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This...That...and The Other Thing

posted 4/15/2013 9:43:27 PM |
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I'm gonna ramble here so deal with it.

First of all...the bombing in Boston...such a sad and scary thing to happen. I think it's some demented person lookin' to make a name for himself. An eight year old boy was killed they have said at this point. Another dead and so many maimed and hurt. A sad and shameful time for America with so many crazies roaming loose. Pray for those injured and the lives lost and their families.

I've begun my spring cleaning. My goal is cleaning but it's also going to be a challenge because I would like to let go of a lot of my knick knacks and odds 'n ends. I just have too much STUFF!

I didn't make a lot of headway started late then Susie interrupted me for awhile. Then she brought a guy in to look at my electrical system. My lights tend to flicker. There's plugs that I can't use for my sweeper because it trips the breaker. The heater on my fireplace trips a breaker. The same thing happens in the garage. So anyway, this guy is gonna put me in a new breaker box and take the overload off some of the wiring. I will certainly feel safer and I just love my Susie for doing whatever it takes to keep me safe...she's da best!

It's been a long winter. It was a painful one. Not only physically but emotionally also. I finally fixed the physical part...Celebrex has made me a new person and I'm pretty much pain free.

As for the emotional... I have been to hell and back all winter. There's nothing like taking a journey into ones self to root out things that stink and things you don't want to face or deal with.

My life with Susie has been rough. We're like oil and water. We seldom are on the same page about anything and our daily schedules are totally out of whack. She's a VERY early morning person and I'm doing good to be lucid by noon. We're both stubbornly independent, right fighters and have little in common. They say opposites attract and boy did I pick an opposite!

Then there was the ex that I've written about a few times. She has been the fly in the ointment for me from the very beginning! It's taken me all winter to get my head on straight...and I DID IT!!! Who needs head shrinkers...I did it all by myself (well I have to give that Man upstairs most of the credit...I asked and He gave.)

I don't particularly feel like going into's long and convoluted. Let me just say that in all this mess, I finally found ME! Since Susie doesn't communicate well face to face (that's an understatement!!!) I wrote her letters and e-mailed them to her. Apparently I said the right things cause she hasn't said a word and it seems to have achieved what I was looking for...more freedom to do my own things. I most of all want us BOTH to pursue our lives separately and be comfortable with that.

As for her 'ex'....I just let go. I do believe her ex is mostly a close friend. They have a camaraderie between them like I use to have with my Bobbsey Twin. I can understand that. But I did tell her that I won't be bumming around with them...her friends aren't necessairly mine nor mine hers.

So.....I will have a marvelous freedom this summer for a change. I don't know for sure what I want to do with it yet but it will be good to just get out and go all by myself. It will be good to have some evenings alone. It feels damn good to not have someone trying to run my life and overload it with things I don't really wanna do.

Freedom...there ain't nuttin' like it!

We went to the beer joint Saturday night for karaoke...I got snockered and had a bit of a hangover Sunday morning but I sure had a good time. We go every Saturday night when she gets off work. It's a very relaxing time...they just have karaoke one Saturday a month. This summer she will be off work til the end of September and we plan on walking up to the bar on Saturday nights,

As I write this, I've been putting nail polish on 2 of my for the garage and red for the house. I could get fancy keys but why pay the price when I can just color code them? Works for me! And speaking of nail's officially summer...I polished my toenails today. I let them "rest" all winter but now it's sandal weather so they can't go naked

Well, I'm gonna try to get to bed early tonight so I can get an early start in the morning. Susie has to take her Mom to the doctor and she will be occupied most of the day with Mom so I won't have any interruptions all day...hopefully as there's still my Sis....sigh....

Ya'll enjoy your evening 'n keep smilin'....


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Apr 15 @ 10:14PM  
I kinda got started on my spring cleaning here. We almost hit 70 today! It got warm and I was able to open the windows....and listening to the birds singing.......I ended up out in the backyard for a while with the dogs. And OMG!!! My little waterfall/pond in the backyard is full of dead leaves! That is going to be a two day job getting that cleaned out! Day one...digging the leaves out and letting them dry enough to bag out the basin of the pond part. And, since I totally forgot to pull out the little sump pump before winter hit, I'm sure I have to get a new one. I had thought about just pulling it all out and filling that area in, but, the birds like the water's so cute watching them play in it. I have a screen I usually have over the pond part so they don't fall in the water and drown. I usually empty the water out of it in the fall and put the screen away so the winter doesn't rust it out on me. So, that will be a part of the yard work this year, along with the raking of the dead leaves I didn't get last fall, and the twigs that have fallen over the winter. And the *ahem* other messes I didn't bother with over the winter...... Five dogs can leave quite the job out there.

But, I won't complain. I would rather have this than dealing with being cold, driving on icy roads, and digging out the driveway...although...this past winter, I admit I only had to do that once. It was a weird, quiet winter. Overdue considering the last couple were killers with storm after storm, with a blizzard or two thrown in.

Now, hopefully summer isn't one of those blistering hot and humid ones. One with low humidity and temps no higher than the 80's would work for me.

Apr 16 @ 7:55AM  
It's taken me all winter to get my head on straight...and I DID IT!!!

As the changes for me have settled in and I am enjoying my new surroundings, I have noted a significant change in myself. Is it for the better or the worse? I don't know or give a damn.

What I am speaking of is that I have become much harder line in not wanting to be around or placate people with acute anger management issues. Fuck 'em, it is their personal problem, not mine. If something I do or say pisses them off, tough titty. They can deal with it and I'll ignore it. If I get booted from a Christmas card or friends list, BFD

I had more to say in response to your post, on my weekend adventure but decided to convert it to a blog and just leave the part above.

Apr 16 @ 12:22PM  
That a girl Softie do it your way.
That's the way I do and I like my freedom to do as I damn well please!

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