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A rainy Monday ramblin' blog...

posted 4/8/2013 11:11:12 AM |
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I am wiped out...just simply wiped out! Whata weekend! That means today is a really slow start and although I have lots to do, the a.m. of this day I'm spending just gettin' my motor started.

Coffee is good, albeit it's yesterday mornings brew...waste not, want not or so they say. Fresh is better but day old ain't so bad....REALLY!.

It should be a couple of quiet days due to a snafu I made a couple of days ago. The snafu was my fault but I hate making instant decisions. It happened on Wednesday, bill paying day. Since I'm now paying for supplemental insurance and a premium for prescriptions AND pre-paying a couple of my funeral items, I got a little nervous and decided to see if there wasn't something else I could cut back on so after studying my list of bills, I decided I could sacrifice on my cable.

I gave them a call to see what kinda deals they could make me. For a change, I got a really nice lady on the other end of the phone that actually spoke! My thought was, since I have a cell phone, I would be willing to part with my home phone which is part of a package deal through the cable company. So she begins to tell me the different prices that was minus my phone.

Same tv lineup. same internet, $ XX amount. Smaller tv lineup, same internet, $ XX amount. Now I had to make a decision but THEN she threw in another deal...keep what I had, all of it and she could lower the cost to $ XX amount. I waffled and waffled, made a decision then changed it...several times! What a nice lady, she was so patient!

So finally I decided on a pkg that didn't include my phone so off she went to put in the order. BUT....while I was on hold, I began to doodle on a notepad...lose house phone meant having to upgrade my cell phone pkg and it came to light that by the time I cut XX amount in my cable bill, I was losing a lot of that savings in having to pay a higher cell phone bill. So.....

When she came back on the line, I changed my mind AGAIN! I decided to take the deal that included my house phone and the lower pymt. I apologized for my inability to stick to a decision and she just laughed and said it was ok, she understood. So...end results, same pkg. lower price. BUT WAIT....

Sunday, my Sis came over and asked me what was wrong with my phone...that proverbial lightbulb immediately went off in my head...I didn't have to guess what the problem was. I knew the cable company had either made a mistake with the wrong pkg and shut my phone off or they couldn't keep up with my switching my decisions. It was that last one, my fault...the order to disconnect my phone was sent...then an order to keep it. It has to go through the technical channels so that means, I lose it until the next order pops up and they reconnect it.

Sooooo....for maybe 48 hours, my phone will be delightfully quiet and if I "misplace" my cell phone, I will have total peace and quiet...mostly from my Sis that bugs me way too much, usually with computer questions and somehow, she knows exactly when I am trying to take a nap! Grrrrrrr

But back to the busy weekend. We had beautiful weather for most of it...except Saturday when we went to an auction. It was chilly and made worse with a stiff wind. I about froze my nubbies off! The auction drug on and on and should've had more rings going at once. A lot of people are mostly interested in the dollar boxes lined up in the yard and those were the last things auctioned off. Susie had to work Saturday night so it was a real rush to get back home so she could get to work on time. I spent the rest of the evening trying to get the frost outta my bones.

My Sis left the auction early and asked Susie to bid on a sewing machine for her and we got it so after Susie got off work, we still had to take that sewing machine to my Sis's because we needed the truck for the Flea Market on Sunday. We got it unloaded then went to the tavern for a beer...or two. Then Sunday...well, I'll skip the details but it got hectic, too. We just had too much to do in one day so most of the day was rush, rush, rush.

We finally collapsed in her recliners around 5:00 for popcorn 'n snacks and watch the end of the races...then it was nap time. I'll tell you, that girl and her toys! She has a huge tv screen with all the bells 'n whistles in surround sound. She also has a scanner and between the boom of the bass on her speakers and the scanner sqawking endlessly, I can't really hear either one of them as for my ears, they cancel each other out. I don't know how she slept with that racket...I know I couldn't so I just rested and watched some really stoopid shows. I don't mess with her fancy remote 'cause I'm afraid I'll mess something up. I didn't wanna get up and leave because she has a bad sleeping problem at night and I knew if I got up, she'd wake up so I just endured until she woke up around 10:00. We went outside for a smoke then I came home and crashed.

