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posted 4/19/2013 7:35:00 PM |
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Ok folks, enough. Gun control is a subject no one has the total answer too. Criminals and crazies will get guns by any means possible. And of any type they want. I can think of a few other ways to kill of a number of people, none of which involves guns. The thing is I do not want to do that.

To give a fictional but believable scenario, start with a home burglary where just one hand gun is taken, not an arsenal. Along with other valuables. The thief then sells the gun to a fence, who in turn sells it to some one else, who is a pretty much law abiding citizen. Now our citizen is a happy camper, he, or she has some protection. The fly in the ointment, other scumbags have witnessed the sale in the less that open atmosphere of a legal sale. So upon leaving and heading back to their normal life, the scumbags assault and rob our now victim of the gun and the cycle repeats.

The next purchaser is a mental defective, pure and simple, and has been buying guns and ammo to get back at society as a whole for their problems. Unfortunately, tho diagnosed as bi-polar, psychotic schizophrenic with homicidal tendencies, nothing is done to keep them from one day doing what we have seen all to often lately. Someone that should be locked away from society is instead left to run rampant. All in the name of being “humane”.

Finally our last perp has all the ammo and weapons to walk into any venue to take their revenge on society. So off the sicko goes, on a Sunday, to the church where their life, as they see it, was ruined by the overzealous preacher, their mother, and the rest of the congregation who ignored the problems that were becoming apparent. Instead of psychiatric and social counseling or care, they get “Oh mighty GOD, drive the demons from this young persons soul. Heal them that they may show the world YOUR glory and goodness.” And all that does is drive them deeper into the psychosis.

I'll let you figure out the rest. It is beginning to sound like I'm planning something like this, I'm not. And since I am neither screen writer or author, no need to finish it, the point is made. No amount of law passing, posturing, wailing, or gnashing of teeth is going to stop it. The gang bangers, drug dealers, and other underworld types kill each other more often than people of the general public. Let them. Just quit all the pissing and moaning and get the politicians to get their heads out of their asses and see the truth. If they don't, recall them, impeach them, investigate them to the inth degree, and or elect someone that does have the people and the nation in mind, not their own overly padded asses.

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Apr 19 @ 7:46PM  
Or they just steal a gun from an owner who did everything right . Funny thing is nowadays the gun owner would get the blame instead of the thief . We are getting half ass backwards in this country.

Apr 19 @ 8:58PM  
If they don't, recall them, impeach them, investigate them to the inth degree, and or elect someone that does have the people and the nation in mind
This is EXACTLY what Obama perceives as his next move, except that he'll be attempting to banish the
REPUBLICAN party--not the Dems.

Yeah, I got my handgun before all the hubbub kicked into full gear, but ammo's still scarce. I managed to score a few 17 round magazines, too, before THOSE were outlawed, as well. The funny thing?? If our good prez hadn't showed his hand before the Sandy Hook shootings, THOUSANDS of new gun owners wouldn't be admiring their new acquisitions!!

Apr 20 @ 1:35AM  
i still think that background checks on everyone who buys a gun is not really infringing on anyone's rights and that people who cannot pass said check are really not people we want running around with guns anyway, It might not stop all gun violence but it would at least cut back on it, I think it should apply for private sales as well, I like guns and grew up hunting and carried one at a former job. However I don't want people walking in off the street and able to buy a military grade weapon with a high capacity rounds with no questions asked, If you think you need that kind of fire power I have a lot of questions, like WHY and what do you plan to use it for? It sure is not for hunting animals and not really practical for home protection as you would pretty much take out your own house as well as the intruder, Yes we will still have illegal guns out there but they would be easier to identify if we knew where all the legal guns were, The constitution says we can bear arms for a well regulated militia not a free for all that could take out a small army, By the way did anyone notice the Boston suspects had semi automatics they were using on police? Bet the police would be in favor of making those guns illegal i have yet to meet one cop around here who is not for gun control and background checks and think it is way overdue,

Apr 20 @ 7:31AM  
Same as it ever was, same as it ever was

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