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Lets tear some 958 ass

posted 4/14/2013 2:47:00 AM |
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Thanks to my man, I've got some new ripping ammo to unleash. Seems ol 958 is somewhat of a dick, but he got ripped apart in the forums when he rejected the chica above him for the "would ya fuck the person above ya" thread, anyways, chica goes fucking ballistic and ends up turning more then a Bloggers against him actually, she fucked him up royally, humiliated him and messed his head up even MORE than it already was.

Father McAnuspounders favorite victim then proceeds to lose his shit even more by attacking others in his blog that he deemed "Against him."

Dude, didn't you get the shit smeared IRS check?
You were already hated by pretty much everyone! You just made yourself a hideously huge target, a screwed up mental case in which no one really cares about you, and the only one even remotely interested in the intestinal tract of your mind, was the only woman on THIS planet or any other that'd be willing to let you slip your zigged out dong in her slot, is probably a figment of your imagination.

If you had any real sense, you'd stop wasting every one else's time and just move on to another site, you'd actually win a lot more hearts that way than posting the same damned shit you usually have in the past, and work on some new material instead of blantantly trying to re-offend the chica that left simply because she hated your dumb ass so fucking much, that why bother?

Anyways, if you REALLY want to dig some dirt up, this REALLY isn't the Cinderella to Satan story you'd normally expect. 958 got screwed over waaaay too badly to ever be redeemable, and though he's being a pussy whipped little bitch face at the moment, that's only because he's offloading his hate meter somewhere else... or quite possibly onto SOMEONE else.

*insert Unsolved Mysteries theme*

Does he really have a girlfriend?
Or is it all just some depraved ravings of a lunatic with a aids ridden headless sex doll that he keeps dancing with, even though he has a half eaten turkey carcass jammed tightly onto the broken and shattered area that was once the neck?

The world may never know, and to be honest, there isn't anything stopping these suggestions from coming true or being denied, because he's too much of a dead eyed shut in to even break away from this site long enough to actually make any really decent attempts to defend himself. Is it that our commonly trough'd up 958 is actually this kind of person? He says he enjoys reading my posts because they make him laugh... But I really don't think that's the case.

*Theme ends*

You see, one of the more interesting aspects about the inner mindset of a guy like 958, is that he WANTS the attention to be on him squarely, he doesn't like sharing the spot light, because that means people won't be shining his idol so to speak. He's like one of those outlandishly offensive people who call attention to themselves because they were never really payed any during their developmental years. As a result later on in life, it cripples them in random ways. But more often than not, it always gives them a short fuse.

But I'm surprised that 958 has kept his cool thus long with everything that I've thrown at him.
You'd think for such a idiotically "gifted" word smith, he'd at the very least, attempt to drive home a few points with his own account. But then again, he has his worthless jack off group of friends do the dirty work for him.
How do we really even know that Dr. Cocktailasiteverwas is really in control of his own actions?

*in the voice of Raymond Burr*
Could it be that he simply want's to portray himself as this ridiculously good nature'd person with a loving relationship, a group of friends that'd defend him to the bitter end, and a wealthy estate to his name?

Or does he simply know that his time is drawing near when he'll no longer be welcome on the site, even by the mods which he himself has deemed part of his team?
If he does reach this point of ridiculously idiotic critical mass, who will he then vent his misguided and amorally pent up sexual frustrations at?
Will it be myself, whom he has personally declared ownership of?

So far, he hasn't said one word, or maybe he's the submissive and wants me to take control. Which would be interesting if I were interested in that kind of messed up Gay S and M stuff. But hey, I'm not one to judge a "master" word smith, or even some pathetic loser of a human being that even dares claim to be such a thing in his own ways.

*in Bill Mahers voice*

The problem here folks, lays not in the current situation that 958 finds itself, it's simply the fact that he's just some suicidally frantic and child minded idiot man child with a sense of self respect bordering somewhere between Tom Green sucking a Marshmallow cock on TV and Andy Dicks long line of idiotic displays of z list celebrity status. All he really wants is our love and affection.
I say we fuck him over, jam the barbed viking horn of truth right in his fucking ear, and cram it in farther, just so reaches the part of his brain that isn't filled with gigantic mounds of bullshit and tell him simply, that we don't like him, we never will, and that he can take his socially defunct gambling addicted ass somewhere else to get fucked by a Natzi psycho midget hooker, since he likes getting demoralized and belittled by the people he seems to step on a lot.

*in the voice of Dennis Miller*

I mean, come on already, the guys a pathetic loser whose only response is linking videos on youtube and hoping we'll get scared, just because he emails us some diatribe of ownership over us.

We are not his property, we never will be, and the faster all of us tell him and his pathetic jack holed friends this, the better the entire world will be. Just like that woman did on the forums a few years back.

*in the voice of Sam Elliot*
Awesome always on,
Dr. Thaddeus three Arms AKA Morgan.

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Lets tear some 958 ass