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Right, this is a sex site... time to write about it.

posted 4/3/2013 6:51:12 AM |
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So, it's been around two years since I last had sex. Let that sink in there for a moment. and then look at how epic I am at taking 958 to task. the last time I had sex was with my ex fiance, Caasi B. It was the sixth time we had gotten together, and t he second time I had proposed to her. It was on a friday since that was the day she was able to make it over. I remember it perfectly...

At around 12:47pm she was walking down our street, which was around a half a mile in length. The sun was blazing while a cloudless blue sky seemed to contrast sharpley against the reddish tan dirt walk ways that were separated by the black tar drive ways. I was eagerly awaiting her, getting the house ready for the inevitable f'uckfest it usually was.

I had been obsessively checking the edge of t he gate, which was a good thirty feet from our house every ten minutes to see if I could spot the tiny female shape I had grown to love so deeply. this repeated itself twice before I saw her, I waved, and saw the tiny form in the distance wave back as her head lowered a little bit and she flashed me a smile that could've made a blind man see.

I quickly ran back into the house, threw on my shoes, a random unbuttoned shirt and dashed down the driveway, hurriedly opening the gate, closing it, and running as fast as I could. Caasi was around 5'6, at 105 pounds. She was thin, had a 34 c cup size, a hour glass figure, and hazel eyes that I always was hypnotized by. She had brown hair that she occasionaly had dyed.

the first time we met and got together, it was purple, then after we had been dating for a while, she died it black. After a while, she went natural color. It always smelled like grapes to me.

I, myself am 6,5 thin, red hair, green eyes, a birthmark on the right side of my neck that, depending if I tilted my head a certain way, looked either like Ireland or Africa. I was 7 inches in length, and one and a half in girth.

The moment we were within three feet of each other, she would always run and jump into my arms where I would spin around twice before running my left hand through her shoulder length hair, looking into her eyes, and telling caasi that I loved her, and nothing would ever change that, afterwards we would have a ten second length passionate kiss that made all my doubts run away.

As we walked back to my house, we would talk about each others days, how our friends were doing, what her sister, Carrie was up to, and the usual updates about her son that would always amaze me.

Our talks would always melt into a knowing silence the moment we walked through the gate, where our bodies would prepare themselves for six to seven hours of various levels of sex, from the gentle and carresing love making, to the furiously paced fucking marathons that laways lasted the last hour and a half.

she would always use the bathroom first, which took exactly three to four minutes. afterwards, we would start with a make out session while we gradually undressed each other, taking immense pleasure in the occasional moments where we massaged each other. i would always start things off by gently kissing her neck, then let my wild side take over and bring her in tightly, almost to where she would always make a tiny gasp of surprise. I would hold Caasi in my amrs against my chest so that our heart beats would be felt at the same time.

Afterwards, I would again relax, and undress her, always by taking her shirt off, then listening to her heart beat through her naked skin. I would always kiss that same spot, and listen to her giggle with delight. Then I would unbutton her pants, and take them off. Sometimes, she would help by attempting ot kick them off, which, much to her furious attempts, never worked. When she was completely naked, it would be her turn to undress me as was our occasional custom.

We both knew that this time was special. We just didn't know why.

She would have me sit down in a chair as the top of her head only came to the middle of my chest and slowly take my shirt off, I would simultaneously take my glasses off, and brush my hair back when the shirt was completely off. Caasi would then rub my back, using her arts as a massage therapist to their maximum effect. I loved every moment, it would always build up to the point where I couldn't take it anymore. But this time, I let her continue.

I didn't know why.

She'd then take my hand, and I would stand up. After a few seconds, She would take my pants, or shorts if I was wearing them off, and soon afterwards, we'd be embracing. She'd give a little sigh as we held each other tightly for what seemed like forever.

Then I'd lay her down on the cold wooden floor and begin to message her, from her feet, calves, thighs, stomach, breasts, shoulders, neck, and temples, then I'd finger fuck her till she'd orgasm five times, it took less than half an hour, after which she'd proceed to suck me off for ten minutes, give a hand job for five more, and then I'd enter her, we'd always start with missionary, then work our way into a reverse cowgirl, doggy style, standing reverse cowgirl, octopus, against a wall, bent over the couch, on the bed, on the floor, in the shower, kitchen, hall way, living room, on the table, and many others. I think we even discovered a few hundred that weren't in the Kama Sutra.

All all of that time, we would take break either for me to eat her out, or for her to suck me off, occasionally going for the deep throat. She would always orgasm from the pace we were going, and I would simply continue, on occasion fitting either of her breasts into my mouth and holding it there by gently biting down while licking the nipple in a circular motion. We would cycle through traditional love making and animalistic fucking that would always shake the bed and make it slide a few feet over the course of its entirety.

I could never finish, we never knew why it was. After everything was said and done, after every conceivable position, everything, after every intense body shaking orgasm of hers, every squirting, everything. We'd lay next to each other and sleep off our exhaustion, then she'd help me clean up the house, we'd make lunch together, occasionally jumping into tiny bouts of sex before realizing our lunches weren't going to eat themselves. I'd help her get dressed afterwards and we'd sit on the off positioned couch and watch a few movies, always only getting a few minutes into the first one before we'd fall asleep in each others arms.

That was the last time I have had sex thus far. And with memories still vivid after all this time, it's hard to wonder why.

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Right, this is a sex site... time to write about it.
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Apr 3 @ 3:02PM  
I enjoyed your blog about you and your ex fiance, Caasi B. Interesting read.



Apr 3 @ 3:26PM  
Thank you, I'm trying to break the dry spell.

Apr 3 @ 9:24PM  
WOWOWOWOW!!! that was HOT!!!

brings back some nice memories...

Apr 3 @ 10:12PM  
LOL, I do try from time to time.

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Right, this is a sex site... time to write about it.