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What's wrong? Have you given up already? Pathetic worm!

posted 4/18/2013 4:40:16 AM |
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Morgan Gavin Numbah 1:
"LOL>>>>>>>>>That your best shot PSYCHO? LOL>>>>>>>You got no game, Momma's Boy!"

Not even close to being my best shot.

"I have two houses Momma's boy.....oh and the REV'S boy too. We talked about that the Rev and I.....He says you're his perfect little errand boy. Where's daddy by the way? Left you carrot top......Daddy left you and Momma eh? The REV filling in? What you going to do when he goes.....less than a year left on his ticket carrot top. Still no comments or friends.....that's because you're unstable...LOL>>>>>>>

I don't need comments to tear your ass apart 958.

"My, my,'re so obsessed you've got 3 blogs waiting to post.......LOL>>>>>>You're new at this game, but I don't think you're intelligent enough to compete. You failed at writing. I checked that out with your buddy who wrote the book. Seems you didn't have any focus or structure, just dementia....or at least that was his opinion. Sort of like your continuity. One is a rant, the next is a feeble attempt to succor friends. I think you need to drink more. At least then you can get out all that frustration at being a flop. Come on carrot top. You need to ask the Rev first before you come at me with all his lies. He's dying and you're getting old with your rhetoric..........LOL>>>>>>>>>>

compared to your tweenage level of cell phone texting that you do, it's a wonder how you're able to maintain hold of a failing trustfund and pay for those two cardboard boxes you call houses. But I understand, you've got one box for yourself, and another for the legless vietnam vet that swears his penis is elvis.

"OK carrot top, if you don't behave I'm going to write your mother (I have your address thank you) and tell her what you've been up to online. Now you either try and act like a responsible adult or I'll have to call your Mommy. Pretty much like the same thing you do with the mods. Again, I'm not like the Rev, your pedophile buddy. If I have to dig into your life I won't hesitate. It won't be pleasant for you. I'll find out where Daddy went or is, find him if he's alive and we'll go from there. In the meantime I'll tell Mommy first. Then your doctor.........."

Behave? dude, dude, 958... compared to you, the mods fu'cking love me. I don't cause trouble, I know who I'm going after, and I've got users who trust the hell out of me. I may not be a comment magnet, but then again, I don't need to be. i'm not the attention whore you seem to be. Do your worst, or has it become dinner time for you? On the menu, your level of self worth. Zero.

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What's wrong? Have you given up already? Pathetic worm!
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What's wrong? Have you given up already? Pathetic worm!