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Wha? Reality? Whazzat!?

posted 4/16/2013 12:15:10 AM |
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tagged: life, commentary, boston

First off, the bombing sucked for everyone. My man Carl had some theories about who it could've been, I'll CP them here for you.


"It could have been a distraction to draw attention away from the real bombing. Either they paid a homeless guy to do that or somebody pretending to be indigent and dressed in the roll acted as a distraction. The fire in the JFK library could have been more of the same. Read some of these Republican Tea Party sites, many of those guys advocate arms revolution against the Obama Administration. There's your motive in a nutshell. It could be a small group of ultra-violent Tea Party members. My guess is they're college educated or at least some of them are and several are probably ex-military due to the intricate planning involved. Maybe college students a white supremisist group like Aryan Nations.

"I've seen Arab insurgents in action first hand.This doesn't jive with their usual modus {email address removed} I hope I'm wrong but I'm pretty certain I'm not.

"I'm just furious that all the news agencies are speculating Arab terrorist when this feels to me like anything but.The same thing happend right after the Oklahoma City Bombing.My feeling is these guys weren't local Bostonians. It's assholes trying to make a sick political point with the blood of their own countrymen.They might have been hoping to kick off a civil war or revolt by conservatives but didn't realize they'd be reviled by many of their own party for their actions.

"Tea Party Members think of themselves as "Patriots." Their sites always proclaim themselves as such.Hitting the home of our first revolution on "Patriots Day." was meant to be symbolic,like the Boston Tea Party was.That's how I know at least their leader is college educated to some extent.They were expecting other conservatives to get their symbolic gesture only to find they were hated for it by both sides of the political aisle.That's why they haven't claimed responsibility for it after the fact.Arab terrorists would have called in the first couple of hours to claim responsibility.They'd want others to know.This particular bunch is freaked out right now because their political message wasn't understood,hence nobody claims responsibility for the act.

"I worked up a psych profile of their leader.He's narcissistic,hates minorities,not very good with women.He's probably 25-35,a WASP and/or Evangelical and a gun nut.He somehow feels wronged by minorities.Maybe he didn't get a college scholarship or his girlfriend left him for somebody who is a minority.He's very vocal about his political and religious beliefs.Probably comments on Republican sites and in public.This wasn't a spur of the moment act.He probably planned this out for months maybe even a year.

I used several different social sciences to come to these conclusions. Don't be shocked if I'm very close.I did take a psych course in profiling criminals for my Masters.I got an A 98%..."

So there you go. you get pissed, not my problemo.

Time to open the viel and let you peer in to my world.. So... Today wasi ntersting to say the least. I had planned on going to the campus today but I got majorly distracted by getting some laundry done. I got one load completed and then got distracted by what else? The fucking internet. So I go to CL just to renew some ads I've got flying around t here and within a good tern to fifteen minutes I get forty (What what!!!) replies, all from cam spammers with pretty good pictures.

Then I go to work in Unreal tournament map maker to try and redesign a old map, which for the most part is relaxing when paired up with classical music and I get VERY focused until I get everything JUST right, this includes level design, path node placement, flag base placement for CTF maps, player start locations weapon and health placement, the works. I'm still trying to figure out some of the more advanced features since I've been doing a lot of basic stuff between deathmatch and Capture the flag. Maybe i'll toy around with some Domination mode stuff and see if I have some interesting results.

In the middle of all of that, Tari calls me out to the living room and we have the usual "Find a job" Talk. In the past, I'd just make a fuss about it, lead in to a useless and pointless argument about some such, and leave the room. Lately, with all the venting of frustrations on 958 though, I've been a lot more docile. theraputic venting. Works every time. So I listen and we go through about five or seven different topics or noninterest to me, but I'm waaaaay too calmed down to not pay attention.

After that, I put the dog crate in my room together and start training mah doogy max to go in his crate by throwing biscuitsi n the back. Surprisingly (To me at least), dogs do anything for treats. So at the moment, he's knocked out with his ass facing towards my chair. Which I am currently sitting in. Fuck.

I finished up the Madison Story Arc a few days ago, and I'm now working on the Gay Marriage arc because of the wierd crap storm that facebook went under from the equal sign thing. I am in support of this, I've stated this before, and in a attempt not to repeat myself on any stupid matter, will... Do... Something. Om Nom.

So 10.1 is the continuation of it, and to be honest, I do not know how long this will take me to complete. but every Arcs different. So that's at least something.

Pat, awesome chica that she is, keeps me updated on pretty much everything MD and ADM related that has to do with 958. She claims I've scared 958 shitless. to which I state: "Good." Now at least i can try to get some blogging done without hearing that he's giving people crap through his socks. that is weird little image though... Crapping into socks and giving the crap filled socks to people on the street. Merf. Moving on.

everything's been pretty quite on that front... Oh right. The Boston Marathon bombing. My man Carl I mentioned earlier? He learned not to fuck with my work related sites. He posted something about who he thought did the dirty deed on my comment that was supposed to be about hearts going out ot those hurt or killed by the bombings and... Well, here's a big ol chunk of my reply for your reading pleasure.

"THIS IS A FUCKING FAN PAGE FOR A FUCKING STORY YOU ASS! WHERE THE FUCK DOES IT SAY THIS IS A FUCKING CONSERVATIVE PAGE CARL!? WHERE THE FUCK DOES IT SAY THAT!? Here's a fucking grand idea mother fucker, why don't you just fucking post your theories on the fan page for our book? Fuck everything up then? Why not there!? DO YOU HAVE ANY FUCKING IDEA HOW LONG AND HARD I'VE WORKED ON KEEPING THIS PAGE CIVIL, CARL!? DO YOU!?

I've worked eight fucking years on this story, EIGHT, without some much as a fucking peep from anyone with a compliment to the story, or how awesome they think it is, and even when they did, it's usually someth

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Apr 16 @ 9:03PM  
Conspiracy theories and guessing a CP doesn't make it so

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