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"Slapping Cyber-Stalkers" (Story) By Dr3arms

posted 4/4/2013 5:18:45 AM |
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Slapping Cyber-Stalkers

July 20th,1995
Berry Lins Merry Land pizza parlor

The outside of the parlor was a rundown, broken in, and dingy place with patches of the red, yellow, and black pinstriped wall paper ripped off, as if someone was trying to escape their own personal demons. Berry Lins Merry Land was once a successful chain of family oriented restaurants that served a wide variety of medieval themed pizza's that was started in 1975.

It had been successful for a time of fifteen or so years before being rocked by allegations of violently lewd acts of forced penetration with the male staffers in the Florida based chains original franchise. Rumors flew that the manager would dress up as the once beloved mascot, A morbidly obese anthropomorphic mole ridden Jack-o-lantern with a large smile, patch work overalls, army boots, over sized black scarecrow gloves, and a tilted back blue wizards hat with half stitched on cotton stars named Berry Lin, push the staffers down a stair case, and force them into sexual acts while singing a horrid tune that would leave them too traumatized to ever work again.

On a dare from his friend Twizzler32, a computer hacker and reputed stalker of the stars known only by his alias, Griff958 entered onto the now run down grounds of the last known standing Berry Lin, camera in hand, to document this for his followers in their magazine.
"This is going to be so RADICAL!" He whispered into the tape recorder while taking a few brave steps into the cracked parkinglot in desperate need of repavement. A few hairs stood on the back of his neck as he continued on, his hear pounding as his second hand parachute pants zwipped with each swing of his gimpy leg. From within the decrepid cement and wooden circus ten, a melody started to play out of a broken down pipe organ that had been there for years started playing, further drawing Griff958 in. His eyes, hidden by the oversized sun glasses seemed to grow wide with either fear or excitement at the look of amazement on Twizzler32's face when he came back with pictures from within the reportedly haunted restaurant.

"Can you see?
The sun is shining on me.
It makes me feel so free. So alive.
It makes me want to survive."
The lyrics came violently into his ears, as if some mad woman were screeching them next to his ears. He turned around suddenly, his braces clattering together as the adrenaline started pumping harder through his viens.
"Hello!? Who's there!?" He asked uselessly.

"And the sky.
It makes me feel so high.
The bad times pass me by.
'Cause today is gonna be a brighter day!"
The words ripped passed him again, somehow angrier, somehow driving him further towards the buckled leather padded double doors. the broken windows shaped like jagged sharks teeth, as if awaiting the next victim that even dared think about what awaited them inside. Griff958 wasn't just any punk hacker though. He also had a magazine to write about the paranormal government spies that hid out in abandoned places like this.
"C-c-c-come out where I can see you!" He demanded, stepping ever closer to the double doors that began to sway just a little bit as he peered inside. the melody growing louder as the broken down pipe organ began to play the tune at a ever more angrier pace.

"Can you feel the sunshine?
Does it brighten up your day?
Don't you feel that sometimes, you just need to run away?
Reach out for the sunshine.
Forget about the rain.
Just think about the good times, and they will come back again!"

The voice of the mad woman seemed to push his frail, gawking body forcefully inside the dark and dimly lit restaurant, the lights seemed to flicker, pulse a few times, then sizzle and pop in a repeated pattern, the sparks raining down into the small puddles below.

Griff958 turned around and ran towards the still open doors, but just as he reached out to grab ahold of the shattered crystal door knob, the double doors slammed shut with a rush of musty, moldy, rotten air rushing in for one final moment. Griff958 panicked as he tried repeatedly getting the doors to open, but they wouldn't budge.

In one of the darkened corners, a ceramic statue seven feet high and three feet at its widest point of Berry Lin seemed to flicker in its still movements, the segmented arms and legs slowly creaking and grinding as it waited between the sizzles and pops of the lights before moving closer to the unsuspecting hacker.

"DAMN IT!!" He screamed as he continued his panicked attempts. "OPEN GOD DAMN YOU! OPEN!" HE cried out in fear.He stopped for a moment to rest and sat on the floor with his back to the padded door.

The music was now screaming as Berry Lin made its way closer and closer to the hacker, who was now stared at the creaking and garish form coming closer to it with heavy breathes, caught between sheer terror and utter panicked frustration. The Jack-o-lantern smile gleaming widely as the painted on eyes seemed to follow him.

"Can... You... Feel the sunshine?" A heavy smokers voice called out slowly as it reached for Griff958s neck, while pieces of the giant pumpkin head fell away, revealing a matted hair covered eye that seemed to buldge and sway.
"OH GOD! NO-" The hacker screamed outwards as the clammy, hard material closed around his throat, lifted him up, and threw him hard against the wall. He lay there, knocked out cold with his head on the ground while the rest of him was supported by his knees and butt in the air.
"hurr, hurr, hurr..." The mad womans voice called out as it balled its cracked and glass shard covered fist and began it's sick work. "..feel the sunshine.. " It sang out loudly, the thick cement walls muffling the hackers screams as he flailed uslessly against the ceramic covered creatures grip. the first came in hard, ripping him apart from the inside as he coughed and spurted blood out from behind him.

"Feel..." It chortled as it continued its work for the rest of the night.

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Apr 4 @ 4:26PM  
Excellent read ... and so timely too.

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"Slapping Cyber-Stalkers" (Story) By Dr3arms