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How to waste a perfectly productive day

posted 4/14/2013 1:32:59 PM |
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This isn't about any chit but the way my day has gone so far, and it isn't even noon yet. Got up this morning too damned early, and finally found my coffee and a smoke, looked at what ever new blogs were on and tried to get my eyes to open all the way. That took a awhile, so I zoomed the screen a bit to make out the words, and found there was nothing I wanted to read in the blogs. At least at that point in my day. Finally got one full cup of coffee down and the right eye tried to open a little more, but the left one wanted to go back to sleep. Try doing anything with that situation to deal with.

Finally got a match stick and propped the left eye open. Reluctantly it finally did decide sleep was not an option for it. So, check the weather, gonna be warm, if a little humid today. Good, I can get out and get some more of those downed limbs picked up before it warms up much more. Might also get part of that pasture mowed without getting the tractor stuck. Good plan, nothing real strenuous, and it will help the looks of the place at least a little. And in the mean time, my mind found another of those butterfly’s I deal with anytime a thought crosses my mind.

While finding my clothes and getting dressed, I happened to concentrate for too long on that sassafras tree that I'd cut down a few months back. It needs to be cut up and my chainsaw wasn't co-operating at all, hasn't started in about a year and a half or so. Got it in the shop to see what it needs and how much it is going to cost to fix it. When it ran, it was a wood cutting sombitch. But not running, it is just another piece of junk I need to do something with. Now I had been looking at saws on the net for a couple of evenings, and manged to pretty much stay on track with that thought. But not today, nooooooooooo. Today the butterfly lit and side tracked me all over the place. So, I spent a couple of what should have been working hours, looking at portable saw mills of all things. At first my inclination was a chainsaw mill, simple, and not too expensive. Big problem tho, no saw big enough to do good with. And to buy one even used, forget it. One that big would run my scrawny arse in the ground just trying to start it. Not to mention costing more than old S-10 is worth. Next choice, a portable band saw mill. So, I spent another hour or so looking into those. Found one that looks pretty good, customers had very good comments, and almost affordable as well as something I could set up and operate by myself.

Finally managed to get out and get some good done with picking up and piling limbs on the brush pile. Took the cart off the back of the tractor and got the mower deck cranking and proceeded to go to down on the pasture. Other wise called a side yard in town. Everything was going great, until the friggin belt broke. I'd managed to get a pretty good swath cut down one side and across the front. Damn, now I have to into town, get a new belt, and might as well get some gas for the tractor, and I need some celery from the grocery store, will check and see if they have gotten around to checking out the saw, and hope it will be affordable to fix, if not, another piece of junk to deal with.

So another productive day shot because of butterfly’s and a broken belt. I think I need a case of Cptn Morgan.

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Apr 14 @ 3:07PM  
I'd managed to get a pretty good swath cut down one side and across the front.

That is challenge I am facing and am unprepared for. I have about an acre that I will need to mowed in two weeks or less. So I went up to Craigslist to find a push mower for under fifty bucks. It was never a problem doing so in Dallas, but it is a problem here There weren't any There are plenty of mowers listed but they are riding type or with a much bigger engine than I need and far beyond my budget

Apr 15 @ 11:17AM  
My 'butterfly' is kinda running rampant today, too. There's a lot of things I need to do today 'n here I sit...can't get my motor started but that's typical of Mondays for me.

For some reason, I feel antsy this morning...maybe the coffee but I don't think so. I hate feeling that way because then I can't pin anything down and get going in one direction so I just flounder around in idle.

My gf gets up at the crack of dawn and by 10 or so she has her work done. We've started a rotation of our vehicles going to the dealership for oil changes. She took out the first one and I followed to bring her back so now the mechanic will drop off and pick up the next one until the last one is done.

So instead of jumping right into getting some work done, I wandered back here and here I sit, wondering if I can scrounge up something for a blog...shrugs...or do I even feel like it? Dunno...jittery...indecisive so I guess I'll go have a smoke 'n see what happens next.

(Kudo...I get a kick outta your sense of humor. Keep writin' blogs please!)

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How to waste a perfectly productive day