Continued in comments...

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Apr 8 @ 11:11AM  
I wanted to hang my clothes on the line today but I think not. It may not rain another drop all day but just let me have a line full of clothes 'n see what happens! Nah....sunshine 'n warm weather will be here soon. If I can get my housework done in a reasonable amount of time then I may go out to the garage and see if I can find my workbench under a winter's worth of stuff.

Well, that's about it...a weekend in the life of 'n all that I'm outta here for now...ya'll have a nice day, be safe 'n keep smilin'....


Apr 8 @ 3:19PM  
It's a rainy Monday here too, and I'd rather have the rain than snow. Got a day off today, taking a break from other things, and relaxing for a bit before I have to head out to the store to pick up some things.

Love this not having a land line phone, I'm enjoying the wireless. Only time my phone rings, it's from people I want to hear from. The land line, I got tired of those who don't pay attention to the Do Not Call List, especially those scammers from Card Member Services. It's been blissfully nice not having to deal with them idiots. I've got my wireless on the Do Not Call List, and when canceling the land line, they (phone company) asked if I wanted in the announcement about the old number being discontinued my new number announced/listed, and I said no. And, even if one of those telemarketers try to call, the "ignore" button works wonders on my phone.

Apr 8 @ 9:42PM  
Almost 80 and sunshine here today, i think we are skipping spring,

Apr 9 @ 9:36AM  
The weather was beautiful over the weekend and will continue to be until mid-week. But there were some ugly things for me personally

On Friday I went exploring in the woods. I came across a muddy spot and decided to hop over it. Bad decision. I lost my footing on the landing and belly flopped resulting in a cracked rib. It aches constantly. I went to the doctor yesterday to get it checked out.

Friday night I screwed up royally. I had taken my vegetable seedlings tray out during the day for some sunshine and forgot to bring them in. It got down to the thirties that night. Most of them died I replanted them.

Saturday my monitor died and I had to get another one. I found one at a pawn shop for fifteen bucks that works okay even though it is small. It will suffice for now.

On Saturday my daughter made a new dish for dinner, rabbit pie. It was pretty good I asked her if she got the recipe from Elmer Fudd

Apr 9 @ 11:36AM  
Yanno Sugar, I wouldn't miss my land line 'cept for business calls. My cell is the pits for that. They still haven't gotten my phone restored yet but hopefully, today.

Ok RJ...rub it Can't wait 'til it warms up 'n stays that way!

Yanno Bruce...sometimes we just plain forget that we ain't spring chickens anymore...jumpin' over something ain't what it use to be!

I wouldn't even try planting anything up here before May. It's still so cold at night. Yeah, the temps drop here too toward the end of the week. It ain't too bad out now so I'm gonna work in my garage today.

Rabbit Pie???? I don't think so.... Not for me. Yeah, I'm a big coward in some things 'n that would be one of 'em.

Apr 9 @ 11:39AM  
Ahhhhhhaaaaaaaa....lookie here..... My emoticons work in messages and replies so if I write a blog or comment there, I can add emoticons then cut 'n paste them over to the blogs.... but...

Apr 9 @ 11:59AM  
I wouldn't even try planting anything up here before May.

There are two different categories of veggies when it comes to planting, cool and warm. The cool crops can be planted when grasses and weeds appear in the spring and then again in August for a fall harvest. These include broccoli, lettuce, carrots, beets, spinach and potatoes.

May is about right for the warm summer crops like corn, beans, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, etc. Actually, I plant those when the oak trees leaf out.

This morning some trees (not oaks) leafed out. My lettuce and radishes came up too I'm still waiting on the spinach and chard. The beets were planted a week later.

Rabbit Pie???? I don't think so....

I have had rabbit before and it tastes like dark meat chicken. It is kind of stringy. It also has ham or bacon in it. My daughter is pagan and she made it for blot (pronounced bloat) which is a monthly gathering of the kindred (about six or seven people).

Apr 9 @ 12:04PM  
They still haven't gotten my phone restored yet but hopefully, today.

That reminds me, and may be a good idea for others, I need to get an old fashioned wired phone. The land lines here are all cordless, so if the power goes out they are useless.

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A rainy Monday ramblin' blog...