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I actually had to think about how I was REALLY going ot respond. Prt. 1

posted 4/19/2013 3:25:21 AM |
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tagged: commentary, laughing

I'm going to take you to task. This isn't about one upping you 958, nor is it about my venting whatever net rage I have pent up. this is about one thing, and one thing only. This is about me telling you EXACTLY what you need to know to back the f'uck off, to let you know that I REALLY am holding back when it comes to tearing you a few new holes in that demented psych of yours that makes you think you're so much better then everyone else.

Who gives a shit that you've HAD two houses.
Who gives a shit about your trust fund.
Who gives a shit about your friends, or even the fact that you have a girlfriend/blowup doll.
Who actually gives a shit about you here? No one. they tolerate you because they've given up hope that you'll suddenly get it through your homeless skull that you are NOT welcome here. Sure, you can claim all you WANT about having all of these great resources at your disposal, about how you'll find out everything you can about me just to make my life a living hell, how you'll supposedly, rain down hell fire and fury on me because I won't play the role that you want me to.

You know, I just REALLY wanted to vent my thoughts, instead I have to deal with somebody who's a compulsive liar, a narcissistic egomaniac with a overinflated sense of self importance who constantly feels the need to subjigate everyone around him into thinking that they have no other choice than to simply obey him or face the wrath of his "magical blog".

Now I've been told that you love to use personal facts about people against them facts that you will only use if you've "Uncovered" them. but I know for a f act that once that knowledge is laid out bare before you get a chance to wield that so called power that you lose that little bit of influence you think you have over people.

You say you're going to find everything there is to know about me? Why not visit my FB page? Why not use that every bit of information that you can find there to tear my life apart, just you and your IMAGINARY friends and alternate personas can, in your own words, "Make my life unpleasant."

How are you going to do that? From ACROSS THE UNITED STATES? How 958, I'd really like to know? Are you and your magic little words going to make my dirty little secrets known to the world? dirty little secrets that I've openly written about in public forums like Myspace, facebook, twitter, foursquare, linkdin, and many other pages, personal sites, blogs, youtube channels, feeds and everything else? How exactly can you make my life any more of a hell?

Come on 958, face it, you've lost. Go to your little cardboard box, snuggle up with the homeless woman who's in a coma that you repeatedly rape of ANY self worth every time you speak to her, and cry yourself to sleep. You are a worthless human being. Your parents would have been so much better off not having met at all to save the rest of the planet, nay, the fucking UNIVERSE the kind of bad karma you like to inspire in people on a daily basis. And I know you're looking at this on your cell phone, somewhere, huddling under a bridge like the f 'ucked up troll you know you are secretly trying not to make yourself out to be.

I know that you view yourself as the victim 958, that you make it out in your mind like you did absolutely nothing wrong, and the site is to blame, because WHY should YOU ever take responsibility for your own actions and terrorize some group of bloggers who live in the same city and state as you? Because you know you're at fault. You know that you f'ucked up BIG time when you took me on, that you freak the hell out anytime someone mentions me in a message, thread post, twitter update, or even when I make my presence KNOWN on the forums of both the vanilla or chocolate sites.

You silently freak out because you want to portray yourself as this BIG, SCARY, RICH MAN, who can end our accounts at the slightest provocation. Well human failure, I'm prodding the sleeping bear, I'm calling you out. I'm tearing you a new asshole and laughing at the image of a faceless coward who can't even defend himself in a single post, because you know it's true.

You know you don't have two houses, and even if you did, they're probably being foreclosed on because your funds are running out, that you have no REAL authority over anyone, that you are just a sad, angry, lonely, little man with little choice but to play out your golf fantasies in your little mind. That you play at having friends, but in reality, the one the rest of the world is in dealing with the sickening tragedies that are seemingly in a weird domino effect, those are simply voices in your head. You were never popular in school, or in any grade, your friends, if there were actually any that bothered to actually accept you as such, and not as some status symbol of perceived popularity, only used you.

If I were driven enough, I could and would press charges against you for repeated taunting, for trying to make me think that you're going after my friends and family in an effort to make me just like you.

Where's your retort?
Where's your posse now?
What ever happened to that so called "unpleasantness" you WERE so eager to dish out?
Is messaging and canceling your accounts the only thing you're good for?
What's that?

Awesome ALWAYS on.
Dr. Thaddeus Three Arms, aka Morgan James Gavin
Part 2 of the awesomeness

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I actually had to think about how I was REALLY going ot respond. Prt. 1