad, very sad.

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May 2 @ 9:28AM  
Sadly, the public was warned.

May 2 @ 12:27PM  
Yes, I had Michigan's requirements to get affordable health care, and I don't qualify because I earn slightly over.

So far, I have not noticed my employer cutting hours on anyone, and we just had the annual employee meeting yesterday, and they didn't mention anything about it, so I really couldn't say what they are doing in regards to covering costs. They've already had a system implemented about 10 years ago where employees who get x number of hours in a year qualify for health insurance.

I do remember that when this was in the news, one of my biggest gripes was Congress voting on this without sitting down and REALLY reading it. Sure, I've heard/read others saying "they have people to read it for them and highlight important parts". What? EVERY last one of those elected officials should have sat down and read that bill from the first letter to the last period before voting. They didn't. And don't tell me they did, because they didn't. That bill was around 1,000 pages long. It would have taken all of them Senators and Representatives at the least 2 months to read that bill, and they spent more time bitching at each other and to the press about it than they did actually reading it.

If there is this huge mess....there are 535 assholes that need to focus on their damn jobs rather than on preening in front of cameras.

May 2 @ 12:28PM  
Sorry, typo in first sentence. Should read:

I had gone to look at Michigan's requirements.


May 2 @ 1:33PM  
Too bad it had to make it's way to law by the liberals a few years ago.

This is a disaster!

May 2 @ 2:00PM  
I'm going to have to talk to the VA and see how obummers system is going to affect me and what little health care I ask for. The only good thing is that there is just me, no one else for me to have to worry about. I will likely have to apply for disability in the near future, as well as going on SS, but if I don't get the VA medical, I might just as well walk away from this house, and find a cheap camp trailer to live in. Guess spending all that time in the military, working at one thing or another and paying taxes has gone for nothing. And from what I have gathered, being an illegal immigrant would give a person more healthcare than someone who is a natural born citizen. Yeah America, being non-raciest sure has put us in a fine pot of boiling water and guess who is getting cooked.

May 2 @ 7:31PM  
Obama got what he wanted, re-elected, it's up to the rest of the party to fend for themselves in 2014, if the voters hold them responsible it's not his problem, why should he care?

Aug 14 @ 12:37AM  
“there is no more important regulatory reform we can do that to repeal every single word of Obamacare.”
Senator Ted Cruz

"The Fed knows that the U.S. economy is not recovering," he noted. "It simply is being kept from collapse by artificially low interest rates and quantitative easing. As that support goes, the economy will implode."
Schiff says that, despite "phony" signs of an economic recovery, the cancer destroying America stems from a lethal concoction of our $16 trillion federal debt and the Fed's never ending money printing.

Currently, Bernanke and company is buying $1 trillion of Treasury and mortgage bonds a year. That's about $85 billion per month against a budget deficit that is about the same level.

According to Schiff, these numbers are unsustainable. And the Fed has no credible "exit strategy."

Eventually interest rates will rise... and when they do, Schiff says, stocks will tank and bonds dip to nothing. Massive new tax hikes will be imposed and programs and entitlements will be cut to the bone.

Author and noted Economist Peter Schiff

Any one with a basic grasp of Economics knows that the Feds buying of notes is anathema ('destruction' so you liberals won't have to look it up) to the American economy. It's Russian roulette and all the chambers are loaded.

As ever was,


Aug 21 @ 12:27AM  
It's never going to pass the House. Even the Democrats are bailing on it.

I had to laugh my butt off as oblamas latest effort is too hold a contest to garner voters. What a rodeo clown, hey but that's out current resident.....a game show host.

Aug 21 @ 1:04AM  
Sorry for the spelling mistakes, but I had to leave something for the twits to write about......

Aug 25 @ 1:37AM  
I'll pay the fine rather then buy the bullshit. FUCK while you're young, but don't get fucked by Obama.

Dec 15 @ 1:37PM  
This oslamas version of the BIG BANG THEORY but I'm afraid it's not playing as well as the sitcom. I'm betting his show will not get picked up for another season.

Feb 23 @ 9:15AM  
Did you know that Medicaid is only a loan? When you die the government will JUST TAKE YOUR PROPERTY!!! You'll have nothing to pass on to your heirs. This is Obama's grand plan to destroy America. Check it out before you sign up to Medicaid. The moochers have nothing, and so they have nothing to lose. People who actually work for a living will lose everything.

Mar 5 @ 1:53AM  
"Did you know that Medicaid is only a loan?" How stupid is this? The right wing is hoping you believe this BS to scare you into re-electing them. There are 10 states who try to recoupe money, but not all states do this. California, Colorado, Iowa, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, and Rhode Island.

PS, these are states that their own people voted on these policies. It is due to estate assets. Again, a state issue. Stop spreading lies.

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